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10 Best Vine Brush Sets For Illustrator

Shopping around for a vine brush Illustrator set?

Well, you came to the right site, especially, if you are a serious artist.

We haven’t met an artist to date that doesn’t want to hone their craft.

They are always thriving to add more elements to their projects and perfect their designs.

Are you also on the lookout for unique elements?

Elements that can spice up your illustration projects and creative designs?

You’re going to need an exclusive Illustrator brush pack that can enhance your style.

Looking for the right vine brush Illustrator set to better your artwork is just the first step.

Be ready to be bombarded with choices while searching online.

This will surely be a painstaking task.

We have taken the onus on ourselves and rounded up the 10 Best vine brush Illustrator sets.

Now you can focus on enhancing your project and creativity.

No need to waste time aimlessly searching online.

Nature & Floral Illustrator Brushes 

vine brush illustrator

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You can’t go wrong with your floral designs by having this set in your folio.

Our very first pick is Nature & Floral Illustrator Brush set, which will help you explore all things natural.

This vine brush Illustrator set includes a variety of combinations that you can use to better your design.

Also, unleash your creativity with a massive variety of delicate and graceful floral wonders.

You can use these sets for personal use by bearing a nominal cost of 10$.

If you want to have access and use it for commercial purposes, then you have to add 2$.

This pocket change will get you access to a wide range of brushes.

You will receive delicate and straightforward brushes to large and leafy.

Is your imagination already running wild now?

Well, hold it there because this set has more to offer.

This pack subscribes to the statement that ‘God is in the details.’

Thus, all brushes have corners, beginnings, and ends and are perfectly seamless.

So, go ahead and take your imagination for a spin with this set.

This includes a total of 20 illustrator brushes.

You can now celebrate and personalize all special occasions.

Spruce up wedding invites, letters, postcards, birthday cards, and decorative art.

We can bet that you will now be the new favorite of your family.

Pros & Benefits

  • Brushes are perfectly seamless and react to the color of the stroke
  • Explore and create with this natural and floral set as an individual or as a company
  • Is also equipped with an extra 5 Support brushes
  • Includes matching vector elements as well

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Green Christmas Holiday Art Brushes 

vine brush illustrator

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The holiday season is always around the corner, and who doesn’t fancy a Christmas vibe?

We are already very excited to present to you our next pick.

Our very next pick is definitely not restricted to celebrating Christmas.

You can use them for any special occasion and as part of your creative design.

This vine brush Illustrator set can help you in creating the most amazing and unique designs EASILY.

The Green Christmas Holiday Art Brush set is the most versatile set.

It allows you to have maximum fun with minimum effort.

Starting at 12$ for personal use, you can now create the most dazzling designs of the season.

This set has 26 pre-made graphic alphabets for you to send a special note.

The set has all the alphabets designed in a unique style so that you don’t miss out on anyone.

If you do miss out on someone, then we are not to blame now.

Use these brushes for:

  • Holiday card designs
  • Seasonal promotions
  • Unique holiday artwork items for sale
  • Gift packaging designs

You can get inspired to create brochures from here: Pinterest Festive Brochures.

We won’t be surprised if you use this versatile set for some of your other creative projects as well.

You can also follow this YouTube channel: Creators Couture for various tips and tutorials.

The creator has taken care of the most tedious details so that you can simply have fun and create all season long.

Pros & Benefits

  • Comes along with a mega graphics bundle that boasts 645 assets
  • Product tutorial video here for beginners to jumpstart their designing
  • Buy a commercial license as well for professional use
  • Use these uniquely designed brushes to create numerous incredible holiday designs

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Flowers & Stems Illustrator Brushes 

vine brush illustrator

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Is summer around the corner, or do you feel like hitting the beach already?

Well, we have got the summer vibe home for you.

We have listed Flowers, and Stems Illustrator Brush set to get the summer vibe alive in you.

Artworks related to spring, summer, or floral designs can take advantage of this set.

We can already see a hundred different shirt designs popping in that creative head of yours.

If you want to stop reading and take your imagination for a ride,’ we won’t stop you.

How about we tell you that you can quickly get 200 unique illustration brushes?

(Wait till you hear the cost!)

You can get access to various kinds of flowers, vines, and plant elements for just around 20$.

Avail a commercial license as well by adding an extra 5$ and start earning some dough.

Send a beautifully designed letter expressing love to your special someone.

Better yet, express gratitude to your friends and relatives with the various brushes included.

You can also leverage this vine brush Illustrator set to create:

  • Posters
  • Wedding invites
  • Brochures for events
  • Leaflets

This set also includes matching vector elements to keep your creative fluids going.

