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unicorn coloring pages

10 Best Unicorn Coloring Pages Free & Premium

Unicorn coloring pages are simply a big hit among children nowadays.

This is simply because unicorns are magical, beautiful and, loyal mythological creatures that everyone adores.

Children love to see these majestic animals in their drawings, walls and, parties.

How about adults who want to spend some free time doing a nostalgic coloring activity from their childhood?

Well, this article is also for you since coloring books have been proven to be stress-relieving.

All these Unicorn coloring pages and books have been hand-picked by us to give you the best options.

We are confident that we can help you choose the best option for your child,  if not for you.

If you are curious about these unicorn coloring pages, let’s start viewing our list.

1. Unicorn Coloring Pages PLR Pack

unicorn coloring pages

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This product is suitable for those who want to combine the different imagery of unicorns and make unique experiences for their children. 

The various styles of detailed unicorns on this package will tap your children’s ability to combine multiple materials to come up with a final product.

If you or your child is interested in the anatomy and the general physical attributes of unicorns, then these coloring sheets  are for you.

They contain various magical unicorn creatures.

The unicorns made of high-quality line art make the coloring page look smooth and flawless. 

The unicorn coloring pages can also be used for your journals, start a coloring website and bookmarks. 

Use of the pages is limitless.

Just be mindful of the copyright.

These coloring sheets are easily printable in high-quality PDF versions.

You can also use these images of unicorn coloring pages for your blog sites!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Being mindful of the copyright, they can be used for journals, decorations, etc.
  • High-quality images
  • Can be edited and used as a wall art, bookmark, etc.

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2. Kids Coloring Book Little Unicorn

unicorn coloring pages

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This product is excellent for those who want a storyline for their coloring pages.

Each page of the book show the activities of “The Little Unicorn.” 

The coloring pages are composed of a cute art style, making it a fun experience for children. 

Does your child like stories about magical, majestic creatures and coloring books?

Then, we can confidently recommend this unicorn coloring book for him!

Different sizes are available for the book, from letter size to A4 size.

The unicorn coloring pages are also adaptable for tablets and iPads. 

The coloring pages can be colored by a single child or can be done as a group activity.

The book’s art style is line drawing, making the unicorn coloring pages easy to do.

These coloring pages are perfectly suitable for birthday and Christmas parties, or a holiday gift.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has multiple coloring pages with a storyline
  • Offers multiple choices for the size and the format of the coloring pages
  • Adaptable to work as a group activity for children
  • Contains both simple and more detailed artwork for different skill levels
  • Being mindful of the copyright, can be used for digital art, fun card making, scrapbooking and, decorative purposes

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3. A Month of Unicorns Coloring Book

unicorn coloring pages Download Now!

This unicorn coloring book is perfect for artists after quality.

We recommend this book if you wish to provide your students or children with a worthwhile hobby.

The goal for this unicorn coloring book is to individualize every unicorn.

The artist of this book focuses on the unicorns’ symbolic purity and grace. 

Some of the unicorn coloring pages are detailed, some are more simple, providing fun to children with a different skill levels.

Also, you need not compile each of your drawings as this is a physical book.

This unicorn coloring book can provide long hours of fun time for children.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unique individual unicorn drawings for children
  • Provides a month long activity for children
  • Images cater to different coloring skill sets 
  • No need to compile since it’s already a book
  • Each unicorn has a personality to which different children can relate 

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4. Gothic Unicorn Coloring Pages

unicorn coloring pages

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This coloring book is the perfect gift for Halloween a Fright night party.

The book contains 25 unique unicorn coloring pages with different shapes and personalities.

We are sure that even if you have a child who hates coloring, this book will be interesting for them.

This is due to its modern and attractive cover design, gothic mood and, unique perspective on unicorns.

It can also be used for dark-horror-themed drawings.

Since there are some coloring pages inside the book suitable for contrast and dark-toned coloring.

Simplistic and cute drawings of this unicorn coloring page book provide fun time for children and adults. 

This book also comes with different formats for you to choose from. 

You will not experience any problem turning the coloring pages into the right size for printing.

We recommend this book for individuals who want uniqueness in the mythical universe of unicorns!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Offers a unique gothic art style for adults and kids
  • Simplistic and cute line drawings
  • Contains 25 different gothic unicorn line drawings
  • Adaptable page format makes it easier to print the coloring pages
  • Perfect gift for your children to express themselves

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 5. Large Unicorn Coloring Page

unicorn coloring pages 

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This large unicorn coloring page is for those who wish to let their imagination run wild.

Get this if you want to have a stylish unicorn-themed wallpaper or a wall frame.

The quality of this product will turn your wall into a mythological pony world.

For teachers looking for a group activity, then this is a great idea to do as a group project and showcase it in your classroom afterward!

The banner is professionally printed on sturdy paper, making tit very durable. 

You can choose from three different sizes. 

If you think that the sizes currently available will be enough to cover a particular part of your wall, then you can even order a custom-sized version!

The details of the coloring paper can make you try out different colors in a separate section of this unicorn coloring page.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Customizable
  • Made with durable material
  • Perfect for a a group activity

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6. Personalized Large Kid’s Unicorn Color Book

unicorn coloring pagesDownload Now!     

