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Top 10 Tik Tok UI Design Accounts You Should Follow

Are you one of those UI designers looking for Tik Tok UI design accounts for inspiration?

UI design communities are growing everywhere.

Whether it is in Dribble, Creative Market, Behance, and even in known apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok, there is always inspiring content to see.

TikTok is one of the social media platforms we should be checking out for UI design inspirations and samples.

It’s a popular application where you can share your thoughts and ideas about your passion.

This platform is full of user experience and user-interface designers sharing their work, design process, resources, questions and answers, and endless inspirational images.

If you are an aspiring UI designer, check out the Tik Tok UI design accounts we have lined up for the latest trends.

These profiles are from freelance designers, in-house designers, agencies, and resource sites.

Most of their quick 15-second video content share not only their works but also their design process, news, and events.

Be in the know and inspired by these design leaders.

These Tik Tok UI design accounts are worth following this year.

So, let us check now some of the few accounts I have found helpful.

Brokenunicorn (@brokenunicorn16)


Our first profile is @brokenunicorn16, with over 78K followers on Tik Tok.

Sung Kim also known as @brokenunicorn from Washington, United States, shares tips about startups, videos for tutorials, mentoring, and just some personal stuff about his career and hobbies.

Sung is a knowledgeable man who wants to share his experiences with everyone willing to learn.

He received awards such as:

  • Top 51st Designer in Tech (BusinessInsider 2013)
  • Innovation by Design Finalist (FastCompany 2016)
  • Lead Product Designer (Amazon 2019)
  • Lead Designer for the Sam’s Club Android app
  • Bud Light’s first touchscreen site, in 2008, which was lauded by Bono,
  • Optimized the interior pages
  • Restructured the FedEx Office Workstation login process that is currently being used nationwide

Here you can see a powerful showcase of different web and software designs matching different web design styles.

Moreover, he also shares many useful tutorials on how web designers can improve their skills.

It keeps us au courant in the newest digital design world trends everywhere in the world.

He shared some of his designs such as:

  • the Disney Rewards website
  • 7/11 Day was featured in The New York Times newspaper
  • designing one of the Royal Prince’s websites, too!

Once you take a look at his page, you understand why all these all-star companies worked with him.

He was also the founder of Gestures, Inc., which is what we call “Organic Information Structure’.

If you are free you can check Sung’s portfolio through his website at

You will surely have an enjoyable visit to his Tik Tok UI design account. 

Mzia Popova (@ux_ui_design)

Next to our list is Mzia Popova.

A UX and UI designer based in Oslo, Norway owned this account in Tik Tok with over 60K followers. 

Mzia’s feed shows love for what she does, and that is being a Product Manager. 

She was once featured in Creative Market as one of the inspiring creatives you should follow on Tik Tok. 

As you visit her profile, you will see a lot of videos about UX and UI design tutorials, her design samples, inspiration for designers, and some girl power posts. 

You go, girl! 

She combines beautiful illustrations with user interfaces. 

Her Tik Tok profile features a wide variety of mockups from mobile to icons. 

Popova loves to redesign some of the famous applications such as Instagram, Tik Tok, and Nelly. 

She also tries to redesign news apps and is always open to feedback from her comments. 

Mzia’s feed is where you can find plenty of inspiration for those who are searching for fresh and bold ideas for building brand campaigns for the web and film industry. 

With a beautiful face and smart videos on her feed, you will never regret following her on Tik Tok.

Rafael Minnati (@errederafo)

tik tok ui design

Our 3rd to the list of Tik Tok’s most followed accounts, I present you @errederafo.

He is also known as Rafael Minnati a branding, UI, and UX designer from Brazil. 

Minnati has almost 43.1K followers in Tik Tok and still counting up today.

He was a part of the RaiaDrogasil Design Team company, which can be seen as linked to his accounts.

In his profile, you can see quick videos of UI design tutorials, graphic design, and more. 

The majority of new posts are sourced from other designers’ accounts via hashtags.

These hashtags act as a sort of curation source in which the account owner connects with other designers.

Unlike the other UI design influencers, he only shares pure videos of his sample projects in his accounts. 

You can also track him on Instagram and YouTube accounts if you want to know more about him and his works. 

Most of his designs are made of Figma, an interface design tool that helps almost all UI designers. 

Even with 15 seconds quick videos in Tik Tok, he delivers daily useful tips and UI lessons.

You should check on it. 

Coolcodes (@coolcodes)

Tik Tok UI design

Down to our 4th designer, this user gets the attention of 28,700 followers on his Tik Tok account. 

