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what font is make america great again

What Font Is Make America Great Again?

What font is Make America Great Again?

This question has been googled so much by people who want to print the slogan made famous by past US presidents.

A simple sentence that had a crucial role in shaping the United States of America.

Stylized as “MAGA”, it was the campaign slogan of Donald J. Trump’s presidential run.

It became his and his followers’ motto after his triumphant win as a president.

The slogan itself is “apparently” rallying people’s hopes and dreams.

Let’s talk about the design and origins of the phrase.

In particular, we’ll dwell too on the setting, history, and how it propelled each president’s candidacy.

But first, let us answer the question of what fonts are used in this MAGA fabulous win.

It is a hybrid of two fonts, the ITC Century and Times New Roman.

“Make America Great Again!” extends farther than its promotional success.

Despite Trump’s insistence that he was the one that came up with the phrase.

Let’s have a look at the conception and design that it went through.

Older Uses and First Designs

The first use of the phrase in the political arena goes back to the 1980s.

Ronald Reagan was the first to use it in a presidential campaign.

Trump also achieved the success of Raegan.

Let’s Make America Great Again!” was first used in the 1980 Republican National Convention. 

The slogan was featured in promotional posters and pins with different designs.

These designs bore a striking similarity to Trump’s recent usage of the slogan.

With colors resembling the American flag, white letters, blue as its background, red as a frame. 

On the other hand, Trump’s promotional material uses a single color design.

The adoption given to the American flag is an interesting aspect of the campaign.

Reagan’s campaign team knew how important the phrase is in their campaign. 

A lesson Trump didn’t pay much attention to, nor know about, according to him.

“Make America Great Again!”, as a phrase, is yet again used years later by Bill Clinton in 1992.

However, his usage of the phrase was mainly integrated into his speeches and not as a brand

At the same time, it had no promotional intentions like Reagan and Trump had made out of it.

Regardless, Bill Clinton continued using the phrase throughout his campaign speeches.

And even his wife, Hillary Clinton, used it in her presidential campaign in 2008.

Rise To Popularity

Trump’s “ownership” of the slogan goes back to 2011 where he announced his presidency. 

The following year, the campaign embraced the phrase to the point of ownership.

Trump applied for a trademark that would allow him to use the phrase exclusively for his political actions.

In 2013, he began using the phrase publicly with his ever-growing community of supporters.

Being enamored by the simplicity and importance of such an idea, the trademark soon grew.

These encapsulated the merchandise materials used that bears the slogan.


It marked the birth of MAGA hats, which were rather unusual for a campaign.

The MAGA hats were criticized for their crude and unpolished appearances.

According to his detractors, it was boring having a one-color background and engravings.

However, Trump’s campaign propelled to tremendous popularity than anyone likely anticipated.

The simplicity, the designs, and the phrase struck a chord among his followers.

Riding this momentum, Trump became the 45th president of the United States of America.

His success in the presidency is currently up for debate, while his campaign is undeniable. 

Thanks in large part to his MAGA merchandise that promoted a stir in the whole of America.

MAGA Design – Hats

MAGA hats were arguably the most unexpected part of Trumps’ presidential campaign in 2016.

The hats were single-color, having a basic and crude design. 

With etching of the slogan, nearly like the logos of the campaign.

The font of the engravings, on the other hand, is unique, making it hard to counterfeit.

The hats typeface was debated on their originality in various forums online. 

Unlike the logo slogans font that was easier to recognize due to their print base.

It was machine embroidered that sported spurs and links that were only possible through this method.

Typefaces Used

Firstly, the font used is a solid hybrid of ITC Century and Times New Roman.

Furthermore, Both fonts sport was spurring edges.

Secondly, the ITC is much favorable as TNR is not that eligible to be a campaign font.

Thirdly, the combination can never be truly known unless the designer asserts what it is.

However, this is highly unlikely as such creation is a valuable asset for the firm.

Lastly, MAGA merchandises were one of the most successful materials in the market.

MAGA Designs – Logos

The logos, on the other hand, are much easier to deduce, even if the fonts were unique.

Trumps’ logos had a blue background with white letters and a red frame that resembles Reagans’ pins.

FF Meta Bold font was used for the names, and Akzidenz Grotesk Bold Extended for the MAGA. 

A blend of two unique typefaces, with an assertive atmosphere, not to mention the flag’s colors.

