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10 Best Watercolor Fonts (Expert Picks)

Looking for the best watercolor fonts?

Don’t worry, this article will help you find the best and the only top-rated fonts!

Each watercolor font was made with care and attention to details.

These fonts will complete the hand painted look of your text.

Furthermore, watercolor fonts are timeless looking.

What are you waiting for?

Get yours now from the Top 10 Best Watercolor Fonts!

1. Washington

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Doel Creative designed Washington Font, a well-regarded and well-stocked foundry of fonts.

This font is one of the most creative fonts ever created.

It’s so elegant and nicely done that is irresistible for people who like style and elegance.

It is also suitable for people who like to make good impressions wherever they leave their signatures.

You can use Washington font for signatures, album cover, quotes, logo designs, business cards, album covers, and many other design projects.

The font contains 515 glyphs, and ligatures, OpenType features.

Moreover, it contains uppercase, lowercase, and many other characters.

Washington is a stylish font made for a luxurious-looking signature.

It is a very prestigious, and confident font style.

Despite having an elegant look, the Washington font is great for various purposes.

It is a component of culture that reflects economic, and social substrates.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Elegant style
  • Perfect for signatures
  • Creative design

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2. Maltese

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The Paper Town, a french foundry, designed the hand-painted watercolor Maltese.

They also create unique fonts and pattern designs.

Maltese font is sea-inspired, giving you a relaxing sea feel when you look at it, at the same time, it can also be very elegant and sophisticated.

Because of its relaxing feel, this font is perfect for coffee shops and restaurants.

They will surely attract people who want to have their favorite coffee in the morning in a cozy yet elegant place.

This font comes in two different forms, SVG and Solid with two styles each, regular and italic.

All 4 fonts include a full set of glyphs with alternates, ligatures, numerals, uppercase, lowercase.

In addition, it includes special characters and accents.

Each character of Maltese is painted individually.

That’s why letters from different versions don’t look the same.

They all have a specific color and shape.

In general, Maltese has been painted with intensive care of all the details.

It’s fascinating how this font looks so simple, but yet so extraordinary and special.

The most important thing is, this font is authentic.

It looks so natural and the color contrast is divine and gorgeous, and the letters are smoothly painted.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Comes in two different forms
  • Perfect for Coffee Shops and Italian Restaurants
  • Each character has been painted individually

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3. Norffo

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Alit Design created the font Norffo.

The designer is talented Alit, who is also a freelance graphic designer.

This font is very fun and invention-able.

It attracts people’s attention very easily because it looks very creative and imposing.

It is suitable for any occasion that requires a creative invitation, restaurants that require a nice food menu, fun badges for employees, and wedding invitations.

The font contains two formats: OTF and TTF.

It has two characters, regular and italic, and in a small font size which still looks good and readable. 

Norffo is that font that you use when you want to make something really good and interesting.

It provides a better reputation and a better-looking title.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Handwriting font style 
  • Open type and True Type formats
  • Has an italic and regular character
  • Fun and innovative          

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4. Watercolor

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Ryn Pojas, a talented designer who makes handmade fonts, designed this Watercolor font.

It is a decorative and joyful font that gives that watercolor effect for any project.

This font is also readable and has such a realistic texture.

The watercolor font is perfect for making great videos, photographs, logos, and brands.

It is also very suitable for some company site titles because of its style.

The font is SVG type, so it’s an open type and you can type anything you want.

Also, it includes a textured font which is Opentype and a Regular Solid font.

Any theme can fit when using this font.

This will remind you of summer, butterflies, the sea, flowers, and many other beautiful things.

Lastly, the design of this font shows you how beautiful something can be.

It’s brilliant how the contrast of the colors this font has is so compatible and subtle.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Font is Opentype
  • Authentic style
  • Perfect for titles of articles
  • Has future updates

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5. Non-Watercolor

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The designer of the Non-Watercolor font is Junko Han Hero, who made this font free for personal use.

Non-watercolor font looks so creative and decorated, but yet so elegant and sophisticated.

Moreover, it’s a great choice for people who like simple but stylish fonts. 

It’s perfect for project titles, brand names, galleries, and many others.

It gets the attention of elegant and sophisticated people who like style.

Furthermore, it’s also very suitable for restaurants that want to attract prestigious people.

This font contains numerals, punctuations, upper case, lower case.

Also, it contains special characters and accents.

This font is available in different languages.

It gives you autumn vibes, so it can be very special for people who like cozy things and the cozy weather.

This font is different from others because it’s special enough to take your time and give it a chance.

If you want to make your project, brand, restaurant names fun and specific, this is the right font for you.

This font is peaceful, calm, joyful, and inspiring.     

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free for personal use
  • Can be used in different languages
  • Fun and creative
  • Contains special characters

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6. Chasing Embers

best watercolor fonts

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The Branded Quotes designed Chasing embers which is a brush font.

It is very stylish and decorative.

By just looking at it, new ideas will flow and creativity follows!

