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Top Ten Options for Vaporwave Font, Free and Paid

A vaporwave font gives you an insight into the culture of the 2010s. 

This article will be good for you if you’re looking to use a vaporwave font, want to learn about its different styles or even just have a blast back into the past! 

The focus of the article is on the top 10 vaporwave fonts, including Retrofuturism, Neoneon, Joy neon, and others! 

Some of them are similar in style, so read carefully if you choose to use a font to notice the slight differences! 

Table of Contents


1. Retrofuturism OTF Vaporwave

vaporwave font

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Ckybe’s Corner designed Retrofuturism in 2019. 

This creator has also designed numerous other fonts.

All are good-quality fonts suitable for logos and backdrops, which can be used commercially and for personal use. 

Retrofuturism is a colorful blue and pink gradient font. 

These colors stand out and make the lettering very eye-catching, ensuring that this font would not be missed! 

The font is very tall and chunky with block letters, making it very easy to read and vibrant. 

This font is aesthetically pleasing.

The creator designed it to remind you of the late early 90’s eras.  

Retrofuturism can be used for both modern and classical designs, including branding, designing logos, t-shirts, and jumpers!

Retrofuturism can be purchased for $140 for a commercial license, however only $14 for personal use. 

This is a great deal as it comes with a great style and format covering all ‘wave’ formats, including Vaporwave, Synthwave, Retrowave. 

This font offers upper and lower cases and numbers in an OpenType Font (OTF file type).

Retrofuturism also has EPS files for both numbers and letters, making it easy to use on Adobe illustrator (version 23.0, 2018 or newer) – making it perfect for design use! 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Contains four trendy high resolution 90’s themed backgrounds 
  • Is easy to download with multiple different filetypes.  
  • Is colorful and readable, making it perfect for a logo!

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2. Hot Rush Font Duo

vaporwave font

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Hot Rush Font was designed by Sam Parrett in 2020 and published by Set Sail Studios. 

The font only comes in capital letters which makes it striking and bold. 

The end forms are additional horizontal strokes that achieve that “swoosh” effect on the last letter. 

The combination of the sans and script fonts creates a marked contrast yet compliments by the long, fast-paced strokes.

Using Hot Rush, you can make your design stand out from anything to clothes, posters, and branding. 

It is perfect for that fast-paced retro Vaporwave 90’s feel. 

The retro Hot Rush – states, ’90s nostalgia is about hit you harder than a DeLorean at 88 miles per hour”. 

Hot Rush contains five styles which include sans, sans italic, and script, sans striped, sans striped italic.

The font comes with end forms for the major sans & script letters. 

The font was created cleverly from a marker pen.

The lowercase letters represent the “Rush” typeface.

While the uppercase represents the “Hot,” where other italic versions “Hot Rush Sans” & “Hot Rush Sans Striped” are included with additional styles for more retro nostalgia.

Hour Rush is available for all letters, numbers, and punctuation for multiple European languages and more! 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Comes in 5 different styles, making it useful for larger projects or a project wanting variety but similarity
  • Is available in 17 different languages, including Italian, French, and Spanish
  • Is a unique design and stands out amongst vaporwave fonts

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3. Toxic Marker

vaporwave font

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Pedro Texixeria and self-published in 2017, designed this font. 

Toxic marker comes in one style, which is a textured dry paintbrush script-looking font. 

It has a calligraphic look to it which is created through the paintbrush effect of the font.  

This paintbrush effect creates a casual style which is also emphasized through the mixture of joined-up letters and separate letters. 

Although it is a casual style font, it is entirely different from any other Vaporwave font, which would make it a unique choice!

Therefore, this font would suit headings and subheadings in an article, magazine, or advert. 

The font is more difficult to read than a vaporwave font, such a retrofuturism, so you should consider this when choosing a font. 

Toxic marker is free to download for personal use, but if you want to use the font for commercial use, it offers a pay-as-you-go plan which ensures you would only pay for it as long as you need it. 

This prevents you from wasting dollars on the font and using it for your adjusted personal needs. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Comes in only one style so can provide consistency
  • Is an easily recognizable font due to its one style and unique artistic look
  • Pay-as-you-go commercial use plan!

