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10 Best Notion To-Do List Template Options

Are you looking for a Notion to-do list template to help you keep organized?

You can always rely on a good to-do list to simplify your life.

It can be a student or work-related or just everyday life that needs some organization and a more vivid outlook of the duties.

Among various apps and to-do lists, the to-do list templates available on Notion are the ones that stand out.

They are all nicely composed, aesthetic, and easy to use, so don’t hesitate to try the best notion to-do list template presented below.

Quick Peek: Best Notion To-Do List Templates

1. Get Things Done Notion Template

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This pack includes the following:

  • To-do list
  • Goal list
  • Project planner
  • Progress dashboard
  • Weekly/monthly review
  • Motivational template
  • Business hub

One special thing about this template is that the creator has paid attention, especially to the to-do list.

It focuses on helping you organize your time.

Furthermore, this template is the right fit for those who own a business or are just a part of some business.

Those who work from home would find it especially helpful as it helps set clear intentions and arrange the responsibilities according to importance.

It follows a reminder box, which leads to an an efficient day.

Mondays would be a lot more enjoyable if you organize your whole week ahead.

So now, set aside only five minutes for the to-do list and you’ll understand its fame.

Lastly, you can find this template on

Pros and Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Numerous other templates
  • Business-friendly 

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2. Life Planner for Notion

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Imagine writing down your tasks, thinking about your day, and looking at a cute background.

Wouldn’t that be relaxing and make the organizing interesting overall?

This life planner offers various templates necessary for an organized life, but the to-do list is especially great for the user’s needs.

The cute, aesthetic background adds to the beauty of this template.

The baby blue/light green color is a nice touch to the concept that causes happiness, creativity, and inspiration.

So, use those feelings while organizing your day and find joy in it.

The interesting thing about this to-do list template is that it has a tab for the type of a certain task.

You can state an event, a family dinner, a date, shopping…

That way, it will stay in your head as a specific task without the chance to forget it.

Pros and Benefits:

  • Aesthetic look
  • Nice organization
  • Combined with other templates 

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3. Notion Template To-Do List Task Management

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At first glance at this template, you can see the mesmerizing colors of autumn.

Then, you will be even more mesmerized by the neat composition of this template.

It offers you a page with a view of all of your tasks, then you can organize them by deadline and priority, you can use the calendar for date references and place the important tasks and events there.

For better organization, you have separate templates for your personal life as opposed to your work life and side hustle.

The quick to-do is something that stands out in this template because it gives you a quick overview of a few, small tasks that need to be done in a few hours.

Another cool thing about this template is the chance to change the icons and headcovers according to your wish.

It makes it even more enjoyable.

Pros and Benefits:

  • With a Guide
  • Customizable icons and headcovers
  • Priority numerated task

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4. Notion All in One Getting Things Done

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This simple, smart, and functional template carries all the secrets of organizing.

Whether you need project organization, studying, and reading pages combined with a to-do list, then this is the right choice for you.

The template is colorful, fun, and eye-catching.

The to-do list serves as your little helper in overcoming everyday obstacles.

Aside from the regular to-do list, you are provided with a calendar to visually insert every task, which is quite helpful if you have a photographic memory.

The creator also thought about prioritizing the tasks.

So, whether you are inserting your daily tasks or your weekly tasks, you can arrange them according to their importance.

In that way, you are less likely to forget any important tasks for the day or the week.

Finally, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your list because you can download it on every gadget, but it is mostly recommended to use it on a tablet or PC.

Use your creativity to combine your ideas and tasks and you’ll see how your life changes.

Pros and Benefits:

  • Cute background
  • Calendar and priority
  • Links and instructions PDF

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5. The Ultimate Notion To-Do List Template

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If you want to have a bigger mental picture of your habits and tasks, this template is the right choice for you.

This template is different from the others mentioned above!

It offers you a chance to review and reflect on the tasks you have completed that week as well as on the remaining tasks.

Moreover, it will make you pay attention to details such as hours that would be spent on the task, or the type of task.

This way of organizing will keep you accountable and won’t let you slip out of your routine.

