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vectornator vs procreate

Vectornator vs Procreate Which is Better?

Vectornator vs Procreate, so the battle begins.

Vectornator is available on all iPhones, iPad’s and MacBook.

It is versatile and gives various mobility features for users.

As an example, you could start a demonstration using a trackpad on Mac.

Then, use Apple pencil to draw on the iPad.

For instance, if you were somewhere outside your workplace, some changes in the last minute can be done if required on your iPhone. 

On the other hand, Procreate is another software that is versatile in its way.

Professionals and artists love it.

Procreate is the software made exclusively for iPad.

It has handmade brushes, a set of artistic tools, and many more.

Procreate allows everything that one would need to create.

So, let’s compare both and examine which would be the best to use with the iPad. 


Vectornator was founded by Vladimir Danila.

He was just 17 years old  then, ‘to revolutionize the way people design’ all over the world.

It has many innovative features and is proven trustworthy by many IT firms like Apple, Disney, and D2IQ.


It offers many designs and features that captured many user’s hearts.


It is the long-awaited software that does not resemble any other software that’s available across the markets. 

Vectornator faithfully delivers a good experience and a standalone workflow.

It features a combination of tools, a tasty variety of features with magnificent performance, and an intuitive UI.

Vectornator Pro is the people’s home for all forms of design.

And after the release of Mac OS, Vectornator was made available across all Apple platforms — (except Apple watch).

Contemporary Features

Auto Trace. Here is where Vectornator Pro comes in to put things in place.

It enables the feature of manual tracing.

Now, a new image being imported Vectornator will suggest to trace it manually by just tapping once.

A single document can be used to work on different boards by using the web, Graphical Design Interface.

Opposite platform functionality across different devices.

From the MacBook to iPad or iPhone, users can design and switch to the other device continuously without much effort.

New Desktop Experience: Vectornator Pro brings a newly designed and edited explorer user desktop.

It has various changes in the iconic menu bar, pointers, hovering, multi-window, keyboard shortcuts, and more.

All these make it more friendly and easily adaptable to the user.

Speedy and Robust updates: Vectornator’s unique code, new features will move effortlessly across the three platforms (macOS, pads, and iOS).

This results in faster updates and a more stabilized roll over to other devices and ensures a satisfactory user experience in all places. 

VECTORNATOR X3 UPDATE (April 14, 2020)

The aim of Vectornator has always been high-performance graphic software.

This means that it will have the best app experience, be it on any Apple device.

The device the user prefers to use wouldn’t be a problem.

Vectornator ensures that it provides the highest quality in the whole apple chain. 

The macOS has always been supportive of that aim.

That is the reason they have featured Vectornator X3 on Mac OS. 

Why on MAC?

Mac OS takes the user designs to the next level with the help of a Vectornator.

Unbelievable add ons like improved UI, better guides; enhanced themes make it more specialized!

The new and improved version would be a boon. 

Above everything, X3 includes many improvisations & fixing bugs to enhance the user experience on Mac OS.

 Improvised with the Brighter Theme

 ‍Though Dark Themed Ui has been liked by many users, with the light theme, the user can choose according to their preference.

Light themed UI reduces strain on eyes, thereby making users work for a longer time, being more productive.

Movement between Artboards

With Vectornator, users can select a particular art board and move between layers.

They can also drag and drop from one to another, speeding up the workflow.

Bug Fixes: Pesky bugs never happen with Vectornator.

Automatic Tracer

Tracing is no longer difficult with Vectornator.

Tracing manually would no longer be a problem.

Vectornator suggests automatic discovery with the first tap and no issues.

Edit mode improvised: Mass Delete option, which was not working, has now been fixed. It has now been fixed. 

Indigenous Code

Coding is no longer done with iOS codebase as native code has come into existence. 

Proficient Rulers and Guides

Blue lines are visible, which will guide the user in his/her design.

If the user wants to deselect, he can simply drag the ruler outside.

Rulers always remain fixed.

They also have a scale up and scale down option. 

Movement Between Layers

Layers can be copied and pasted.

Multiple layers can be selected and deselected.

Vectornator Mini has come into existence.

The company has been working on it for two years.

They just announced the inauguration on April 2, 2020.

 It has the famous O-led display of Apple, which makes designers look far better than other watches.

The user interface of the watch has been reimagined.

If the user selects a shape and the redesigned style tab offers an unparalleled amount of power and accuracy.

Users’ favorite design can be set as the watch face, and thereby it makes seeing time on the watch more magical.

“Forcible Sensation” the option to Delete and Resurrect mistakes.

Multiple art boards and layers can be created, and the same can be edited too.

A quick edit option allows rotating objects with the help of a digital crown.

Boolean option book color picker 1 makes the color palettes to be used effectively.

Hence, making the Vectornator mini more powerful and capable. 


 Vectornator X.2 has more features incorporated.