Chasing embers font is suitable for any kind of title like names and texts.

This font is most suited for Restaurants located in Paris because of its style.

It can be in an OpenType and TrueType format.

Not only that it contains some numerals and punctuation but letters can also be in uppercase and lowercase case.

It’s also free for personal use!

Chasing Embers font can be used with different colors and text effects.

A sympathetic design and brilliant contrast of colors is the first thing you see when you choose this font style.

If spring had a font style, it would be this one because this gives you the feeling of freshness and spring flowers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has the watercolor texture of its own
  • Perfect camouflage
  • Suitable for French Restaurant
  • With different colors and effects

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7. Surfing Capital

best watercolor fonts

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The Branded Quotes, very talented and well-regarded designers, also created the font Surfing Capital.

This font is very transparent and legible.

It looks simple but yet so imposing.

This font is beautifully decorated and each letter is nicely done.

The lively design of this Surfing capital font is the most important thing about it.

This font is perfect for project names, brand names, photography, and video titles.

It is fun and it fits every type of text you need.

It can also be very suitable for book covers or book titles.

This font is a brush category, contains numerals, punctuations, and many other characters.

It also can be in different colors and text sizes, uppercase, and lowercase.

Surfing capital is the best font if you want to make your work into a true piece of art.

In addition, it has different purposes.

It keeps the balance between formal text and fun and interesting text.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Brush category
  • Transparent and legible
  • Perfect for project names

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8. Rosetta

best watercolor fonts

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The foundry StereoType designed the font, Rosetta.

It’s a decorative and readable font with custom ligatures.

The letters on this font are made with care and have their own style because they were beautifully written.

It’s perfectly suitable for magazine covers and titles, project titles, blog posts, brand names, creative writings, logos, companies logos, and many other creative texts.

This font comes in one type, the TrueType.

It contains a set of alternate glyphs, contextual ligatures, and many other characters which provides you to create your own, different styles.

Rosetta font also has two files, classic Rosetta Black and Rosetta Color.

It is a type of font you use when you want to make something fun and reachable.

Lastly, it has irresistible characteristics and virtues because it’s colorful and full of surprises.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fun and colorful design
  • All future updates
  • Contains many characters
  • Perfect for magazines

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9. Nefelibata

best watercolor fonts

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My Creative Land designed and created Nefelibata, which has many other great designs.

People who like their fonts to be like the touch of clouds will surely like Nefelibata.

It is suitable for any kind of decorative and innovative things, and it is very interesting to read.

Nefelibata is a type of font that suits magical titles and texts.

It just has the magic for itself.

This font is perfect for book titles, contemporary design projects, brand names, magazine titles, and many other titles!

This font comes in two styles: Regular and Canvas.

They have nice clean edges and can be used in any size.

They also contain many characters, punctuations and support Cyrillic languages.

Two important classifications of this font are that it is a Calligraphy and a Handwritten type, which gives it more credit.

It writes with emotions that burn, the joys that sing, and tears you never cried.

Nefelibata was created and designed to make something that was already creative, even more creative!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Supports Cyrillic languages
  • Calligraphy and Handwritten type
  • Comes in two styles

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10. Fuller Brush

best watercolor fonts

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Nick Curtis, the founder of Nick’s Fonts, designed Fuller Brush.

This font is true art.

The decoration is simple and yet so elegant, and sophisticated.

In addition to that, it is easily readable, and clearly expressed, not overly ornate, and lightly drawn.

The font is perfectly suitable for any kind of title that needs creative ways to attract elegant, sophisticated, and intelligent people.

It is primarily used by galleries, libraries, Chinese restaurants, coffee shops, and a variety of other businesses.

This font comes in three different types: the OpenType, TrueType, and the PC Postscript type.

It contains Latin language characters and Central European languages.

Also, it has punctuations, numerals, and many other characters.

Fuller Brush font is the best way to make a perfect connection with people who like their fonts to be simple but beautiful.

It fits very nicely into designs that need a good title.

Moreover, it has awesome letters and the whole design is awesome by itself.

This font provides the feeling of safety, and tested quality.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Contains Latin language characters
  • Supports Central European languages
  • All future updates

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Final Thoughts

I have only one thing to say for all of them.

Gorgeous and very interesting!

I hope you enjoyed these 10 Best Watercolor Fonts.

If I  have to choose my favorite, that would be Nefelibata.

Nefelibata is a font that I would choose for many purposes.

One is it is stylish and has all the details to make titles and texts look better and more authentic.

But, remember that each of them has their story, their style, and their specific characters.

Colors are compatible and neutral, stimulating fonts are what most people look for when choosing the font for their purpose.

Besides all of that, these fonts are harmonious and intense.

Each expresses an idea, an emotion, or, more generally, a worldview.

Every font is authentic and designed with extreme care by designers.

It’s fascinating how creative they can be and how innovative ideas they can get, their work is amazing.

I hope this article on Best Watercolor Fonts helped you.

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