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10 Best Vintage Circus Fonts (Expert Picks)

Vintage circus fonts date back to the 19th century.

Let’s have a look at the 10 Vintage Circus Fonts we curated for you.

1. Dusty Circus

vintage circus fonts

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Dusty Circus is a five-layer screen font that allows infinite modification.

It provides typographic simplicity.

Note that it’s trouble-free to subtract or add a few copies to the layers to give it a 3D image effect.

Dusty Circus is a promotional font inspired by Victorian circus posters.

It is perfect to use if you want to give your banner design a Western feel while maintaining a modern aesthetic.

The font designer is Nathan Williams though the publisher is Baseline Fonts. 

Baseline Fonts was founded in 1999.

It is a University of Kansas-based typography association that creates fonts influenced by historical patterns.

A two-layer kit is also available for non-commercial use.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Exquisite
  • Modification is possible
  • Suitable for banners
  • Easy to read

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2. Western

vintage circus fonts

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Western fonts display the spirit of the “American West.” 

They’re often equipped with stunning serifs and lots of decorations.

This font displays well on T-shirts, plates, cups, garments, or books with special characters.

Given the excellent design, Western fonts are best employed in larger size like in titles and headlines.

Many “Western” (as the American frontier, and not Western civilization) fonts have this particular typographic element. 

The strong centerline characterizes this font.

The rifts of the epoch express the liberty with which it was created. 

It’s a sort of symbolism of old, adventure time.

This excellent dark tile series includes two styles- Regular and Spur, but sans and italics are also available. 

This product gives you six different designs to create your product logos or posters.

Von Type Co. created this font. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Attention-grabbing
  • Excellent for printed items
  • All-caps characters
  • Numerals & punctuation

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3. Crazy Circus Typeface

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Vozzy Vintage Fonts created Crazy Circus typeface in 2017.

Crazy Circus is a vintage-looking font that has strong characters.

Use this font to design any variety of labels if you want it to have an old-fashioned look.

Crazy Circus combines five different fonts that also have special effects.

In addition, you can mix textures and shadow effects.

Therefore, allowing you to create a more original and custom font.

The letters of the font have the original truncated edges, which gives it a distinctive look.

We can say that this font justifies its name with its design.

For best effect, not use it in normal-sized reading texts as it may be a bit difficult. 

Instead, use to create large format posters and banners.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Offers a variety of choices
  • Easy to use
  • Original design

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4. Jocker

vintage circus fonts

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The Jocker Vintage Serif Font Family is a well-researched version of Retro American and European bold Sans Serif .

This font is best for advertisements.

You can use this font to create greeting cards, logos, posters, title designs, or even to decorate a book.

This font suits handmade design themes well.

It is a beautiful, sophisticated and trendy font.

Since it’s a simple font, it allows you to embellish it as you wish.

Craft Supply Co. designed this sophisticated font in 2019.

It’s available in numbers and punctuations.

It provides multilingual support. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has numerals & punctuations (OpenType Standard)
  • Sophisticated design
  • Multilingual support
  • Modern design

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5. Circusia

vintage circus fonts

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The Circusia Display Font is an attractive, impressive vintage display font in circus style.

It’s an ordinary, simple yet, impressive font that will be a fantastic choice for your creative project. 

You can use this font to improve the design of logos and packaging, the book.

Through it, your invitation or greeting card will become original and eye-catching. 

It’s also recommended to use it in any design and project for the title area.

The Indonesian design studio Typotonia Co. created Circusia in 2020.

The company poured an enormous amount of work in creating this font.

You can use this font in any program that can read standard fonts. 

You can easily install it.

It offers multilingual support.

Most importantly, it works with Microsoft Word and Photoshop programs.

Use this versatile retro-style font to create your original design, especially if you want to make eye-catching statements.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Supports twelve languages
  • Casual and beautiful
  • Uppercase and Lowercase letters
  • Available for any software

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6. Hustlers Rough

vintage circus fonts

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Hustlers Rough is a classic character font from the Hustlers Rough Demo family.