  • Joystick that helps users to move freely.
  • Keypad that helps to get input values quickly.
  • Magnifier with more advanced zoom options 
  • Snapping tools 
  • Isometric grids 
  • Export of individual layers 
  • Rulers: Rulers help to place exact positions on the screen.

They generally come attached to the art board.

ISO metric grids provide unbelievable designs and dimensions which make 3D look like our dream come right moment. 


Achievements option is the new methodology to communicate with the Vectornator community.

With the Vectornator Achievements option, we can talk about our earned rewards to our family and friends.

Many challenges have been put up, which a user can take on and win exciting prizes. 

Improvised Layer Methodology

With this technique, paths can be added to empty layers making these possible for the first time.

With the thumbnails option, we can see all the later sub-elements making the wire much more comfortable. 


Guides are separated from art boards.

They are made visible in the second layer of the art board too.

Thus, the design journey for users would become more comfortable. 

Improvisation in Copy, Paste Option

They have enhanced the features in Vectornator by improving the standards of Copy and Paste option.

They made that simple function, even better.

More user fonts have introduced more user fonts making the typeface more gorgeous, thus making it a pleasure for the users.

 Touchbar: They have updated the touch bar this making the work easy for users.

Context Menus: Thy has improvised the context Menus, which makes the searching option more easily accessible.

Vectornator X.2 has even bug fixed, 

  • Color picker.Several tools have been introduced to improvise the color palette. 
  • UI fixes. Many UI fixes have been added.
  • Size variations. The size variation problem with pdf and SVG formats would no longer trouble the users. Png size will not show any unexpected behavior where there would generally be a problem with dimensions.

Online Community


You can download the Apple manual to get familiarized with Vectornator.

They have online chat support on Reddit, Skype, spectrum, etc. thus making it friendlier to the users.

People can refer to their blog for the most recent updates and other doubts if required.

Many online tutorials are also given by them for free to make it easy for users.



Firstly, they are easily scalable.

The reason being, logos created using Vectornator can easily fit a small visiting card to a large display banner.

Secondly, users may sometimes be required to change the color of the logo or make different arrangements of their components.

They can be done using Vectornator very quickly.

This makes it easy to work with clients upon working on a deadline. 

Thirdly, It has different choices in Export: A Vectornator has various opportunities in export.

The user has to just select the export option and give the desired format.

For example, JPG or PNG can be converted to PDF or AI.

This makes it easy to do the final operations.

Fourthly, its cost-driven.

It’s entirely free for Mac and IOs. 

Fifthly, it has split view options and therefore multitasking becomes possible. 

Sixthly, the user interface is more friendly making it ideal for the beginners to work with.

Finally, it’s more used because if the ‘Mobility ‘that it gives to users. 


Users say that it hasn’t provided features pared to their expectations.

Therefore, it’s not worth switching to Vectornator. 

Its online community support has not reached many users, and they keep complaining about it.

It’s a little slow at times, making it difficult for the users to complete their tasks. v Can be used only on Apple Devices. 


Procreate is award-winning software that allows users to create beautiful paintings and art.

It’s the power-packed tool that can be taken anywhere and provides users with various tools and software.

The powerful tool makes people look at it by the performance of its brushes.

It has a variety of brushes, namely pencil, etc., which have been used for artistic paintings of human images.

The unique feature of brush studio allows one to customize brushes, or we can style our brushes, keeping our image in mind.

Procreate is award-winning software that allows users to create beautiful paintings and art.

It’s the power-packed tool that can be taken anywhere and provides users with various tools and software.

The powerful tool makes people look at it by the performance of its brushes.

It has a variety of brushes, namely pencil, ink, etc., which have been used for artistic paintings of human images.

The unique feature of brush studio allows one to customize brushes, or we can style our brushes, keeping our image in mind.

Color Features on Procreate

Procreate has various colors that stand even out of human imagination.

We can use the colors that are found to be available in the palette,.

Alternatively,  we can customize our colors by using the option of color companion according to our art.

 We should now make sure that we don’t confuse ourselves between color harmony and color companion.

Color Harmony helps us to create more colors according to our imagination.

Whereas color companion helps us to place our colors in the desired place in our panel. 

Powerful Moves


The option of keeping two fingers on the screen and tapping.

This portion allows undoing an action that has been done recently.

So, procreate has got so many new shortcuts that amaze the users and make them take a turn towards it. 

Graphic Performances

Valkyrie graphics is the option that allows Procreate to paint fast.

The brushes of Procreate is a big boon to it.

It makes the users paint at the pace they want to do, thus making the work easier.

When we talk about Valkyrie’s graphics, we have to necessarily talk about the Valkyrie engine too.

It makes use of its metal structure, thus featuring to be one of the top reasons for the success of Procreate by delivering the best performance. 

Procreate paints with super-speed (120 fps), making the users very happy when it comes to speed of Procreate.

Nothing can come close to Procreate as far as speed is concerned. 