Too many features to list in one single set!

So, stop looking out the window, admiring your neighbor’s garden.

Get started with creating some beautiful flowery designs.

Also, please don’t forget to mail us a customized postcard too.

Pros & Benefits

  •  Boasts of more than 200 perfectly seamless brushes
  • Symmetrical designing is made easy with the right, left, and double-ended versions
  • Brushes are crafted in such a way that they react to each stroke’s color
  • Plenty of floral elements to experiment with

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Botanical Design Elements 

vine brush illustrator

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Inspired by the in-depth and detailed study of Botany comes our next favorite set.

Please don’t doze off as this is not an academic set (don’t worry).

We are joking about the study bit.

But we are extremely serious about this beautiful set of botanical elements.

Our next pick is a set of custom-made botanical vector illustrations.

This vine brush Illustrator set will give you a considerable edge when it comes to design.

The creator of the set has designed this set to serve the creative community.

(What a way to give back, right?)

Thus, all the elements included in this pack are completely customizable.

This means you can easily add different colors.

Moreover, you can modify the appearance as per your requirement.

You can also resize various elements to suit your needs.

Effortlessly change the stroke width and make it thick or thin.

Look no further if you’re craving a set of minimal, elegant, and clean lines.

We can promise you this.

You will truly get inspired by these botanical illustrations.

Additionally, you will want to experiment and create more and more.

This set costs 18$ for personal use and 22$ for commercial use.

Each vector has a crisp and elegant style.

This pack is perfect for those in social media posts, logo design, branding, and print projects.

If you’re new to logo design, you can delve and read more about it here.

You can also use these tools to design other things, too, like postcards, invitations, patterns, etc.

No one will stop you.

With this set in your corner, you have a wide variety of green elements to play with.

This includes swirling vines, delicate branches, monstera leaves, and twigs.

Pros & Benefits

  • Equip yourself with 48 different botanical illustrations in this set
  • 100% editable in Adobe Illustrator (suit your needs)
  • Scale and change sizes as much as you want without worrying about the loss of quality
  • Endless creative possibility
  • Use them for various purposes and creative projects

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49 Hand Drawn Vines

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Are you a purist at heart?

Do you love to keep your art as real and as close to nature as possible?

Do you wish someone would create a set keeping you in mind and hand it over to you?

Well, it seems like you’re in luck as your quest for something real ends here.

These vines were handcrafted just for you.

All the floral embellished flourishes and vines included in this set are hand-drawn.

Basically, the creator did a lot of hard work and handwork (literally) to create this original set.

These drawings were then scanned and saved in a vector format to keep the uniqueness intact.

The hard work and intricacy can also be seen in each of these uniquely designed brushes.

This fantastic set boasts a lot of unique and natural hand-illustrated vines.

Are you already feeling inspired and excited about this set?

We are, too!

Start creating some fantastic and unique creative designs.

This particular vine brush Illustrator set will cost you 12$ to 15$ d – personal or commercial.

That’s quite a bargain if compared to the amount of time and energy going into creating this set.

We are not discounting other sets here but just highlighting the creator’s work.

You can use these vines and create a personalized set of:

  • Stationery
  • Wedding invitations
  • Flyers
  • Logos
  • Cards

Pros & Benefits

  • Total of 49 designs for you to create a perfect and personalized design
  • Adds a very distinctive look to your artwork as each element is handcrafted
  • Vector objects can easily be edited
  • You can modify color and size

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Whole Lotta Love Illustrations 

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Are you one of the romantic kind?

Sorry to ask personal questions.

But, as the name suggests, this set is for anyone who wants to add an extra layer of love to their art.

Using this illustration set doesn’t in any way suggest that you are soft or whimsical.

Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with that either.

We have chosen this set solely because of its unusual and distinctive designs.

This pick of ours stands at the lowest price at only 9$ and 11$ for personal and commercial use.

Are you feeling the love already?

This graphic set includes 22 unique flowers, 24 different vines, 21 branches, and 14 wreaths.

That’s a pretty impressive collection and a steal at this cost.

We promise you that your art won’t look cheesy at all.

But this set will only enhance and add color to your artwork.

This vine brush Illustrator set consists of a lot of refreshing green colors.

It will surely add a soothing effect to your creative project.

These illustrations are perfect for:

  • Greeting cards
  • Wedding invites
  • Photos
  • Bags
  • Posters
  • Wall art
  • Website banners

You can use your own imagination and apply this beautiful pack of greens anywhere you want.

It surely will be quite thoughtful of you to create a design now and send it across to your partner.

