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vr 360 images in midjourney

360° VR WORLDS With Midjourney

360° Images in Midjourney

Learn how to create stunning VR 360 degrees images in Midjourney with these step-by-step instructions.

Here’s how you can create entire 360° images inside of Midjourney just like this.

vr 360 images in midjourney

With a few tricks and tips, you can turn your images into entire virtual worlds.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Visit Skybox BlackadeLabs

Step one, come to

This is a 360° VR generator.

Step 2: Generate a 360° Experience

You can simply put in a prompt and select your style and it will generate a 360° experience.

Here is an underwater world.

vr 360 images in midjourney

This is an alien planet

vr 360 images in midjourney

And you can see that it creates a seamless 360° panorama.

Step 3: Download the Image

And now what we can do with this is we can download it by clicking on the download button at the bottom right-hand corner.

vr 360 images in midjourney

Step 4: Open Discord Chat in Midjourney

Now the next step is to come into Midjourney and open up the Discord chat.

We’re going to use this image as an image prompt.

Step 5: Upload the Image and Copy Its Address

So we’re going to drag it and drop it into the message box.

vr 360 images in midjourney

Press enter.

As soon as it’s uploaded we can click on it.

Right-click on the image, and select copy image address.

vr 360 images in midjourney

And then we’re going to go into the message box.

Step 6: Use /imagine Command and Special Prompt

Type /imagine and paste the image link.

vr 360 images in midjourney

And after that, we’re going to use a special prompt.

We’re going to put in

“360 degree raw VR photo of a.”

And after this, you get to insert whatever you like but it works well if you’re elaborating or defining exactly what you’ve got in the original image prompt.

vr 360 images in midjourney

Step 7: Use Widest Possible Aspect Ratio

Then we’re going to make sure that we’re using the widest possible aspect ratio in the V4 algorithm of Midjourney which is 2:1.

And to put that in we have to type in –ar 2:1.

vr 360 images in midjourney

Now we are taking images from Sky Blockade into Midjourney because it allows us to use trained algorithms inside of Midjourney to get a specific aesthetic and make use of the more detailed and intricate images that Midjourney has the capability of producing.

Step 8: Upscale the Image

Once you’ve got your four images, select which one you’d like to upscale.

upscale image

Once this has been upscaled we can click on it.

Go to Open in Browser.

open in browser

Wait for it to load and go right-click save image.

save image

As once we’ve downloaded it we’re going to upscale this image so that we get the highest resolution possible.

It’s important when creating a 360° interactive environment that we use high-resolution images.

So we’re going to come to which gives you a number of free upscaling options.

You can come here and click on upload select our image and we will quadruple the size of it.

Once it’s processed you can click on download.

click on download

Step 9: Upload the Upscaled Image

And now we can come back to to upload our image.

Come to the bottom left-hand corner, click on the upload icon, and select your image.

upload your image

And now we can preview our 360° VR image.

360 degree vr image

You can see that’s looking pretty cool.

Examples of 360° Images

So I found this to work best with interior images but it is possible with landscapes too.

Here is a Wizard’s house that you can see.

360 degree wizard house

I particularly love the fire and the light as well as the details on the cobblestones on the floor.

Here is an interior house inspired by MC Escher.

interior inspired by MC Escher

It’s got some beautiful tiling.

This is a Wes Anderson-inspired cabin on a boat.

wes anderson inspired cabin

Final Thoughts

But there are a couple of caveats here.

Number one is these images aren’t tileable so it means that there is a seam as you can see here.

Here is the scene which is a little bit ugly.

And number two is that because the resolution of Midjourney at this scale is very low, it does lack some detail.

But I believe that Midjourney will reintroduce the tile feature as well as higher-resolution images in the weeks and months to come.

So, this method is only going to improve.

Thanks for watching.

Join me in the next video here and make sure to check out my courses on Midjourney in the description below.


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