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teal wedding invitation templates

10 Best Teal Wedding Invitation Templates

Have you set your eyes on getting Teal wedding invitation templates for your invites?

Did you know that first impressions last forever?

A decorated wedding celebration requires an over the top invitation to catch the eyes of your guest and also reflects who you are as the couple.

Imagine you receive a fancy engraved fancy invitation all tied up in ribbon, and you will expect the best from the wedding, this means that the tone for the wedding has been set.

A wedding invitation template sets the expectation of the guests, which is why being unique is essential.

Wedding templates have become more exciting and vital than before.

Teal design is the best style that could be on a wedding invitation template because it is exclusive, rare, and catchy.

It consists of calming blue properties with a hint of green to smoothen it out.

This beautiful combination of colors speaks clarity of thought and effective communication.

As a result, being the best creative subtle design, it’s very catchy while providing the information.

A wedding invitation can dictate the perspective of the guest;.

The color teal helps smoothen out the process as it creates excitement, optimism, and anticipation.

If this is your wedding and you are here to choose, look out for one that you think is catchy.

Inviting people to a beautiful event to enjoy and celebrate will keep these beautiful moments in the memory books,.

It all starts from the invitation card.

With all that said, let’s get to the top 10 Best Teal Wedding Invitation Templates.

1. Boho Watercolor Floral Monogram Wedding InvitationBoho Watercolor Floral Monogram Wedding Invitation Suite image 0

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One of the best designs for Teal Templates is hand paintings.

This a wet painted background in Teal with a hint of purple; this makes it unique and heavily customizable.

The Teal ink has a tinge of blue blending to a darker shade leading to a darker shade.

This watercolor Floral Monogram invitation has a rough texture to it, which is raw and looks genuine to the eye, giving it a sense of poshness.

This template is vastly customizable.

They are made on the request of the buyer.

The template will start off as a plain canvas painted upon by the alluring shades of Teal and blue.

There is an array of options for customization with this design.

It is made to blend in with the perfect mixture of Teal and blue on shades of Navajo white.

Complementary to the design, it comes with double-sided printing and white envelope.

For the whole package, you will be paying an estimated of $50 (including delivery and customization).

The ink colors can be customized to be more light with a combination of Teal, black, and grey.

With a clearly distinctive appeal, the invitation to the eye looks like a canvas with an artistic touch to it.

If you have a preference for the color blue with teal accents, this will be the perfect choice for you.

The printing is of high definition quality with no imperfections and smooth melding into the deeper colors.

The templates are 12 inches wide and 8 inches in length.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Customization
  • Uniqueness
  • Hand Painted
  • Raw templates

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2. Vintage MapVintage Map Wedding Suite

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For the sixth design, it is a template that will complement your wedding in a lovely vintage way.

If you are going with a more vintage, beach, or pirate theme, you should take this into consideration.

The template background is white with a teal map design over it, making it look antique and unique.

Ample customization is available to cater to your demand/ preference, such as the map.

This is a full package, and it includes invitation templates, menu card RSVP, the escort card, and the table number.

To be extra romantic, you can customize the map to be the location the couple met the first time.

This extra detail will add an extra spice to the invitation.

The design is rare and is a mixture of various colors such as red, teal, black on white, a smither of gold, blue, and pink.

The vast choice of colors makes it customizable to your preference, with blended colors and hints of gold on the Teal to make it elegant.

Vintage cards can be used for a wedding with a more classic vintage theme, which will engross the guest more in the extravagant moment.

It consists of an invitation card-sized 5×7”, menu card 3.5×6.5”, RSVP 4.5×3.5, table card 3×3”.

The resolution of the template will be 300 DPI.

Pros and Benefits:

  • Different Colors Available
  • Editable Layers
  • Full package
  • Uniquely Crafted

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3. Teal and Gold Agate BordersTeal and Gold Agate Borders digital watercolor geode PNG image 0

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I am starting with one of the best designs of Teal Templates.

You can’t go wrong with the combination of Teal and gold.

This is a 16 agate geode template with augmented borders to complement the Teal while deepening the effect, further adding accents of gold glitter and watercolor turquoise texturing.

There are various options within this design.