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4. Ernest and Emily

vaporwave font

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The Ernest and Emily font was designed by Nicky Lantz, which she went on to self-publish in 2017. 

The font is a playful, handwritten script font and would be suitable for article headings and logos. 

The font looks peaceful through its gentle strokes and readability.

Therefore, it would be good for a business based in the health industry to be used for a quotation or something similar.  

As well as this, it would be suitable for type-based creatives and websites or craft branding, invitations, cards, or a small due to its friendly and enticing appearance. 

The font consists of two handwritten fonts.

Moreover, it comes with seven styles and an uppercase and lowercase typeface, which makes it realistic and friendly. 

The seven styles include the basic style, a solid style, slanted, solid slanted, upright, upright solid, and capitals. 

Each style comes in at £10.99 and will set you back £77 for the complete set.

However, every brush script comes in 3 variants (Regular, Slanted and Upright) – each with its twist to fit the look you need. 

It is available in multiple different European languages, which makes it widely useable. 

The font is a modern calligraphic feminine style and elegant, making it suitable for personal and commercial use. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Is a creative calligraphic font good for craft business, invitations, and branding
  • Comes in multiple languages
  • Suitable for both commercial and personal use
  • Is a unique-looking font

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5. Neoneon

vaporwave font

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Bakoom Studio designed this font in 2017. 

It was the first typeface for this designer and also very successful with over 40,000 downloads! 

The designer was aiming to reproduce the 90’s themed neon signage.

The font is a nostalgic and mysterious font that is eye-catching from miles away! 

The font has tall chunky letters similar to Retrofuturism, but it is more creative in the way the shapes of each letter blend together, which adds to its uniqueness.

Use this font in Illustrator V23.0 (2018 and upwards) and Photoshop (2015 and upwards) to apply an outer glow to make your designs even more eye-catching and mysterious. 

You could also mix this with a dark gradient or plain background to make it even more eye-catching. 

Neon signs were popular during the 1920s to the 1950s and were used at diners, motels, and billboards, which is something to consider using the font for. 

As well as this, the font is best for headings, logos, signs, adverts, and graphic posters. 

Fonts and typefaces such as Neoneon are becoming more and more popular because neon gases are harmful therefore challenging to get hold of, so this font is a reasonable replication of these signs!

This font can be availed free for personal and commercial use.

For this reason, you may consider using it for your desired project. 

This font is part of the san’s font family, including uppercase letters, additional Latin and punctuation inclusions. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Unique and famous font
  • Resembles neon signs from the 1990s 
  • Free for business and personal use 

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6. Neoncity

vaporwave font

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Neoncity is a reasonably new font, designed by Dedi Tri Anggara in September 2020. 

It consists of two fonts, both a script and a serif. 

Available in both.TFF and.OTF these fonts contain both an uppercase and lowercase for both fonts, numbers, and punctuation with additional multi-language support.  

When buying this typeface for personal use, it is $15 for a special license. 

However, with this, you receive personal use and commercial use for unlimited projects. 

The corporate license is more expensive at $70.

However, the only difference is the special license. You can still do the same designs for corporate and personal use. 

Still, at the corporate level, you receive unlimited user licenses, which seems pretty affordable compared to other permits that we have included for more than others six times the price.  

Neoncity’s ability to be eye-catching from a distance and with both uniqueness of a neon typeface and distinct properties makes this font duo perfect for logos, material printings, and websites taking people back to times such as the ’90s.  

Like other neon fonts, to make this typeface stand out and pop, it will need some outer or inner glow over some kind of gradient or dark background.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Good value commercial license 
  • Exciting and vibrant 
  • Available in script and serif font

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7. Las Enter

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Mans Greback created this font in 2017.

The font is trendy, with 100,000 downloads! 

The font is similar to aspects of Hot Rush. 

It appears as a hand-drawn brush effect typeface similar to toxic marker with elements of brush effects. 

These paintbrush effects to this font make the font look more natural and vibrant. 

The design of this font makes it personal and unique.

It could potentially look a bit outdated, which comes from the vigorous curves to produce a font that comes across as distinctive yet original, reflecting something of a local restaurant. 

