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transmute sexual energy

Transmute Sexual Energy to Creativity

Transmute sexual energy to creativity and discover a new you.

Sex and art are the same thing.


Everything in life worth doing, is a creative act.

From finding love, to making love.

From creating world changing technology, to finding inner peace.

And every creative act, is an expression of sexual energy.

Because “Sex energy is the creative energy of all geniuses.”

Napoleon Hill

Harnessing our sexual energy to fuel our creative campaigns is key to reaching our potential.

Individually and collectively.

But How Do You Transmute Sexual Energy?

You approach it from all parts of the self.

Mind, body and soul.

Firstly for the mind;

A daily meditation practice.

Then, for the body;

An energetic movement practice like tai chi, qi gong & yoga.

And an embodiment practice of dance.

You can also engage in self exploration through journalling.

Finally, seek a therapist who can help you navigate emotional blockages that are preventing your creative energies from manifesting.

These may be past traumas, self-defeating practices and much more.

Other Activities to Explore

Limit the amount of times you orgasm.

Use plant medicines to accelerate your path.

Find a community of like minded individuals.

Engage in varied creative pursuits; music, performance, invention, sport.

And find places of flow wherever you go.

Enjoy the process.

This is not an easy path or one to which there is a destination.

It is an exploration of the self, the deepest self.

To help you in your quest to transmute sexual energy to creativity, click here to try the Sexual Transmutation Meditation.

Do leave a comment below about the outcome of your meditation.

We’re interested to know.

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