Animation Assist

You can check this blog for your reference:

A powerful tool of Procreate that makes animations livelier.

Again, when it comes to animations, making animations on social media is what is spoken about these days. 

Time-lapse is an excellent option that records users’ moves right from scratch.

Thus, making it very useful to create social media animations. 

A quick shape feature allows the user to create the shape that they want to do.

Color drop feature allows our drag and drops the color that we pick to fill the desired area.

 Streamliner application allows us to improvise our structure of curves.

It gives smoother shapes to the user.

Thus, making them better calligraphers. 

Finishing touch special FX allows us to create special effects like finishing touches to our animations .

It  makes it compelling to users’ eyes.

Blur effects: If art is done, blur effects make the painting livelier to use.

It’s like adding depth to the art that the user does. 

Its fully developed layer system makes it to catch views.

The art of layering one’s art helps it precise for the users.

Masks can be created for non-disastrous editing. 

Layers can be combined into groups.

This feature is a marked one making the Procreate stand a step forward from the other applications in the market.

Users can also move from one layer to another layer simultaneously.

The blending of 25 layers can be done together, making an apt application to be used in the animations of social media.

 Tools Required for Usage of Procreate

  • Import vector Text to our palette
  • Add all our fonts to it
  • Size and resize our art according to our requirements.
  • Correctly draw strokes, thus omitting any difficulty. 
  • The feature called streaming smoothies our curves and traces this attracting the users in a significant way.

As far as animations are considered, they can be created in high-resolution graphics.

We can frame our animations very easily.

We can also export our animations in the desired format.

Smudging is an essential concept in painting.

We can blend our colors and smudge them like we do spray painting on the tool using Procreate.

 For instance, if we want to create a charcoal design, we can crush it like how we crush the real paper.

Its smudging bit consistency is 64 bit, which is inexplicable in the current industry. 

The other remarkable feature of Procreate is its color coordination.

We can easily customize a palette for ourselves, mix and match colors, merge colors, and send it to other artists.

How remarkable! 

We can also create our gallery or portfolio comprising our arts and other structured drawings.

We should also not forget that it can be shared with others like our friends and family.

So that they can see what they want to and when they want in a precise way.

 Advantages and Disadvantages of Procreate


  • Export paintings using HEVC animations
  • Transfer animations with no background or transparent background using the HEVC feature
  • New drag and drop option helps to cross our layer limits
  • GIF, PNG, and MP4 come with advanced features making it reliable and import if far better
  • High-resolution graphics, 16000/4000 on Apple iPads
  • Connect a keyboard to it and use it for short cuts 
  • It has undone and redoes options, not in single digits. To image us, they have incorporated 250nstyles of undo and redo options.
  • Import and export our art with Adobe photoshop if we aren’t satisfied with the export options available in Procreate.
  • Share a 32-second version of our animations to our circle.
  • Go through our creation as a video and go through our history with the time-lapse relay option available on Procreate
  • Drag and drop brushes, tools, color palettes, pencils, fonts, font style, etc. to different applications.

All these features and characteristics are proven to be the pros of Procreate application.

However, as the saying goes, every application has undoubtedly come from the user’s perspective.

Now let’s look at the disadvantages of Procreate. 


Firstly, it is priced.

Note that it is not given for free like applications ok the Mac Or iPad. 

Secondly, it is available for iPads and not on cell phones and other Apple desktops.

Moreover, it is not for beginners.

Only people with experience in Apple Arts can make use of it,.

Furthermore, beginners who have no knowledge or very little knowledge would find it difficult because of its advanced features.

Finally, it is not battery efficient.

It drains the device’s battery from the user’s point of view. 


It all depends on the needs of the user.

Extremely user-driven.

It depends on who is using and for what purpose they are using the application.

They have to decide efficiently looming at their requirements and the features offered by both the software. 

Both have been designed and developed by Apple.

So, there wouldn’t be any question about quality.

So it is purely up to the user to decide based on their requirements. 

You may Choose Vectornator if you:

  • Are a beginner looking out to what may suit what you do. 
  • Cost matters and you don’t want to invest in something without knowing about it. 
  • Would enjoy other keypad options and joystick options other than a touch screen.
  • Wish excellent tracing options incorporated in your artwork.
  • Want to make real-time artworks and satisfy your high-end clients.
  • Want to save time by using Apple devices as and when you get ideas and put them in a single artwork. 

And Procreate if you:

  • Aren’t an amateur and have ample experience in creating arts.
  • Would like to use Layer methodologies and make your artwork precise and meaningful.
  • Don’t mind spending on buying software for your artwork. 
  • Have different formats to import and export with. 
  • Would like to work only on Apple iPad. 
  • Are a regular updater of animations on social media. 

Final Thoughts

So, choosing better software depends on user requirements and knowledge.

You must have decided which software to us, by now, this having found the best one according to your needs.

Please feel free to tell me your suggestions and comments, to discuss more!

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