The typefaces come with a complete set of 362 characters. Las Enter contains both uppercase and lowercase characters for the alphabet with the addition of a full range of Latin variations, symbols, trademarks, and an extensive range of punctuation, numerals, and multilingual support. 

This font is perfect for adding an elegant and unique touch to your creative projects. 

This font is free when used for personal projects.

However, a unique commercial license starts at 95 dollars which seems a steal for the characters it provides.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Perfect for creative projects
  • Original unique lettering 
  • Available in different languages 

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8. Joy Neon

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Nuryantodwi designed Joy Neon.

It is one of the newest font.

This font is part of a trio that consists of sans and script. 

A lit logo of a coffee shop was the inspiration of the designer. 

Therefore, it has a resemblance to neon lights similar to Neoneon and Retro Signature. 

The font is unique in comparison to any other vaporwave font.

Its design is complex and resembles glow sticks in the way the different parts of the letters link up, as you can see in the image above from the letter ‘N.’ 

This font would be perfect for your glowing lights or design brands and logos due to its vividness and easy visibility. 

The font has a cartoon element to its appearance.

Following the cartoon element, the designer created smooth edges juxtaposed with the bright color contrast and the thin but large letters.

This relates to the use of comic fonts, which are great for poster designs.

This font is best for presentation headings and subheadings as it is attention-grabbing and eye-catching!

This font is free for personal use but requires payment for licensing purposes if used for business use. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Newly designed font so not very well recognized!
  • Free for personal use 
  • Great for signs, logos, and headings!

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9. Retro Signature

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Nirmana Visual, inspired by the 1990s and neon lights, designed this font.

The font is classy and contemporary, with gentle letters of different sizes and structures coming together.

It is presented above in bright colors and resembles neon lights, which the designer wanted to achieve.  

This font offers a classy appearance to users and designers, making it suitable for many subjects.

The font would be good to use for logos or large advertising projects and branding. 

You can use Retro Signature in neon designs with large sizes as it is so vibrant. 

This is something that other vaporwave fonts do not offer. 

This vibrant font contains uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, and punctuation in a clean, minimal, and elegant style with smooth edges that are easily readable. 

Retro Signature is good to use If working with other colors because it blends so well, giving outstanding results. 

You could also add a glow effect on photoshop or illustrator, which would give the font an extra classy feature making it stand out even more. 

This eye-catching design is free for personal use, which is good if you use something classy and contemporary.

To use this font for commercial purposes, the license is $500, but this price gives you access to unlimited products, web uses, logos, and a TV broadcast. 

This price also includes 10 Apps and 5 E-Pub titles, which would be great for an agency wanting to invest in a vaporwave font and more! 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Vibrant, diverse and unique design
  • Perfect for branding and neon designs 
  • Free for personal use 

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10. Psycho Killer

vaporwave font

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This font was designed by The Fontacular Now.

This font has a gothic appearance, which comes from its jagged edges on the letters and different thicknesses of the same letter. 

The font is classed as vaporwave horror font.

Therefore, considering that this is a horror font, it narrows down your choice.

This font would be perfect for retro posters or vaporwave poster designs. 

Moreover, it would be suitable for film posters that match this horror genre or a heading of something in the horror genre! 

Psycho Killer is a vaporwave horror font that you can download on Etsy for just £4.58. 

This price covers commercial use for unlimited projects and sales as long as you do not sell or distribute the font or edit it, or claim it as your own. 

If you purchase this font on Etsy, it will come in OTF and TTF files which is helpful as it makes it easier to use it on multiple platforms. 

You do not even have to credit the font when you use it! 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Great for designs with a horror aesthetic!
  • Available on Etsy, a popular and accessible online site
  • Is colorful, which adds creativity to your design! 

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Final Thoughts

We have looked at the top 10 best vaporwave fonts.

So, now you should have a good understanding of them and be able to choose a font suitable for your project! 

You also have an insight into each font use and purpose and what you can use them for. 

Out of these ten fonts, my favorite is Joy Neon.

It stands out from all nine fonts due to its glowy cartoon appearance.

It is also not as well-known, which would make me want to choose it.

Joy Neon’s novelty and pleasing appearance should help catch the eyes of the readers.

And Retrofuturism is a close runner-up as I love its chunky letters and easy readability! 

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