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what causes creative blocks

What Causes Creative Block?

A creative block is an obstacle between you and your innate creative genius. But what causes creative block?

Creative blocks are caused by

  1. Limiting beliefs
  2. Environmental factors
  3. Selfish motivations

You can overcome each of these, simply and systematically.

Let’s identify these blocks and see what you can do about them.

1 – Limiting beliefs

A limiting belief is a subconscious idea sabotaging your ability to create.

This could be;

I’m not creative,

Everyone is better than me,

I can’t draw/sing/finish a single thing

There is nothing original to make any more

To identify your limiting beliefs,

1 – Sit in silence and think about starting your next creative project.

2 – Notice resistance in your system.

A tightness in your chest, and agitation in your legs. A voice in your head

Now focus on the voice.


What does it say?

Allow it to complete itself.

3 – write it down.

For me, it’s

‘I’m not good enough.”

4 – now, write down who first told you this and where you learned this idea.

5 – for me, it was Mrs. Curd, my first-grade school teacher, who said

‘You are different from the other children, and you are not allowed a pen; you must write with a pencil.’

6 – write down the opposing belief

I am enough

7 – recite this mantra daily, write it down and put I visibly somewhere you can see.

Recognize that acknowledging your beliefs and accepting they are thoughts is the key.

Once you see the ghost, it cannot be unseen.

2 –  Environment 

Your environment plays a key role.

Deep work by Cal Newport is a bible in creating the most effective expression space.

Assess your space,

What are the distractions you have?

How many tabs do you have open?

How many notifications do you allow on your phone?

Where are you?

Who are your friends?

Learn what are the factors that allow you to perform at you peak.

3 – Selfish motivations

You will burn out if you are creating because you want fame or money, and the universe will conspire against you.

The key is to create something for your intrinsic expression.

Follow your passion, curiosity, and impulse. Let them guide you in beauty.

Write down an affirmation that integrates clearly with your objectives.

‘It is the will of the universe that I create.’

Conclusion: The cause and effect of creative blocks

A creative block is a demon that can rear its head at any point.

But suppose you systematically create an environment, a motivation, and acknowledge your subconscious sabotaging you. In that case, you can let me know if the river of creativity flow through you like a sieve.


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