(Just saying.)

Hurry before these get sold out!

Pros & Benefits

  • On a minimum spend, you derive maximum benefit
  • Numerous combinations to play with and go wild with your imagination
  • Refreshing set of greens
  • A total of 81 individual elements are included in this set

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Wisteria Flowers Illustrations 

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We have shortlisted our next illustration set.

These flowers hail all the way from Japan (not literally).

The set includes a perfect blend of colors inspired by Japanese flowers.

This illustration set will surely add a unique texture to your already perfect artwork.

The reason why we shortlisted this illustration set is that it has a unique collection of yellow and purple illustrations.

These illustrations definitely stand out and have a distinct flair to it.

You will clearly be able to distinguish your style by using these illustrations.

Maybe we are exaggerating here.

But you can actually travel to Japan through these amazing designs without actually going there.

You can get your hands on these beautiful illustrations for just 12$ for personal use.

Add 3$ to that, and now you have access to a commercial license as well.

We don’t know if you’re into meditation or not.

But these zen-like flowers will definitely have a soothing effect on anyone.

Gift it to anyone.

They will thank you for providing them with a moment of calmness.

Don’t forget to give us credit when someone does thank you.

You can incorporate these designs on:

  • Postcards
  • Invites
  • Letters
  • Logos

Brew some Matcha Japanese Tea and create your designs using these beautiful illustrations.

Pros & Benefits

  • A unique set of colors and illustrations
  • Fantastic purple and yellow pieces of art have a calming effect
  • Inspired by Japanese flowers, this set definitely stands out

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Fall In Love Collection 

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We have shortlisted another illustration set in our list that resonates with love.

Don’t blame us for being romantic!

Also, don’t confuse between ‘Whole Lotta Love Illustrations’ and this set.

These illustrations have their own unique blend of autumn leaves, seeds, and nuts.

They are not only are they unique in style.

But these designs are also hand-drawn to keep the authenticity intact.

We have always fancied the color of leaves during the autumn season, haven’t you?

With this set, you can take a break from your regular green and add a warm layer of colors to your creative project.

You can also combine two different sets and match the two vibes together.

These hand-drawn illustrations will definitely add a lot of detail to any of your designs.

We don’t like to put a cost to love.

But this beautiful set ranges from 16$ to 20$ for individual and commercial use.

These illustrations are perfect for:

  • Postcards
  • Party invites
  • Branding
  • Box packaging
  • Gifts

We also don’t like to mix numbers with the emotion of ‘love.’

But you get access to 23 amazing sets of autumn illustrations.

Stop daydreaming about your ideal love and start creating your perfect piece of creative design.

Pros & Benefits

  • Hand-drawn illustrations that will add richness to your project
  • Take a break from green and add warm colors using this set
  • Exquisite and exclusive collection of autumn leaves, seeds, and nuts
  • Innumerable design combinations to explore and create

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Vine Backgrounds 

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Another refreshing find that goes into this list is the Vine Background Illustration set.

As the name suggests, this set is designed to be added as a background to any project.

They have done a little wordplay here, and this set actually includes wine grapes and leaves.

All these backgrounds are carefully crafted and hand-drawn.

You can use your imagination to curate some fantastic designs.

Use these backgrounds for a final touch.

This set will cost you 14$ for personal use.

You can get access to a commercial license as well by adding only 3$.

These beautiful illustrations are ideally suited as backgrounds for various designs like:

  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • Banners
  • Posters

All the files are vectors.

So you can get any size you want without worrying about the loss of quality.

You can also create wall art for your house or renovate a friend’s home.

This set is also suitable for large-sized projects.

The design element can be used for offices as well.

We won’t be surprised if we come across a few walls painted with these backgrounds.

Pros & Benefits

  • Perfect backgrounds for various designs
  • A vibrant set of illustrations that don’t overpower the whole frame
  • Resizing is smooth without any loss in quality
  • Looks fantastic as wall art in houses or office spaces

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Vector Floral Kit 

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Our last set of the list, but definitely not the least is the Vector Floral Kit.

This set has a wide variety and boasts 250 individual botanical elements.

That is a huge number and can beget many different designs.

Your creativity is needed, of course.

You will surely feel inspired by the numerous individual elements included in this set.

You can also combine various elements to put different illustrations together to create a personalized project.

We can bet on the fact that your creativity will reach the next level.

This is because you use various different combinations of illustrations in this set.

This vast set costs only 14$ for personal use and 17$ for commercial use.

This is a bargain as compared to the elements you are getting to play with.

Still not satisfied?

