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trolli font

What is the Trolli Font?

I am pretty sure that you grew up recognizing the Trolli font in any candy shelf.

I cannot imagine childhood without Trolli candies.

So, it is very understandable why you could be curious about the Trolli font.

Let’s satisfy this curiosity and delve into the Trolli font and logo.

What Is the Logo of Trolli Candy?

The Trolli candy logo has maintained its colors for some time now. 

They are: pink with a hint of purple, white and black.

Trolli has been devoted entirely to making sweets since 1975.

They are the specialist in making gummy sweets, licorice gums and marshmallows.

This famous pink Trolli lettering with a black border conjures images of mountains of sweets with marshmallowy clouds.

The Trolli brand has perfected satisfying our sweet tooth.

It creates the most delicious trends in the candy market with plenty of know-how and quality awareness.

Where to Download the Font Used in the Trolli Candy Logo?

If you wish to use the Trolli logo font, you’ll be happy to know that  it’s easily accessible on the web.

Here, you will see the simple black and white version, which allows you to preview your text in the Trolli font.

The font Trolli is additionally perfect for branding projects, homeware designs, product packaging.

Moreover, you can simply use it for any project that exudes fun!

Trolli is an unequaled font for all of your fun designs. 

It was designed by junkohanhero.  

You can use the Trolli font to make exciting designs, covers, shop and store names, and logos. 

You can download similar fonts Fontspace and Dafont.

Description of the Trolli Candy Logo 

Choosing a style is one of the essential steps in creating a company logo,.

It should exemplify both the company brand, its products and motto.

There are several types of logos: brand marks, combination marks, word marks, emblems, and letter marks.

The Trolli logo is a wordmark, which means that it could be a logo made up exclusively of text – usually the business name. 

Wordmark is an ideal choice for businesses just getting started. 

Since recognizing a name for a business is crucial, the focus should be on brandname recall.

Choosing an appropriate font and colors to match the brand’s personality is the main point of it.

As we mentioned, the Trolli candy logo is pink, with white and black.

It is a good marketing for the brand when the font shape and the color has a good recall.

The font family is Trolli, and the sub-family is Regular. 

Is the Trolli Logo Any Good?

Firstly,  a good logo should be practical and relevant to the brand.

Secondly, the logo should be  simple, not too crowded, and conveys the central message of the product. 

Thirdly, the logo must be printable in any size and looks good even without colors. 

Fourthly, the Trolli company represents confectionery, suggesting that it should be related to happiness, and joy. 

Lastly, the look of the product should be fun and cheerful, since the main market is children.

Looking at the Trolli candy company’s colorful logo and font, it ticks out all the boxes!

Does the Trolli Logo Fit the Concept of a Candy Product?

The psychology of colors could be a vital factor.

The colors of a logo should evoke the right vibe the company is aiming for.

Moreover, the colors used for a logo should suit the product.

The color pink is related to femininity and is usually utilized in logos for brands targeted to women. 

But also, it’s related to sweetness too and is seen in logos for sweet foods like frozen desserts and donuts. 

Pink is ,additionally, seen as a “fun” color and evokes playfulness. 

Science has repeatedly shown that our brains respond differently to specific colors. 

So, it can be said that the Trolli logo fully meets the standard that should be considered when creating a logo. 

Its colors are suitable for sweets.

About the Trolli Candy Company

Trolli GmbH (formerly Mederer Süßwarenvertriebs GmbH) is a German confectionery manufacturer. 

Trolli GmbH sells sweet candies, licorice marshmallows, and soft gums in more than 80 countries. 

The company employs around 1,790 people at seven locations in Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic, and China. 


It all started in 1948 when Willy Mederer founded the Willy Mederer KG Company, which originally produced the pasta. 

After the sugar rationing rules were lifted, the corporate shifted production from pasta to confectionery. 

In the 1960s, cream cones, coconut items, jelly bananas, mint fondant, and jelly fruits were added, sold under the brand Wilmed, which represented Willy Mederer. 

At the time, the corporation had about 150 employees.

In 1975, a brand new fruit gum brand was created under the brand Trolli the Bear.

In 1980, under the name Trolli, it supported the troll fashion of the time.

This move allowed it to conquer the American confectionery market quickly.

Check out more information here.

For now, the Trolli candy brand in the United States is used by Ferrara Candy Company. 

Ferrara is the undisputed leader in the sweet food market, with more than 35 brands, including Trolli candy. 

The company stands out with original ideas and constantly strives to offer customers product-related innovations.

They took the Trolli candy to a new level and made them a powerful brand in the confectionery industry. 

Ferrara’s company is known for its marketing ideas focused on attracting and surprising customers. 

They changed the design of the Trolli logo and made it sharper and more eye-catching. 

Most importantly, their marketing campaigns always carry the primary and vital idea that this product is created to bring happiness and admiration to the people.

The Trolli Candy Company – Weirdly Awesome

Along with the culture that has developed throughout history, products evolve. 

Companies create products in response to the needs of consumers.

That is what Trolli did and gained a lot of recognition for a well-targeted marketing campaign. 

They changed the logo’s colors to be more attractive on the shelves.

Hence, some black was added to the packaging together with the pink.

These colors hope to evoke ‘happiness in something dark.’

When you start thinking about creating a business, you analyze all the factors, and at this time, the logo may seem less of a priority.

“Maybe I don’t even need a logo the least bit,” a touching voice is whispering within the back of your mind.

Having a good logo is an essential part of creating a successful brand – it ensures a high level of customer engagement and high-quality product presentation.

Why might a logo be important? 

Firstly, because it captures the attention and makes a solid first impression.

