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text to vr

Type a Prompt, Get an Entire Virtual World Txt2vr

Text to VR is here.

Now with just a few words, you can create real-time virtual spaces.

Scotty fox has released an amazing proof of concept using Stable Diffusion.

As you can see that in real-time parts of the image are updating and changing creating this incredibly psychedelic beautiful experience.

People are commenting that it reminds them of the hollow deck device from Star Trek which created Holograms in a virtual world.

And science fiction is certainly becoming reality.

Scottie Fox has been saying on his Twitter feed that he has released a YouTube 360-degree experiment of this.

Real-Time Virtual Spaces

I’m gonna be watching this at the same time as you guys to give you an idea of what it’s like.
I’m in a beautiful psychedelic universe with mushrooms morphing around me.
text to vr
It is absolutely sensational.
Wow, there’s a fun fantastic spiraling sculptor in front of me, filling my heart with whole admiration for the world.
text to vr
Is it morphs?
I’m noticing my heart flattering, beating.
My voice is going tight and tingles are running through my entire body.
My legs feel energetic.
I have the desire to run out into this world.
I feel like a Pioneer exploring a new world.
Of not only spatial environments but technology artificial intelligence.
Wow, that was pretty crazy.
Scotty says that he created this slowly evolving video by utilizing tools from stable diffusion as well as custom scripts in touch designer.
Touch designer is a visual development platform that equips you with the tools you need to create stunning real-time projects. Here is another example of his work creating a garden-like scene with ever-morphing plants.
You can see here, he is identifying parts of the image and adjusting them with new prompts.

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So he’s changing golden hour to autumn.
You can see the plants updating and turning into more terminal situations.
The entire scene evolves and you can see him now removing autumn and putting in sakura trees which are Japanese blossoming trees.
And you can see suddenly these trees start to blossom.

Final Thoughts

The ability to take your virtual reality environment and update it in real-time with new prompts is absolutely incredible.
I think it’s time for us all to start being paranoid about living in a simulation.
But projects like this ignite my faith in humanity.
Many people are complaining that AI art is taking the jobs of creatives but with this new technology, it becomes an abundance of new opportunities.
And people like Scotty are taking this opportunity by the reigns and creating incredible experiences.
People will always complain about change but the best remedy is to adapt explore and create.
What do you think about text VR?
I’m Samson Vowles, this is Delightful Design.
Have a delightful day.
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