As a bonus, the template offers you a health and wellness tracker and projects database.

The whole to-do template is functional and well-constructed and easy to use.

It is great for beginners and advanced users of Notion.

And we can say it is motivational, right?

The checkmark on the completed tasks gives a feeling of satisfaction and pride.

Although it contains a lot of separate tabs and options, it is still simple to use.

Pros and Benefits:

  • Bonus health and the project tracker
  • Interesting background
  • Option to reflect on your tasks

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6. Notionable Task Hub

to do list notion template

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The Task Hub is an integrated system for scheduling and tracking your tasks.

Although it can sound complicated, it is easy to use.

Originally it was constructed in black which gives it a dark aesthetic look.

You are working on a calendar for writing down your tasks and then, the most important part, you can mark them according to their meaning.

For instance, you can mark the task as urgent, as a habit, or maybe as an event.

And once you complete them, you’ll feel good and proud that you completed something that was your goal for the month.

They are further set on a special page for easier access, so you can just click the urgent tab and it will lead you to the marked tasks.

This to-do list offers you a great insight into your daily and monthly tasks and keeps you eager to follow your routine and set your day beforehand.

Pros and Benefits:

  • Dark aesthetic look
  • Chance to mark the tasks according to their meaning
  • Motivational

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7. The Essential Notion Planner Pack: Daily, Weekly & Monthly Planners

to do list notion template

Download Now! offers you a 3-in-1 planner for your life.

It is a lifesaver because it is detail-oriented, offers plenty of spacious tabs, and helps you in your everyday life.

You get to set your to-dos for the day, week, and month while keeping track of the spent hours and setting the tasks on some pedestal of priority.

The to-do list is nicely composed so the users don’t spend much time thinking about it and organizing it.

Instead, he will have time to write down the intentions for the day and set a clear mind on fulfilling one at a time.

This is good not only for the soul but for the body also because it allows you to complete task by task.

The to-do list template has a simple, white background and relaxing pictures on every slide.

A good idea is to use the review option, to see if you have completed every task and whether you need to rearrange the day.

Pros and Benefits:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • 3-in-1 planner
  • Review part of your previous tasks

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8. Notion To-Do List Template

to do list notion template

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This template has a standard list format with modern features.

It functions with numerous categories that you can arrange to your wish.

Therefore, it’s easier to work and pay attention to the task itself rather than on organizing the whole page.

The advantage of this template is that it has a ring set to remind you of your next task.

Once you complete a task, you’ll see the satisfying checkmark and the task will be removed from the to-do list.

Later, you can reflect on all of the completed tasks.

Pros and Benefits:

  • Standard list format
  • Reminder for the next task
  • Numerous categories

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9. Task List

to do list notion template

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This free to-do list is available for all Notion users.

It is simultaneously a simple and sophisticated template.

Also, it is a classic to-do list page that is helpful when you are in a hurry.

It is the right fit for those who don’t enjoy organizing or setting special hours or importance to a task.

The background is simple and if you are not a fan of lists, this one will be great for you as it doesn’t require much time.

Lastly, you can check every finished task and you can add as many tabs as you want.

Pros and Benefits:

  • Ordinary and simple template
  • Great for quick organizing
  • You can duplicate it as much as you wish

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10. Notion Kanban Board Template

to do list notion template

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This free template gives you the freedom of organizing and moving tasks to columns.

Moreover, it is pretty easy to use and it doesn’t follow a strict column organization.

You can use it to set a clear to-do list for the day and you can check if the task requires more time for completeness.

Once you complete it, you can check it is done and move on to the next one.

The idea behind it is that it gives you total freedom over your tasks and the advantage is that you can add more deadlines to one task.

So, if you love to have control over things and not be overwhelmed by them, this one’s for you.

Pros and Benefits:

  • Freedom to arrange the columns
  • One task – more deadlines
  • Gives you control

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 Final Thoughts

These Notion 10 to-do list templates are necessary for lowering the feeling of disorganization and overwhelming.

They are there to help you and you should use most of them.

And if you are new to to-do lists or setting a routine in general, these are easy and ready for you.

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