Decade Type Foundry created this font in 2013.

The inspiration for its creation has been carnival, circus, and tattoo shop signs since the 1800s.

The font consists of 56 letters and has one standard design.

It works well for normal-sized texts but is also great for texting on large screens because it is easy to read.

It’s advisable to use it to create banners of vintage shops or brands.

This font is really for you if you want the text you write to have an old-fashioned and vintage look.

The font set includes its uppercase and lowercase letters, numbering, and a multilingual version.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Classic, sophisticated letters
  • Retro style
  • Multilingual
  • Has uppercase and lowercase letters

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7. Shelton Slab

vintage circus fonts

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Shelton Slab is a typeface with a faded and printed look.

It perfectly evokes a non-conformist attitude.

When you look at it, you might think that the letters are from different alphabets.

This feeling comes because of the wood-type texture and uneven widths of the letters.

Accordingly, words or sentences assembled in this font are given an eye-catching design.

All uppercase letters have a corresponding lowercase alternative.

The Shelton Slab has only one “regular” style. 

It has support for both high and low characters, as well as punctuation marks and numbering.

It consists of a total of 303 characters and supports only one language.

The idea of ​​mixed and faded-looking letters comes from a wood-type era.

Each letter was carved on a tree, and the alphabets were stored in drawers.

In this modern digital age, all processes are simplified.

We do not have to store alphabets in drawers or shelves.

Letterings are available now in digital version.

Despite the modern technologies developed, it’s pretty tough to create this effect.

A young graphic designer, Hannes von Döhren, created this font in 2015.

He created this font out of his fascination with letters.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Original design
  • Variety of characters
  • Suitable for projects with vintage vibe

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8. Cf Le Grand Cirque

vintage circus fonts

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The font CF Le Grand Cirque Personal Regular is perfect for branding projects, homeware designs and product packaging.

It is a trendy text overlay to any background image.

Steve Cloutier created CF Le Grand Cirque in 2019.

He works for the foundry called Cloutierfontes.

This font family is CF Le Grand Cirque Personal, and the subfamily is Regular.

It comes with one standard style.

It is made from large bold letters, which affects the viewer.

Therefore, making it easy to read.

You can use CF Le Grand Cirque font to make amusing designs for you. 

You’ll be able to use it to diversify book covers or perhaps shop banners.

It allows you to present the brand design of any brand in an exceedingly sophisticated way.

It’s also advisable to use it for captioning images as images.

This font comes in several weights: semi-bold, width – standard.

It offers support to two languages.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Supports two languages
  • Classic design
  • Readable letters

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9. Buffalo Circus

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This font comes with two names, Buffalo Circus and Buffalo Western fonts. 

Readers could easily see the  influence of wood-type fonts from the 19th century in their design.

All characters are vectorized, traced, and tested with expressive glyphs and attractive catchwords.

The font designer is Coert De Decker, who works for “Kustomtype.

It’s an independent foundry company in Belgium.

The font was created in 2013, although the corporation was founded in 2011.

The Buffalo Circus font contains 331 characters, including OpenType variants.

The font is free for private use only, but commercial use requires a license from the author.

The font has three styles: Regular, Posters, and Catchwords.

That makes it ideal for creating any fun design.

You’ll be able also to use the font to form interestingly designed covers or wrappers. 

You’ll also use it to jot down background texts on images.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free for personal use
  • Original
  • Offers an aged effect

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10. Elixir

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The font offers contextual alternative, which helps maintain the connection between the letters.

It has various ways to give you the characteristic individuality and joy of writing in this font.

Elixir fonts are characterized mainly by large, rounded, and easy-to-read characters. 

It should be noted, however, that it differs from other fonts in that it resembles handwriting.

With this in mind, this font is an ideal option for decorating invitations and greeting cards.

