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50 Top-Selling Digital Products on Etsy

We have gathered for you the top-selling digital products on Etsy.

Etsy is undoubtedly the best platform to sell your digital products

With approximately 10 million users, your products will reach a massive population of potential customers.

And the best thing about Etsy is it is very easy to use.

You don’t have to learn some coding skills (like some e-commerce platforms) to be able to start and run a store on the said platform.

If you want to know what the top-selling digital products on Etsy are, then you’re here for a treat.

Below are 50 top-selling digital products to help you jumpstart your digital business.


1. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planners

top selling digital products on etsy

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Planning your schedule is easier with a daily, weekly, and monthly planner. 

This should contain due dates, meetings, and all the essential engagements for the day, the week, and the month.

That way, you do not miss anything.

2. Chore Chart

The chore chart consists of simple house chores kids can do independently. 

This is meant to help parents teach their kids chores by motivating them most creatively.

3. Reward Chart

The reward chart is designed to contain a list of positive behaviors and the corresponding rewards for doing them.

This will encourage a child to behave accordingly.

This may also help parents teach their kids new skills, as well.

4. Goal Planner

The goal planner is designed to help someone keep their goal on track. 

This is meant to help the holder stay focused by consistently working towards their life goals.


5. Self-Care Planner

top selling digital products on etsy

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This may be used to track sleep, jot down positive thoughts, and do a little bit of journaling. 

The holder can also use the planner to take notes about their workouts, meals, goals, aspirations, and finances.

6. Daily Gratitude Journal

This is meant to promote gratitude journaling and create a positive and healthy mind.

This is a list of things someone is grateful for, along with some life quotes, questions, and statements. 

7. Dream Journal

Writing down dreams is beneficial. 

It helps someone cope with anxiety, improve lucid dreaming, and be more creative.

And nothing makes this more fun than a cute, printable dream journal.

8. Daily Habit Tracker

The holder may use this to take note of how they’re spending their time and to eventually develop good habits.

This will help them focus on the more important things and be more productive.

Fitness & Nutrition

9. Food / Pantry Labels

top selling digital products on etsy

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Editable and printable food and pantry labels are not just cute. 

They keep things organized, as well.

No wonder they’re selling well on Etsy.

10. Fitness Planner

The fitness planner tracks the daily diet, workout schedules, and fitness goals in general. 

This helps the user by motivating them to focus on their desired outcome.

11. Weight Loss Tracker

Working on losing those extra pounds may be hard. 

But with the help of a cute and artsy weight loss tracker, the user can add a little fun to the task. 

12. Meal Planning Kit

Thinking about what to eat can be tiresome sometimes.

Anyone can avoid the hassle by planning what to eat in advance with the help of a meal planning kit. 

It will save you time and energy.

13. Grocery List Templates

Grocery shopping can sometimes be boring, but with the help of an artsy grocery list, it can be fun.

It makes your to-buy list more appealing to the eyes. 


14. Branding Kits

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Branding kits usually include a logo, fonts, color palette, and graphics. 

This is crucial to the success of the business as this will help build a distinct brand identity. 

15. Business Planner

360-degree view of the business, setting priorities, managing profitability, measuring growth, and raising funds.

These are just some of the most crucial parts of business planning.

A good business planner can help anyone organize all of these.

16. Business Card Templates

Not everyone is willing to spend a fortune on business cards, especially when they’re still starting in the business.

This is why business card templates are popular on Etsy.

17. Gift Card Templates

Use creativity to produce unique, impressive, fun-looking gift card templates for business owners.

Customizable and printable gift card templates are selling like hotcakes on the platform. 

18. Pricing Lists

A pricing list is a catalog of all the products or services a business offers and their corresponding prices.

Make the pricing list templates easy on the eyes yet attractive enough to catch attention.

Faith and Religion

19. Bible Reading Planner

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The Bible reading planner usually consists of 365 daily bible readings. 

This planner is meant to help anyone easily read the Bible for the whole year. 

20. Bible Study Planners

Aside from the usual reading plans, Bible study planners include Bible study notes, sermon notes, and a prayer list.

It makes studying the words of God even more fun. 

21. Daily Devotional Journals

This will help anyone keep track of the progress they’re making in their spiritual journey.

Aside from the daily Bible readings, they may also write their thoughts, reactions, and questions in the journal.  

Design Elements

22. Clip Arts

Clip arts never go out of demand. 

There’s always a need for clip art for various projects, whether printed or digital.

Make some cute and unique clipart now and watch them sell like hotcakes on the platform. 

23. Fonts

If you have the talent for creating new and original fonts, sell them on Etsy.

People are always looking for new fonts to use. 

24. Digital Papers

This may be used for invitations, scrapbooking, or for crafting needs. 