With the catchy bio you will see first on his profile, you know he is not that ordinary UI designer who says, “Bit busy, not dead.” 

His last post is about his job interview assignment, with the caption, “I hope they hire me.”

This teenage boy amazes his followers by doing Tik Tok videos of him redesigning for alternative apps such as YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, and many more. 

What is more trendy about him is he shares the ultimate UI projects in his feed. 

The video material that he publishes on his Tik Tok profile mainly reflects the digital strategy and technologies they offer to their clients. 

Beautiful micro-animations of UI work have earned freelance product designer @coolcodes plenty of Instagram followers. 

He provides instructions and tips that any designer should learn and remember, and he does so in an entertaining manner.

He even tries to make an alternative for the news app and other apps that his follower will suggest. 

By visiting his profile, you will also find out that he loves decoding, and that even when he is bored, he just decodes.

Coolcodes also uploads random video tutorials like, “how to delete files in Mac”, tutorials on the like button of the Tik Tok app, which is the heart flicking, and more.

He also showcases how he built new apps that are amazing like a sneaker app and his recent upload, the mental health app. 

If you like to know more about him, kindly follow his 2nd account, @coolhax on Tik Tok.

Fatima (@_fatimasubhani)

tik tok ui design

Sharing her journey, lessons, and challenges as a UI designer and an owner of a small business – Peace Clothing Co. and Filters yes. 

Fatima Subhani is a Muslim that resides in Dallas, Texas.

She has approximately 17.6K followers on her Tik Tok account and 1.4K on her Instagram account. 

In her profile, you will oversee her video clips with 370K likes and how’s her love for design and unique working style. 

Her videos capture each of her followers’ hearts when it comes to designing an app.

She has a total of 52 videos about UI design alone.

However, her profile has many lessons, tips, and some personal jokes too.

She regularly shares several cool UX designs and insights, as well as stunning examples of designs on her profile.  

Fatima is a great designer because she has her own choice of what tools she is going to use for her projects. 

She runs her own business that makes the Muslim community stands out more while giving peace everywhere. 

These are streetwear clothes that are Muslim and Arab-inspired and are not expensive. 

You will be proud when you found out that all the learnings about UI are self-taught only, but she is planning to take a class about it. 

Experience her distinctive style of UI on her profile. 

If you are the start-up type, this account is for you. 

Check this one out.

Zainab (@zainabh73)

tik tok ui design

Now with our 6th account, Zainabh73 collects and features a good sort of mobile and web designs. 

She is based in New York as a Product Designer and features a total of 15K followers on her Tik Tok account. 

Her Tik Tok account is devoted to curating and sharing beautiful low-fidelity wireframes, sketches, and flows. 

Although she has much video content of her sample designs, all of these are often binge-watching for each UI designer that is looking out for tips and inspirations. 

She mostly designs shoe websites, specifically the Nike brand. 

From mobile UI to animated logos, these designs beautifully come to life on this page.

She loves to play with designing tools and make her apps by her preference. 

It gives readers an academic and refreshing combat UI, often discussing challenges as they are unfolding. 

This account shares a replacement UI design each day.

So, there is a continuing stream of the latest ideas coming your way. 

When you have a peek at her profile, you will see some of the characters she used for web designing and it is such a cutie! 

Get inspired by web designers such as this excellent account and devour some tips for designing effective interface wireframes of your own. 

You can contact her through her email,, for collaborations, work, and business. 

There is plenty to find out here.

Madison Yocum (@madison.productdesign)

While this influencer states that she can make UI concepts in just 15 seconds! 

Who is she? 

She is Madison Yocum, a Product Designer with 12.2K followers on Tik Tok and 760+ on Instagram. 

Madison shares most of her thoughts about design in her feed. 

And here is what is amazing about this Tik Tok UI design account, she truly showcases designing an app within or less than 15 seconds. 

She made about 13 videos about this such as reservation form, quick travel app in plain and dark mode, cryptocurrency app, furniture app, hotel app, and airplane ticket app. 

Madison also shares tutorials such as:

  • how to improve web designs
  • how they will look professional
  • what are the things needed to make a new product design
  • how to make a great design

She is especially great at featuring app concepts that show a variety of approaches to UI design. 

You will find a number of great interface design examples here too. 

Get access to her profile here

Eman Bau (@emanbau)

Next to our list is with 3.7K followers on his Tik Tok account, Eman Bau curated his profile to bring inspiration to many designers out there. 

Whether you are a pro or a beginner, you should check his video content to learn more information about UI design. 

