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undo & redo: procreate gesture shortcuts

How to Use Undo & Redo: Procreate Gesture Shortcuts

Fast-track your Procreate Skills! Watch our tutorial on “Undo & Redo: Procreate Gesture Shortcuts”.

Undo and Redo Your Last Actions in Procreate

Speed up your workflow in Procreate by using gestures.

Undo Gesture Shortcut

undo & redo: procreate gesture shortcuts

If you tap 2 fingers, you can undo the last action.

Redo Gesture Shortcut

undo & redo: procreate gesture shortcuts

And if you tap with 3 fingers, you can redo it.

So that’s a tap with two to undo, tap with three to redo.

The Procreate app has revolutionized the digital art world, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and features that make creating art on a mobile device easier than ever.

Knowing the different gestures in Procreate can be an invaluable asset to any artist looking to unlock their creative potential.

With a few simple finger taps and swipes, you can access the various features of the app and quickly get to work on your artwork.

Gestures are an essential part of using Procreate, as they allow you to access the tools and features you need while creating.

Using Procreate’s Gesture Mode, you can easily manipulate layers and other drawing tools with ease.

Simply swipe up or down to change your brush size, then tap the pencil icon for more options in terms of thickness and opacity. You can also rotate your canvas using gestures.

As you work on your digital artwork, keep an eye out for these useful tips and tricks that will help you get more done in less time.

Final Thoughts

How convenient, right?

You can now undo and redo your last actions by gesture shortcuts in Procreate!

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