Agates are enhanced to blend in with the opaque black or white background.

With transparent backgrounds, there is a combination of 8 border types using the style of choice.

Some of the styles include a watery ripple effect of Teal with a wave effect in the shades blending into the white and gold borders surrounding it.

The gold borders of the agate are a beautiful piece of art that complements the entire template with a hint of catchiness.

The color gold is an exquisite color that signifies grandeur, wealth, and prosperity with a hint of sophistication as well as passion, magic, and glitz.

If you have a preference for the gold accents or styles that have a tad of gold in it, this will be the perfect choice for you.

The agates are of high definition quality with no imperfections and smooth diminishing into the deepen colors.

The templates are 12 inches wide and 12 inches in length.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Different styles
  • 8 PNG agate
  • Multi-colored background
  • 3600×3600 pixels
  • Gold Glitters Borders & Accents

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4. Rusted Copper Foil, Metallic Foil, Teal Glam TextureRusted Copper Foil Digital Paper Seamless Textures Digital image 0

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In the third place, we have a more classy background template.

If you are interested in a little more full background, this is the one for you.

This template is quite creative as it has various textures that make the invitation more stylish.

In total, there are a whopping 16 types of backgrounds that you get in this pack.

The backgrounds are unique in every perspective.

The most attractive being the teal background with copper accents complementing each other in the most smooth way possible.

Teal with metallic is also one of the choices you can go with as both colors go hand in hand to create the best visual on a template.

The styles of the background vary as you choose between the zigzag, the triangle background, or droplets of metallic on Teal.

Other options of design are the brushed carcass with glitter metallic tones, a rough teal pallet, smoke with copper, and teal blends.

The resolution of the background will be of 300 DPI, sized at 12×12 inches.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 16 types of designs
  • Contrasting colors
  • Different textures can be used to send unique invitations to both sides of the family
  • Increases the level of creativity

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5. Peacock Wedding Invitation, Teal Gold Wedding InvitationPeacock Wedding Invitation Teal Gold Wedding Invitation image 0

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Want a more classy template for the invitation; you should consider the peacock wedding invitation.

With this template, a certain elegance is associated called the manifestation of the phoenix.

An invitation card with the peacock is a symbol of love and a deep-rooted relationship.

The peacock feather has always been a symbol of beauty, self-confidence, self-love, and balance.

Feathers of the peacock attract a unique perspective from your guests when they receive the invitation.

They anticipate the arrival of the date as the very day of the wedding is a symbol of class.

This one is perfect for those who are looking for a balance between elegance and modern designs.

The peacock invitation template comes bleeding borders sized 5×7″.

It also consists of one 8.5x11inch card and two 5×7 inch cards and non-gloss writable white envelopes.

The RSVP card includes a bleeding border with customizable sizes & four cards.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Customizable (from 3.5×5” to 5×7”)
  • It comes in a pack of Invitation and RSVP cards
  • A classy Invitation

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6. Black Teal Foil, Metallic FoilBlack & Teal Foil Digital Paper Seamless Textures Digital image 0

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If you are planning on going with a more daring and bold design that stands out the moment that you have a glance at it, this is the one.

Looking at this, you are reminded of the bold choices of classy you have made, as it is one of a kind.

It is a Teal background that flushes in with the black comprehensively; this design speaks class.

With Teal, Black, and Metallic foil merging with each other, it complements itself to reveal the best artistic design with class.

This invitation has an intriguing charm that pulls your attention to notice the details within; the effects of the styles are second to none.

A total of 16 styles are offered, each unique and different from each other.

From glittery, smokey to abstracts, lines, and shapes all blended in the perfect mix to make a beautiful wedding invitation template.

Some other designs offered are a smokey background with a blend of Teal, a pallet background, plain black with strokes of Teal, and a transparent blend of metallic Teal and black.

The templates are 300 DPI in resolution and 12×12′ inch.

An invitation with a template like this is likely to be remembered.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 16 different styles
  • Variation of three colors
  • Easily Customizable
  • Various uses

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7. Teal Grey Floral Wedding Invitation TemplateTeal Grey Floral Wedding Invitation Template Printable image 0

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We have here a design that is clean yet modern.