It will give them a homely and friendly touch.

You can also use it in the service area to display menus or offers in general.

Elixir was created by a Finland-based Elixir foundry called Fenotype.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A variety of choices
  • Sophisticated and modern design
  • Easily accessible

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All About Fonts

Fonts reveal several things to consumers about the brand.

Tradition, innovation, or high tech?

What characterizes your brand? 

All this can be quickly answered by the font used to express it.

That is why it is essential to choose the correct font.

If you want to give your brand a retro style, circus vintage fonts are ideal for you.

What is a Font and Why Is It Important?

Font is from the word schreiben, which means writing.

It refers to the graphic image of the outline of the letters, which is part of a unified stylistic and compositional system. 

Fonts consists mainly of letters of the alphabet, numbers, and punctuation. 

The font may also contain ideograms and symbols (e.g., mathematical or cartographic glyphs).

Take a glance at the experiences and associations typeface evokes. 

Fonts have different personalities that may create trust or mistrust.

They could give you confidence, make things seem easier to try and do, or make a product taste better. 

It’s crucial to perceive the science behind how fonts influence what you read.

Typography is not just choosing beautiful fonts.

It is a vital component of program design. 

Good typography will establish a solid visual hierarchy, provide a graphic balance to the website, and set the product’s overall tone.

A typeface choice in your documents or adverts can influence your readers’ perception of your product or writing. 

Believe it or not, studies also show that folks tend to like fonts that are aligned with their political ideology.

Tips for Using Differing Kinds of Letter Fonts

Note the Difference Between a Serif and A San Serif

If you wish to use letter fonts effectively, you need to know the difference between serif and sans-serif fonts.

Serifs are tiny extra “legs” that you see on letters or characters in specific fonts, like Times New Roman and Courier. 

However, some fonts lack these little feet on the font.

These are called face fonts.

While serif fonts are often a classic choice, sans-serif fonts have a modern, informal look that appears a small amount fresh. 

Note that Serif fonts are often a common choice for printing applications.

Note the Font Readability

Whether you’re engaged on a logo or trying to perfect your card, consider reading the font you’re visiting. 

Font types are very different from reading them, and a few are easier on the eyes than others.

Handwritten and italic fonts can add a way of elegance or creativity to your design.

However, reading them is often very difficult if you’re trying to work out a brand or message.

Also, note that sans-serif fonts are more readable than serif fonts, especially for long texts.

Be Able to Merge Fonts

When using fonts for graphic design, it can sometimes be a decent idea to use over one at a time. 

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to see what fonts keep pairs.

As a general rule, it’s vital to seek out fonts that complement one another somewhat. 

An intermittent font title can look great in contrast when used with a non-font subtitle, for instance. 

The sans-serif font and serif font also look great and complement one another well.

Another great rule of thumb is to stay no over two fonts for every design. 

Otherwise, your design may look cluttered and disorganized.

Layout Issues

It’s also crucial to grasp where to position the fonts within your design. 

Spacing and layout are of great importance when using letter fonts.

The main choices for aligning your text are mainly within the left, center, or right part of your design. 

Choosing the most effective alignment depends on several factors.

This includes the image or background of your text.

Make sure the font and image complement one another well. 

For example, don’t place your text on top of an essential element within the background image.

Another good way to urge your fonts to work is to own an actual spacing of letters. 

Leaving extra space between the letters of your text can have an infinite effect in certain situations. 

For instance, once you want the subtitle to be evenly distributed over the title font.

Final Thoughts 

The circus font came about because of the need to decorate circus posters.

This article is  informative for those thinking of creating a design for their new project. 

The article discusses the ten vintage circus fonts and offers a description of them.

Hopefully, they will help you better understand how and when you can use each font.

I prefer Elixir, it offers a variety of choices.

At the same time, I like that its fonts look like a natural handwriting. 

I think this gives it a notable advantage to be used successfully in the design of any project.

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