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what font is cursive in word

What Font Is Cursive in Word?

What font is cursive in Word?

We all want to know which ones are they because not many of us are blessed with an elegant cursive penmanship.

We rely on Microsoft Word to help us create beautiful cursive writing.

Microsoft Word is an excellent tool for producing various document styles, such as stories, letters, reports, and resumes.

The possibilities can be endless.

Word is essentially a blank canvas for your creations that can be personalized to suit you and your audience.

Microsoft Word allows you to customize every aspect of your document.

This is from layout to color schemes, images, and, maybe most importantly, font style.

Font style is a matter of personal preference.

It can change your document’s appearance depending on what form you want to display and what objective you are trying to achieve.

The most evident difference between fonts is the difference between cursive and non-cursive font.

Cursive fonts may also sometimes referred to as ‘Script’ fonts.

Many cursive fonts in Microsoft Word have ‘Script’ in the name, such as Brush Script MT and Edwardian Script ITC.

Cursive fonts are those fonts where the letters join together, quite often to give handwritten text.

These types of fonts may be smoother, rounder, and less structured in size and overall style.

Cursive fonts are into two sub-categories; calligraphic style and handwriting style.

A good example to review is the Lucida font, which has both versions and will be covered later in this article.

There are many choices of cursive fonts within Microsoft Word, each giving a different style that can completely transform your document’s view.

Let’s check out what font is cursive in word and how it can change your document’s style and presentation for the better.

So, What Font Is Cursive in Word?

Microsoft Word has approximately twenty cursive fonts available, depending upon Microsoft Word’s version that you are using.

Suppose you have already viewed the cursive fonts available on Microsoft Word, and you haven’t found one that suits your document’s needs. 

In that case, downloading, installing, and creating your font on Microsoft Word will be an easy task for you. 

This article from Solve Your Tech explains in more detailed websites you can visit and suggests downloadable new fonts and how to add them into Microsoft Word.

Or better yet, try downloading additional fonts may be the best move for you.

It will provide you with an opportunity for your text to stand out as you will be using fonts that are not commonly found across most Microsoft Word documents.

Below, I have outlined the top twelve cursive fonts available on most versions of Microsoft Word by default.

The list will also help you to get the desired effect with examples included of documents that the fonts would suit best.

1. Brush Script MT 

what font is cursive in word

Brush Script MT is a great cursive font with the effect of handwriting written with a thick ink fountain pen.

This font is ideal for producing documents on Microsoft Word that look like handwritten letters to give a personal feel to the text.

Brush Script MT would be an excellent font to use to give your letter a personal touch without having to handwrite it.

This typeface is bolder than some other cursive fonts, which is good to draw emphasis to some of your text and make the text more visible to your audience.

Brush Script MT is one of the cursive fonts that has a unique style and an exquisite presentation.

2. Edwardian Script ITC


It would work wonderfully on a document related to histories, such as a piece of history homework or a report on historical events for a school project.

Edwardian Script ITC mimics handwritten scripts from the Edwardian period of history, and there is a real sense of formality with the use of this font.

This font might be a little hard for your audience to read, so you might find that increasing this font size will help with reading it more easily.

It could also be useful as part of a signature piece on your document or a header of a newsletter.

All in all, Edwardian Script ITC is a great example font for school history projects and signatures.

3. Harlow Solid Italic

what font is cursive in word

Harlow Solid Italic is one of the most exciting cursive fonts available on Microsoft Word.

Useful in terms of the unusual presentation and the bold style that makes the text stand out so well.

If you’re looking to create a funky, unique piece of text with a font that makes your document stand out, then Harlow Solid Italic is the font for you. 

The rounded capital letters complement the bold, cursive lowercase letters to make a font like no other. 

It would work on an advertising leaflet or poster.

It also pairs well with a vibrant color scheme to grab potential viewers’ attention.

An excellent example of using Harlow Solid Italic would be a colorful title in a poster advertising a party with a 60’s theme.

4. Freestyle Script

what font is cursive in word

Freestyle Script is a wonderful cursive font.

It perfectly mimics handwriting due to the letters’ different sizes and positions that give it a ‘less than perfect’ look. 

Text written in Freestyle Script appears like endearing, handwritten letters. 

This cursive font is a quirkier alternative to some of the other cursive fonts that we have covered in this list. 

Unlike some of the more structured cursive fonts, Freestyle Script gives a more casual, relaxed impression.

This will work well on various documents aiming for a more informal look, such as posters for a casual event.

5. Gigi

what font is cursive in word

Gigi is one of the more unusual cursive fonts available on Microsoft Word as there is no other font that looks like this one. 

It might seem hard to read at first, but it has a charming quality to it.

Gigi font makes an eye-catching choice of cursive font that you can’t find in any other fonts.

The swirling letters and the connected font are reminiscent of a child’s handwriting.

It could be a great font choice when writing from the perspective of a younger person.

Impersonating a letter written by a child as part of a novel or as feedback from a young customer on a company website or newsletter is a great example.