It is a Simple Modern glamorous invitation for a wedding.

Teal blue surrounds the template background.

Grey flowers and leaves set a calm mood for the wedding.

The style is unique in itself as under a transparent white opaque plaque is a background of teal flowers, making it appealing and centered.

The entire package can be edited to your specific requirements and needs.

The template comes in a pack that includes an invitation size 5×7 and inserts sized 3.5×7.

The template also includes a belly band sized 11.5×2 and a tag 2×2.

The invitation, inserts, tag, and belly band come in different styles.

The template could be customized to look unique and perfect.

Teal grey floral is a beautiful pack that consists of everything you will need for an invitation from the card to the table numbers.

With everything already inside one package, it will be more comfortable and more convenient for you.

The design is calm to the eye with an attractive modern design.

Pros and Benefits:

  • It comes in a package (everything included)
  • Subtle design
  • Easily customizable

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8. Succulent Wedding InvitationSucculent Wedding Invitation Suite

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The seventh choice is a succulent wedding invitation template.

This invitation is different in its own way.

It has a flower as the background that changes temperature from light to dark according to the personalization.

The flower represents the zest for life, and when blended with the white background.

It is designated the status of innocence and purity.

The straightforward fancy design fluctuates with light colors like Teal to hints of dark blue blending into black.

This template is succulent as the hue adapts to the background and blends within itself in the perfect way.

The fluctuations can be customized to be more dark or light, depending on your choice.

With such a background, the template has one of the most different looks which hangs you on to it, making it the center of attention.

The Succulent Wedding Invitation Template package includes:

  • Invitation template card
  • RSVP
  • Menu card
  • Thank you card to the table no. card

The colors and texts are customizable as the succulent has layers.

They can be changed by adjusting the hue, making the artwork lone and unique.

The estimated cost is about $20 for this level of variability.

The designs within the card can also be changed and made more tuneful.

The size of the cards are as follows:

  • Table card 4×6″
  • Menu card 3.5×6″
  • Info card 5×3.5
  • Invitation card 5×7
  • RSVP card at 5×3.5′ inches

Pros and Benefit:

  • Customizable artwork
  • Different colors
  • Unique
  • One package

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9. Teal & Silver Glitter Wedding InvitationTeal Wedding Invitations Silver Glitter Wedding Invitation image 0

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To complement the shinny Wedding that you are about to have the best choice of an invitation card will be teal and silver glitter.

With a sprinkle of glitter, we have a bit more bold background with elegance.

The template is customizable to artistic levels with various compositions that make it more stylish.

Change the ribbon to the preferred color with different styles of backgrounds and envelopes.

The glitter borders of the card give it an exclusive outline with a focus to the center of the invitation, giving it the portrait effect.

The silver and teal accents complement each other, creating an invitation template that is pleasing to the eye.

At the cost of $5.35 (excluding delivery and no of pieces cost), the price is just for the product that you are getting.

To improve the appearance, there are additional options for using other colors such as pink, yellow, red, gold to complement the Teal by blending into each other.

The background will be of 300 DPI, sized at 12×6 inches.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Different designs
  • Various complementary colors
  • Create unique designs on the ribbon
  • Raw and full design

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On Wedding Invitations

A wedding is always one of the most critical times in the life of a person, as it tethers you to your partner for life.

Since it is the most essential part of your life, it should be perfect down to the details.

Leave no strand loose, which includes the invitation card.

As the face of the wedding before one is there, the impression made should be significantly extravagant.

Looking at invitation templates, there are many choices available to you.

This depend on what you want, what you like, the wedding theme, and the diversity of styles available.

To create the perfect Teal wedding invitations, customize.

Choose your teal wedding invitation templates and make your invites your own.

While designing your invitation card and others, keep in mind to play with the shape, size, and styles.

But also keep it within defined parameters of the whole wedding theme.

By doing so, you will be able to find the perfect teal wedding template for you.

Final Thoughts

Everything depends on you, whether you want to have the fanciest wedding invitation card, a classy one, or a subtle and simple one.

Once decided, you still have a few more steps to go through, such as choosing the style, the colors, fonts, and the packaging.

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