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web design is boring

My Honest Take on Why Web Design is BORING Me

Here’s a candid reckoning of why web design is boring me.

I’ve become so bored being a designer in its narrow sense.

It used to fascinate me and I was completely devoted to the cause of becoming the best designer I could.

But what happened?

Where did I lose the love and joy for design?

Web Design Leaves Me Unfulfilled

One problem that I realized with design was that it was not using all of my skills and all of my desires, all of my passions.

Although it did meet some of my needs and fulfilled the criteria to making money, it wasn’t giving me the deepest sense of meaning that I was looking for.

I am looking to express myself through other mediums, especially over the screen.

It Ties Me Down to My Computer Mercilessly

Another problem I had with web design was the amount of time tied to the computer.

Staring into that blank light box, sucking my soul away for hours on end is not an invigorating way to engage with the world.

Copycats Frustrate Me

Another reason I got frustrated with design, was people copying my designs.

They will facelessly steal them and resell them on marketplaces.

This is the most hideously upsetting- when somebody steals your work.

Web Design is Not Realizing My Potential

Another problem I found with my design, is that I don’t think I was actually, I know I’m not great.

I’m a good designer, but I was never going to be the best designer.

And it’s better that, for me, if I want to really excel, I’m going try some other pursuits, to find something where I can realize my potential with.

I got bored with design because if you’re just going to be a designer who is working for other people, there is a limit to how much you can make.

What you really have to start doing is moving up to be managing other designers, and to be strategizing, in a more theoretical way.

And this is the approach that I have taken.

And I’m now looking at building a business in design, in different ways with different revenue streams.

Competition is Driving Down Remuneration

Another reason I’m bored with design, is that there are thousands and thousands of designers, graduating in China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia and the Philippines.

And they are all exceptionally talented and willing to work very hard for much lower rates than people in the Western world.

And I want to give them that chance.

It is a much more competitive industry than it was ten years ago.

Final Thoughts

I am over being a designer and I have listed down why web design is boring me.

I hope that you have picked up a thing or two from my exposé.

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