When you thought, things couldn’t get any better; we must tell you that each and every element is hand-drawn.

The creator really outdid themselves here (Again, no biases here as well).

Thus, each illustration has a unique and personalized touch.

You can easily resize, edit, or change the color of all the elements included.

Use this set to create designs for:

  • Clothes
  • Stationery
  • Patterns
  • Stickers
  • Invitations

Pros & Benefits

  • A handcrafted and unique set of illustrations
  • Completely customizable
  • You can play with all the individual elements included in this set
  • Innumerable combinations of illustrations at such a low price
  • A bonus of 4 wreaths is included in the package that is already pre-arranged

There’s a plethora of designs and illustrations available on the internet.

It all depends on what you want.

We proudly call ourselves illustrator nerds.

We have gone through an innumerable number of designs.

Thus, we have made a list of the perfect ten vine brush Illustrator sets that will complement your designs.

You can also mix these designs and add really cool icon sets from here.

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Runners-up: VINE VINE Seamless 24 Brushes

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Introducing VINE VINE Seamless 24 Brushes – a set of hand-drawn doodle brushes that are perfectly aligned for seamless use.

With 24 different brushes to choose from, your creativity will have no limits.

Customize your brush stroke color and stroke weight to fit your project’s needs.

This product includes an illustration in AI CC 2015 and EPS10 formats, complete with an expanded appearance and expanded stroke.

The allows for easy use of the brushes in your design software.

Plus, you’ll receive four example jpg files to get you started.

Upgrade your design game with VINE VINE Seamless 24 Brushes – the perfect tool for creating eye-catching designs.

Pros & Benefits

  • 24 different hand-drawn doodle brushes that are perfectly aligned for seamless use
  • Customizable brush stroke color and stroke weight to fit your project’s needs
  • Includes an illustration in AI CC 2015 and EPS10 formats with expanded appearance and stroke
  • for easy use of the brushes in your design software
  • Four example jpg files to get you started
  • Perfect tool for creating eye-catching designs

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Floral & Vine Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

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Introducing our Floral & Vine Brushes for Adobe Illustrator CS1+!

This huge pack includes hand-drawn floral vector flexible brushes in colorful and black pattern brushes, art brushes, and scatter brushes.

These vector brushes are perfect for both print and web projects, and each illustration was hand drawn before being digitized and made into these brushes.

You can easily adjust the size and shape of each brush, and the pattern brushes are seamless with handmade outer and inner corner tiles.

With this pack, you can create flexible borders, frames, branches, laurels, flowers, wreaths, or logos.

Simply draw a path of any shape or size and apply one of the brushes to get instant results that you can edit with ease (reshape and resize).

In this pack, you’ll get:

  • 24 ART Brushes (in 2 variants: colorful and black)
  • 28 Pattern Brushes (in 2 variants: colorful and black)
  • Seamless, size and shape adjustable, with outer and inner corner tiles
  • A bonus of 5 Scatter Brushes for Adobe Illustrator CS1+

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your designs with these beautiful and versatile brushes.

Pros & Benefits

  • Hand-drawn floral vector flexible brushes suitable for print and web projects.
  • Pattern Brushes are seamless with handmade outer and inner corner tiles, and size and shape are adjustable
  • Each illustration was hand drawn before being digitized and made into these brushes.
  • Easily create flexible borders, frames, branches, laurels, flowers, wreaths, or logos.
  • Instant results that you can edit with ease (reshape and resize).
  • Perfect for creating intricate and detailed designs.
  • Compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS1+

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Branch & Vine Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

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Transform your designs with the Branch & Vine Brushes for Adobe Illustrator.

This library includes 30 unique branch brushes to add an organic touch to your artwork.

Draw stunning branches with ease by using straight lines or gentle curves.

To get the best result, set your stroke to black at 1px thickness with no color fill.

Adjust the stroke weight to change the size of the brush.

Add depth and dimension to your designs with the Branch & Vine Brushes.

Pros & Benefits

  • Easy to use with straight lines or gentle curves
  • Adds an organic touch to your artwork
  • Works seamlessly with Adobe Illustrator
  • Allows you to adjust stroke weight to change brush size
  • Creates depth and dimension in your designs
  • Gives your artwork a natural and realistic look
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC systems
  • Saves you time by eliminating the need to create your own branches
  • Enhances the overall quality and aesthetic of your designs

Download Now!

Final Thoughts

We will stop here so that you can go ahead and start fulfilling your creative urge.

Buy and use these awesome illustration sets.

If you found this article on vine brush Illustrator interesting, the articles below will surely pick your interest too.

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