It can be used digitally or printed out. 

25. Digital Stickers and Printable Stickers

Stickers, either digital or printable, are really in demand on Etsy.

Some are even customizable to suit the buyer’s needs. 

Finance & Budget

26. Finance Planner

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Financial planning can be arduous, but with the help of a crafty, editable, and printable finance planner, this can be fun.

The financial planner tracks bills, weekly or monthly budgets, and such.

27. Finance Spreadsheets 

Monthly finance spreadsheets help track finances in a more detailed manner.

This is a very good way to manage finances by putting together the family income and all the expenses for the whole month. 

Education & Career

28. Teacher Planner

Aside from the weekly lesson planning spreads, a teacher planner also contains student checklists, communication logs, and other important stuff.

29. Student Planner

The student planner helps the students organize all their school work, like activities and assignments, so that nothing is missed.

This will help them set personal goals for better school performance.

30. Study Guide / Workbook

Studying can be an arduous task, sometimes with all the reading involved.

But with a cute study guide, anyone can add a little fun to their workbook.

31. Resume Template

No one wants a boring resume.

It’s a good thing that many cool resume templates are available on Etsy to help anyone land the job of their dreams.

32. Cover Letter Template

A good cover letter can help anyone’s application stand out from the rest.

This is how important choosing a suitable cover letter template is. 


33. Wedding Announcement

Customizable wedding announcement templates — preferably available in different themes like formal, rustic, nature-inspired, and such — are life savers for couples tying the knot. 

34. Seating Chart

Creating a seating chart for a wedding from scratch can require too much work.

It’s a good thing that templates are available on Etsy.

You can create and sell these templates of different themes to give your customers more options. 

35. Table Cards

No one wants boring table cards at their wedding.

It’s good that table card templates are now available on Etsy.

Letting your guests know their designated seats can be done charmingly.

36. Wedding Checklist

Planning a wedding can be a monumental task. 

There are so many things to be done.

But with the help of a wedding checklist, you can be sure that you’re keeping track of everything and not forgetting anything. 

37. Bridesmaid Cards

Bridesmaid cards — either with classic quotes and sayings or with a whole new approach — are in very high demand on Etsy.

Like everything else, it must be editable, as well.


38. Travel Planner

Preparations, itinerary, budget, transport, accommodation, and backup plans.

The most important things must be included in the travel planner. 

The chart is meant to help the journey go as smoothly as can be. 

 39. Packing List

The packing list is meant to help anyone not forget anything on a trip.

This may include clothes, shoes, accessories, toiletries, health and beauty necessities, gadgets, essential documents, snacks, and other things.

40. Bucket List Planner

A printable bucket list planner is designed to help someone make the most of their trip.

It ensures that they visit the places they must not miss and do things they should experience while there. 

Social Media

41. Social Media Planner

This helps anyone manage their social media accounts. 

For business or personal use, social media planners enable anyone to make the most of their online presence to their advantage. 

42. Blog Planner

Blogging is not as easy as it may sound.

But with a blog planner, the blogger can plan to make sure that their blogging goals are met. 

43. Pinterest Pin Templates

Customizable, cute, and eye-catching Pinterest pin templates are also in demand on Etsy. 

It makes everyone turn their usual boring Pinterest feed into a work of art.

44. Instagram Templates

No line likes boring Instagram feeds. 

This is why Instagram templates are popular on Etsy. 

Turn those creative juices into original, artistic, and striking Instagram templates and earn extra cash from them in the process. 

Crafts & DIY

45. Crochet Patterns

If you’re into crochet and creating original patterns, you may sell them on Etsy.

Turn those unique and beautiful creations into extra cash. 

46. Cross-Stitch Patterns

Share those original cross-stitch patterns on Etsy to earn extra bucks. 

It’s like hitting two birds in the process-doing something you love and earning something from it. 

47. Sewing Patterns

Whether dresses, skirts, tops, trousers, bags or stuffed toys — you may sell your original sewing patterns on Etsy.

Just make them unique and easy to follow for everyone who wants to replicate them.

Motherhood & Family

48. Pregnancy Announcements

An editable pregnancy announcement to help expecting mothers announce the good news to the world. 

It should be cute, customizable, and printable. 

49. Baby Shower Invitations

Cute, editable, and printable baby shower invitations available in different themes and colors are high in demand on Etsy.

It’s a lifesaver for expecting moms who are planning their baby shower on their own. 

50. Family Tree Template

This is meant to help kids trace their genealogy in a fun and creative way. 

The chart must be simple yet cute, editable, and printable. 

Final Thoughts

Start your very own Etsy store now and join the successful sellers!

Etsy is easy to use and has a broad reach.

No wonder many newbie entrepreneurs have decided to make the most of the said e-commerce platform.

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