Secondly, it anchors your brand identity. 

Thirdly, it amplifies brand recall. 

Fourthly, it sets you apart from the competition.

Lastly, it promotes brand loyalty.

What Does Font Mean?

Why are fonts used? Different fonts are utilized to feature style to an online page or document. 

Specific fonts affect readability counting on the medium. 

Great font and its proper use are the whole aspects of design, both in print and online. 

It must be carefully considered why it’s getting used and the implication of using that font further down the road. 

Take a glance at the experiences and associations typeface evokes. 

Fonts have different natures that can create trust or distrust, give you confidence, make things easier, or make a product taste better.

Understand how fonts affect the reading you read.

What Do the Logo Colors Say?

Choosing the proper color for your company logo is as important as selecting a name.

Every detail becomes a significant part of your brand.

If the brand, font, color are memorable for the consumers, it will be easy to foster brand loyalty.

Did you know that research shows that we remember colors more than shapes or images?

One image/ logo combines lots of data about both the brand generally and also the specific product. 

Scientific facts prove that our brain reacts differently to different colors, so it’s vital to think about all the factors when creating a logo.

Common Meanings of Colors


Red  is related to blood, fire, etc.

It evokes extreme emotions, like passion, trust, love, and even aggression.

Red also awakens passion and intuition. 

At times red connotes aggressiveness and vibrancy.

It’s provocative and catches attention easily.


Blue is straightforward for us to perceive.

It’s frequently associated with the sky and the ocean.

It connotes trustworthiness, reliability, being safe, reasonable and responsible.


Yellow is associated with the sun and is related to hope and optimism. 

Its brightness is particularly handy for catching the user’s eye.

That’s why it stimulates creativity and energy. 

It’s upbeat, light, warm, etc.


 Green is synonymous to peace, cleanliness, wealth, prestige, and health. 

Other Colors

Purple is aristocratic, mysterious, nostalgic, and opulent.

Pink is connotes femininity, caring, sexuality, bliss, warmth, and sweetness. 

Orange is related to vitality, courage, energy, and fun.

It’s also related to the tropics, sunshine, and joy.

 Black is used by companies that want to emphasize classicism. 

This color works incredibly well with expensive products. 

One associates it with prestige, value, and eternity.

Trolli’s Pink Logo

Undoubtedly the most important thing when creating a logo is to use the main color.

However, do not forget to mix it with other colors.

All this allows us to express the goals and activities of our brand more.

To continue the conversation about the Trolli Sweets logo, it is crucial to consider which colors combines well with pink.

The pink and purple logos evoke feelings of warmth, playfulness, and ambition.

The pink and blue logo evokes warmth, confidence, and play. 

Similar to the pairing of pink and purple, you’ll play with contrast when pairing pink and blue. 

Hoping on how cool or warm pink is in your chosen shade, it’ll more or less appear along with your blue. 

You’ll also try replacing your pink and blue logo with saturation to form a softer or bolder impression of your brand.

Another interesting combination is pink and blue.

In logos, blue represents quality, reliability, and trust.

On the other hand, pink brings pleasure, sweetness, and creativity to the look.

The pink and white logos evoke feelings of sweetness, sensuality, and purity. 

A more pastel pink will create a calmer impression when paired with white.

But if you want to feature energy in your logo design, try a more saturated shade of pink.

Neon pink comes out against the white color and helps to distinguish your logo visually. 

Also, refresh the feel of your logo and add slightly blue to pink and white.

The combination of black and pink within the business logo evokes class and, at the same time, boldness.

Typography Psychology

When discussing the psychological impact on human perception along with color, we must consider font psychology. 

Try to check what the names evokes and its layout and design.

There are varieties of font styles. 

Let’s discuss general issues related to the Trolli logo font.

Display and decorative fonts are one kind that is also used in the Trolli logo. 

Highly unique and stylized fonts add personality to your business.

But it’s vital to contemplate the emotional response of your audience before making any choice.

Decorative fonts are often ideal for almost any business logo.

Your customers will quickly catch on to the vibe you want to evoke.

By changing your fonts, distorting, and perfectly ordering, you’ll be ready to show your business as casual, direct, fun, or unique. 

Decorative fonts are often designed from scratch.

5 Ways to Make Your Logo Effective

A good logo has many criteria. 

However, we can easily say that a good logo is:

  • Distinctive
  • Relevant to the brand
  • Practical
  • Simple
  • Conveys the desired message of the company

Here are some more principles to remember when making a logo. 

These criteria ensure that your logo design is right on track.

A good logo design is Simple, Memorable, Timeless, Versatile, Appropriate.

Simplicity transforms the logo design into something easy for the user to perceive and remember.

Good logos are simple.

It doesn’t overload your senses.

Remembering the principle of simplicity is especially important in the process of creating a logo.

An effective logo should indeed be simple and memorable. I

t’s essential that it be appropriate for the brand and the product. 

A good logo should not be time-dependent.

Ask yourself when you create it – will it be just as effective in 30 or 50 years?

An efficient logo works across a variety of media and applications.

For this reason, it’s good to have the logo in vector format so scaling it down or up is more manageable. 

To create a versatile logo, it is necessary to start by creating it in black and white.

In this way, it allows us to focus on the concept and shape and not on the color.

How you “position” the symbol should be appropriate for its intended audience.

As an example, a child-like font would be suitable for a logo for a children’s toy store or a candy brand.

Final Thoughts 

It is important to consider everything when creating a brand logo. 

Every detail, such as the color, the font, has an immense impact on people’s minds.

As can be seen from the article, all aspects were considered when creating the Trolli logo. 

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