This color book is for those who want a specialized birthday gift for a loved one or just a personally designed unicorn color book for themselves!

The unicorn color book comes with customized pages.

Thus, making it an extraordinary work of art for you or the loved one you are giving this to.

Although they cannot be used for decoration purposes, these coloring pages can be on your whiteboards or hung on your walls.

For stability and quality reasons, the coloring sheets have cardboard backs. 

Half of this coloring book bears your name.

The pages boast of beautiful line art that will surely get you excited to color it immediately!

The spiral binder makes page turning easier.

Moreover, it stays open without holding it down.

Therefore, you can focus on enjoying coloring the pages..

As the line drawings are simple, it’s children-friendly and cute.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Personalized unicorn coloring page art for your name
  • Customized pages
  • Durable due to cardboard backs
  • Compiled with the thought of comfort
  • Personalized colored cover page with your name on it

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7. 30 Unicorn Color-By-Number Pages

unicorn coloring pages 

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Firstly, this is an excellent product for you if you wish to teach your children basic numbers in a fun way!

Secondly, the artwork on the pages are detailed and simplistic.

Furthermore,  there are numbers written on the bottom of the page correlating with the colors. 

Thirdly, learning numbers for children can be a tough challenge. 

Therefore, entertainment that provides education with art is great for children, such as this coloring book!

Although this is mainly for children, the content is suitable for adults too!

Fourthly, the quality of these printable unicorn coloring pages is high resolution.

As a result, there’s no distortion when you print the pages.

Fifthly, the coloring pages are made to create a numerical puzzle.

Therefore, making it a fun little game for your children.

Sixthly, framing these pages is possible. 

So, you are a fan of showcasing your cute, colored artwork, you can easily frame these unicorn pages!

Finally, you can even print it for an unlimited amount for personal use!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Color-by-number pages enhance the learning of numbers
  • Detailed and simplistic line drawings 
  • High-resolution images for quality printing
  • Unlimited amount of prints for personal use

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8. 20 Unicorn Coloring Pages


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This unicorn coloring book is for customers who want a cheap option to entertain their children.

The book contains simple and adorable drawings with precise line art.

You can print the unicorn coloring pages easily as they are high-resolution images in printable PDF format. 

The designer made this book easy to pass around to kids in a party.

These unicorn coloring pages will give unique drawings to the children to fill in.

The book provides detailed line drawings.

The coloring pages are compatible with every printing option.

Therefore, making it easier for you to print them out and use them with ease.

All of the unicorn coloring pages are high-resolution

Thus it will not show any blur or distortion when you open the images on your device. 

These unicorn drawing pages also have unlimited prints for personal use!

Remember that this is a digital item and not a physical product. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Twenty pages of unique unicorns
  • Unique and adorable drawings for a reasonable price
  • High-resolution coloring pages
  • Suitable for a children’s party
  • Unlimited personal use for personal purposes

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9. Magical Unicorn Coloring Pages for Kids & Adults


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First of all, these coloring pages are free for those who want to get unique unicorn coloring pages.

Secondly, providing high-quality coloring pages, these pages can range from simple drawings to more detailed ones.

Thirdly, you can only download these pages in the format of high-resolution letter-sized PDF files.

Fourthly, in this magical universe of colorable unicorns, you can find baby unicorns, adult unicorns, and then more magical unicorns. 

Fifthly, ass these coloring pages have every category of unicorns, there are even some for the adults to test themselves!

Moreover, some unicorn-themed coloring pages can be used as decorations for a party in these coloring sheets.

Sixthly, the line drawings of these unicorns are easy for you to fill out and will not create any over-filling problems if you do it carefully. 

Lastly, of course, these unicorn coloring pages are only for personal, non-commercial use.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Offers simple and detailed drawings to color
  • High-resolution images

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10. 36 Free UNICORN Coloring Pages

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Firstly, this coloring book is for people who are more into the detailed versions of unicorns.

Secondly, the book offers several unique, simple, and complex drawings with mostly mythological accuracy.

Thirdly, these unicorn coloring pages offer an environmental view of the unicorn universe.

Fourthly, this book is undoubtedly more for adults and teens than other coloring books.

This is because it’s a coloring book that contains the most complex content.t

Fifthly, you get unique interpretation of the unicorns with the environment and animated humans.

Sixthly, these unicorn coloring papers are best for people interested in trying our different styles of coloring.

Seventhly, these unique coloring pages offer you an escape from reality briefly, taking you to the magical universe of the unicorns.

Moreover, there are even interpretations of animated part human-part-unicorn coloring pages.

Finally, these pages take you to another magical world. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unique unicorn interpretations
  • More complex line-art pages for the teens and adults to color
  • Features images of the universe of the unicorns
  • High-quality PDF images best for printing

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Final Thoughts

The purpose of this article was to showcase your beautiful unicorn coloring pages for you to decide on what you wish to download.

The Unicorn coloring pages featured are unique.

You will surely have a great time coloring them.

Be ready to be transported to the magical world of unicorns.

Every option  in this compilation article has value and is suitable for every age group to try!

You can check out these beautiful coloring pages and decide for yourself!

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