6. Viner Hand ITC

what font is cursive in word

Viner Hand ITC, in a very similar way to Brush Script MT.

It gives the impression that it was written using an ink fountain pen but still manages to show a very different style than Brush Script MT.

The evident benefit of Viner Hand ITC is that it is a more legible style that is easier to read.

However, it still has an eye-catching style that is not commonly found and is sure to grab the audience’s attention to your document. 

Viner Hand ITC would be an excellent font choice for headings when creating a template such as an annual calendar.

It is an intriguing and eye-catching font that is sure to grab your audience’s attention.

7. Vivaldi

what font is cursive in word

Vivaldi is a highly unusual cursive font available for use on Microsoft Word. 

The stylistic capital letters set this font apart from the rest. 

This font is reminiscent of old-fashioned handwriting and could be used to duplicate a letter or document dated in the past.

Like some of the other fonts we have reviewed in this article, Vivaldi can be quite intricate to read in the first review.

On the other hand, this font is best reserved for limited use, such as headers in a newsletter or as a signature on a letter. 

The eccentric capital letters make this font a realistic signature style.

But it may be best presented in a larger size to make it easier for your audience to read it.

8. Kunstler Script 

what font is cursive in word

Kunstler Script is a very interesting choice of cursive font. 

This font is best in a larger size because it can be difficult to read.

It is also best suited as a title or header of a specific section of your document. 

The small, detailed, and blended letters used in Kunstler Script make it difficult to read but very fun to use.

This font creates the impression of antique documents.

It should be used with caution since it is so hard to read. 

However, there are many different scenarios where Kunstler Script is a perfect font choice. 

As an example, perhaps you want to create a document that is challenging to read.

Just like a teacher planning a treasure hunt with difficult-to-decipher clues. 

It is not an ideal font for long, written documents due to the complexity of the style. 

Still, it has many wonderful uses like the example given above.

Therefore, making it one of the most appealing cursive fonts available in Microsoft Word.

9. Segoe Script

Segoe Script is one of the easier-to-read cursive fonts available on Microsoft Word. 

With the style of simple, handwritten text that is easy to understand, Segoe Script is one of the most popular cursive on Word.

Segoe Script can be used to present clear headers. 

Perhaps you want to show comments from a customer as part of your business newsletter.

Furthermore, you want to give the appearance of a handwritten letter from a satisfied customer without compromising the text’s legibility.

Segoe Script is a perfect font for uses like this, and this is why it is so popular as a cursive font choice.

10. Blackadder ITC

Blackadder ITC is another excellent choice of cursive font that is available on Microsoft Word.

This cursive font is presented in a way that mimics handwriting that is cursive but imperfect.

Blackadder ITC is an excellent font choice if you want to present a document that looks like a handwritten letter.

You can use this font in a document written by a person who is going through some turmoil.

This can cause disarray in the penmanship due to the situation that they are in, which causes their handwriting to be imperfect.

11. Lucida Handwriting

A great cursive font to mention is Lucida Handwriting. 

For a handwriting style font that truly stands out, Lucida Handwriting is a hard font to beat.

This font has rounded, joined-up letters.

It appears much bigger than some of the other cursive fonts we have mentioned in this article. 

This makes it a very good choice of font when trying to give the impression of handwriting.

Just make sure that the reader can fully read and understand the text you have presented.

It is useful on several different document styles from letters, newsletters, posters, and even extracts of a story. 

Lucida Handwriting font gives a truly personal touch to the text.

12. Lucida Calligraphy

The last font to review is of the best cursive fonts available on Microsoft Word, Lucida Calligraphy. 

Cursive fonts have two subsections; Calligraphy and Handwriting.

Lucida font is an excellent example as there is both a handwriting version of the font and a calligraphy version. 

The calligraphy version of this font is an excellent choice to use when mimicking a letter written in a fountain pen.

Moreover, mimic a carefully written signature at the end of a letter.

Lucida Calligraphy is more structured than Lucida Handwriting. 

Still, it gives the impression of a handwritten font that would be a fantastic choice for various purposes in your document.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, there are various cursive fonts available on Microsoft Word, and hopefully, there is one that suits your individual needs.

For more information on the different cursive fonts available and how to choose the most suitable cursive font for your document, you can check out PCWorld.

It also includes some information about downloading new fonts that are not available by default on Microsoft Word.

If you can’t find a cursive font that suits your needs, why not try making your own or downloading additional cursive fonts?

You can find more information to help you develop your font by reviewing the different types of script typefaces on Wikipedia.

Some of the typefaces on the page you will recognize from the list above and from reviewing the different fonts available on Microsoft Word. 

Try visiting DaFont for more font ideas. 

This website has thousands of categorized fonts that you can preview and download for free.

Cursive fonts allow you to create documents that have more personalization, more emotion, and help improve your piece of work’s overall style. 

Hopefully, this article helped you see the potentials of what font is cursive in Word.

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