It is great to see a range of different styles and approaches. 

He made beautiful web designs that inspire designers looking to build their web pages. 

Most of his videos are about websites where you can see different design tools. 

You will see him listing websites from the best websites for UI/UX design, websites for mock-up templates, websites for free icons, color palettes, and even websites for user interface illustrations.

Note that in his account you will find the projects he is working on & lifestyle. 

He gives tips, talks about his designs and design processes, and does tutorials. 

He has a lot of tips about user interface research and is willing to share his lessons with his followers. 

It features conceptual explorations into the various disciplines and provides insight into where UI is heading. 

However, he doesn’t post too regularly, but when he does, it will likely be a design that will make you say “WOW!” 

This will help you in providing such great work. 

There are things to be learned here – and who does not love a good UI feed?

AK (

Arslan is a UI designer, entrepreneur, and as he says a coffee lover from Pakistan.

He has 3059 followers on Tik Tok but a total of 44.2K likes with his 2 video contents only. 

His account features Dubai user interface designs that will pop in your feed. 

He has 2 videos posted so far on his account.

One is on the railing of the train where there is the background music of “Welcome to the Future, Dubai”

And the second one is walking in the Dubai Mall with the flag on his body. 

I do not know what Arslan did to make his followers hook on him. 

His account will appeal to those who are or aspire to be their boss. 

But upon checking on his Instagram, he has posted some of her workplace and workmates, some great photography, and even his diet blog. 

You can also check his designs on the Behance website. 

UI Design (

And for the last, I do not have any idea who is behind this account, but what I can assure you is you will learn something from visiting this profile. 

It is the least followed account of the list but there is plenty to learn here. 

It has 2890 followers with 10.5k likes all in all. 

Almost 50+ videos were uploaded on this profile and it is all about sample works of UI design. 

It mostly shares animation skills, designing a mobile app, and IOS web design. 

Moreover, it features some of the UI designers’ sample projects, just like what Ronak Chhatwal made in ordering a pizza using an app. 

Though it is not credited to one designer, it shares wireframes from different designers, curating them into one place for all your inspiration needs. 

It ticks 600+ likes and commentators were crazy about how the result comes out. 

Follow their account and use their useful hashtags to inspire others. 

You can check their daily story for more web design inspirations. 

10 Brilliant UI Design Tips from Top TikTok Designers

UI design is an essential part of creating any digital product, and Tik Tok is no exception.

Top designers on TikTok have shared their tips and tricks on creating brilliant UI designs, and here are the top 10.

Keep it simple.

Simplicity is key in UI design, and it is essential to avoid cluttering the screen with too much information.

Focus on user experience.

UI design should prioritize the user experience by making it easy for users to navigate and find what they need.

Use contrasting colors.

Contrasting colors help make the UI design stand out and draw attention to the most critical elements.

Pay attention to typography.

Typography plays a vital role in UI design, so it is crucial to choose the right font size, style, and color for the best readability.

Consider accessibility.

UI design should be accessible to everyone, including those with visual impairments, by providing alternative text and high contrast.

Create consistency.

Consistent design helps users understand the app’s structure and makes it easier for them to navigate through it.

Emphasize the call to action.

The call-to-action should be clear and visible, making it easy for users to take the desired action.

Use negative space.

Negative space can be used to create a cleaner and more elegant UI design, making it easier for users to focus on the essential elements.

Test the design.

It’s essential to test the UI design with real users to ensure that it is intuitive, easy to use, and meets their needs.

Keep learning and evolving.

UI design is constantly evolving, so it’s essential to keep learning and improving the design to meet the changing needs of users.

Creating brilliant UI designs for Tik Tok is essential to ensure the success of the app.

Following these tips and tricks will help you create a user-friendly, accessible, and visually appealing design that will stand out from the competition.

Final Thoughts

And those are all the accounts I found helpful in UI design inspiration.

Do you know another Tik Tok UI design account worth following?

If you have any suggestions to add some Tik Tok UI design accounts you know, you are free to do so!

May you also find these resources reliable for your startups and projects to attain successful work because they need to be recognized.

They are one of those that bring color and style to our daily lives, thanks to them.

And I hope that one day, you’ll be included in these top lists as a UI designer.

don’t forget to give credit to whoever inspires you to become who you are.

Just always remember that there is always educational content in all of those social media.

Use your time wisely, make sure to learn, and share what you’ve learned.

And if you want to find more Tik Tok UI designs, you can also check through their hashtags like #uidesign and #uidesigner on Tik Tok.

If you dig deep enough, you are bound to find more profiles worth following.

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