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uk business card mockup

5 Best UK Sized Business Card Mockup Designs

A UK business card mockup helps you style your portfolio professionally and in no time.

The layers of business card mockups are very well designed, and smart objects are placed on the top of the layer panel.

Business cards hold all the required and essential contact information for staying in touch in the future. 

They come in various colors, designs, textures, etc., but the shape and size remain pretty much the same.

We curated a list of the most useful business card mockups ready online. 

We have chosen the 10 best options for the UK business card mockup for different kinds of businesses.

These excellent business card mockups are easy to download and edit.

1.Floating Business Card Mockup

uk business card mockup
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Sometimes customers need to understand how precisely the design is going to look like for them to decide. 

Therefore, to minimize numerous revisions, you need a floating business card mockup.

In this way, you can present your design in a photorealistic way before finalizing it.

It’s perfect for branding projects and network presentations.

This will surely wow your customers.

The mockup is super simple to use.

All you have to do is alter your design via smart layers, edit and adjust the background color and shades, then save. 

It will enable you to display both sides of your business card layout in a smart, stylish, and creative way.

All these with the feel of letterpress printing.

A businessman never heads out without a few business cards in his pocket or pouch. 

A business isn’t a one-man enterprise.

You maybe doing some marketing or presentation, there will always be some sort of communication that will happen.

Use this business card mockup for businesses associated with fashion, cosmetics, electronics, or other areas.

Additionally, it highlights more readily editable views for your business card designs.

This is one of the top 10 most popular business card mockup designs.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Present your business card layout and design with this gravity-defying mockup 
  • Layered PSD file with Smart Objects
  • Easily modify the background color with an alignment layer
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2.Floral Business Card Mockup 

uk business card mockup

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A business card establishes the identity of a company or a person. 

Giving business cards is not only a tradition but also part of etiquette.

The paper form of the floral business card mockup has glossy texture with green leaves on the background.

All these are very eye-catching!

A business isn’t a one-man enterprise.

You maybe doing some marketing or presentation, there will always be some sort of communication that will happen.

Designs and logos can be attached via Adobe Photoshop.

Organic cosmetics owners, photographers or even botanists can use this mock-up.

With its 7318 x 4880 pixel resolution, it allows users high-quality resolution for both private and commercial projects.

It has the feel of a sophisticated, classy, stylish and modern business card. 

Templates are fully editable with Adobe Illustrator.

Mockups are fully customizable with Adobe Photoshop.

You can set the background according to what you want.

Moreover, you can also adjust the color of the darkness or shadow of the business card. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fully Layered, 3508 x 2480 pixels / 300 DPI
  • Smart Objects allowed
  • Separated Shadows & Movable Objects
  • Changeable Background (Texture / Color)
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3.Perspective Business Cards Mockup

uk business card mockup

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Firstly, the business grid mockup shows multiple stacks of cards.

Secondly, you can display both the front and back designs. 

Thirdly, it comes in the PSD format.

Fourthly, with this format, you can quickly insert your logos, icons, etc. using Adobe Photoshop.

Fifthly, a number of customers agree that this business card mockup is very versatile.

Finally, you can customize the background and adjust the color of the shadow of the business card.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Offers Smart Object Layers
  • Has a high resolution of 3000×2000 pixels
  • Offers adjustable background color or background image with automatic panorama via Smart Objects
  • Fresh and practical look.
  • Isolated and movable object
  • Layered shadows, cards, and background
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4.Clean Business Card Mockups

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Reusable and clean as many times as possible without fatiguing your viewers.

This is an excellent mockup design which has completely editable layers and vivid shadows. 

Each layer can be transferred, removed, or even customizable to your specifications. 

Enter your design into the smart object and view it in action. 

These insignificant and classic designs never get old.

Clean design and the quality of compositions, enabling you to make a beautiful presentation for your designs.

Light & clean business card mockup for marvelous designs. 

A business isn’t actually a one-man enterprise; whether it’s marketing something, or encouraging people to like your products, or presenting more information, there will be forever some sort of communication or attraction between different people.

These files come with insulated and movable objects, smart layers, and transparent shadows and considerations for a perfect result.

This clean UK size business card mockup is unusual and engaging.

Say welcome to a new business card mockup with a clean and charming view that will help you produce an excellent show for your ideas.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Customizable
  • Alternating background color with a simple color picker
  • 3000px X 2250px resolution
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5. Realistic Business Card Mockups

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A high-class product, this time in the frame fully editable Photorealistic Business Card Mockup.

This pack comes in 2 different Wood Grains, which are both Photorealistic to the eye.

Because of how widespread life can be, you may engage with those people at different times and situations.

In this each, PSD you will see smart objects that you can completely alter to add your logo or design to the cards. 

Present yourself at the professional edge and take a collection of these Business Card Mockups, they will surely make your designs stand out and look different.

Business cards are one of the significant attributes of any business; perhaps it is the principal thing you have to take when you consider it.

A business isn’t a one-man enterprise; whether it’s marketing something, or encouraging people to like your products, or presenting more information, there will be forever some sort of communication or attraction between different people.

A proper business card reflects your personality and uniqueness to your clients.

When you prepare a business card for your client, you want to utilize it with a particular end goal to present your work.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Features organized layers and smart objects
  • Includes different paper textures
  • Easy to use
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Final Thoughts

Nowadays, businesses aim to stand out even through something as small as a business card.

An attractive business card design makes your brand and business more significant in the eyes of potential customers, as well as, business partners. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend hours on the design process. 

Use a UK business card mockup in this collection to instantly design a business card and realize how convenient it is!

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