Another of Trumps’ logo consisted of a white background with vertical and horizontal blue and white edges.

The white amplifies the color a much fresher choice compared to the bland feeling of the blue background.

While the writing uses more tonic fonts, that achieves diversity and attraction.

The AMERICA in MAGA was written in Century Schoolbook, while the rest was Montserrat.

Importance of Typefaces in Promotional Material

One crucial aspect that is often overlooked is Typography.

Typography is the true maker or breaker of a design.

The one that impacts the person is conveying the message by merely looking at the slogan.

While their setting choices and color usage usually approve these designs.

This is rather expected as it is more of a “subconscious” impact.

In presidential campaigns, candidates should not just invoke friendliness but assert their presence.

A simple logo must impact people, especially the undecided.


Whatever the candidates and their designers go for, they MUST make sure that it will stand out.

A mere logo must embody the silent presence of the candidate.

Earlier campaigns, more notable in the Reagan example, paid attention to typography.

The campaign used simple color and design -a serious logo for a strong candidate.

However, rapid changes have happened in the mentality of the world, and campaigns change too.

With the usage of different colors, fancier and unique fonts.

Logos evolve beyond conveying the message, they should also attract attention.

An informative presentation in a rather shorter span of display, as mentality becomes more erratic.

Designers had to find a solution, and this gave way to a different promotional material.

With his casual typography, Trump found the solution in the creation of MAGA hats, shirts, and cups.

MAGA Typefaces

Despite his success in revolutionizing promotional materials.

Trump’s choice in typography was somewhat reminiscent of the older times.

The MAGA looks something from the 1980s, with solid fonts unfit for the current era.

Indeed, the layout resulted in a good way that appealed to people, but it was still criticized.

His most colorful and unique design consisted of a spur-heavy typeface. 

Trump knew how to get his name and materials to people, using marketing tricks and fresh ideas.

The old typeface overcame its outdated style and became the essential piece to win the 2016 presidency.

Nearly all fonts in the campaign are aspects that will benefit any other merchandise.

WE don’t know when the next MAGA is, but its fonts are available on several sites.

Listed below are some fantastic fonts and sites where to get them!

The Vast Ocean of Typography

The first thing to know about these typefaces is that these are paid font styles.

They are not your average Arial or TNR that you can find in your Office Apps.

Fonts comprise one of the largest writing markets out there.

There are hundreds of thousands of typefaces available with unique typography.

Whatever your intentions are, you will certainly find what you’re looking for.

  • A fan of spurs?
  • Want to look serious about your brand?
  • You’re laid back and relaxed and want your customers to know you as such?
  • Or do you want to try something crazy and irreplicable?

You will just have to pay for their license, and they are yours.

Some Examples of Font Shops

As mentioned earlier, the choice in typeface carries your reputation as your brand.

Here are some choices where you may buy the typeface you see fit.

  • Simple white setting
  • Easy-to-manage interface
  • List of typography families
  • Dollar-based payment

  • Appealing yellow/black interface
  • Larger fonts
  • Excellent choices for font testing
  • Payment in both dollar and euro 

  • Solid interface
  • Liberal use and showcases of font images
  • Lack of easy type-testing for fonts
  • Payment in euro

What Font Is Make America Great Again?Analyzing the Typography of MAGA

Now that we have established the websites where the typefaces used in MAGA are sold.

It is time to analyze the details, nature, and history of each typeface used.  

The purpose of each font in any presidential campaign is always a debatable topic.

However, the uniqueness and quality of its typography make them a viable option to trust your brand. 

The Typefaces

FF Meta:

One of the casual fonts.

This one is notorious for its capital letters without spurs.

Founded by a German designer in 1991.

It is a great font that is particularly good in journalism. 

FF Meta and its Bold are available in all of the font shops we listed.

Akzidenz Grotesk:

One of the oldest typefaces.

A truly classic look.

Released in 1896, it is, as expected from such an old font.

It is purely formal and primitive with its own charm.

This font is available for formal purchase at

Further information about it is available from Wikipedia.

Century Schoolbook/ ITC Century

Century family is one of the largest, oldest, and most reputable font families.

It is possibly one of the first ones to use spurs that added variety to the typefaces.

With its origins extending back to 1894.

With both ITC and Schoolbook variants being part of it.

Further information about the Century is available from Wikipedia.

While Schoolbook and ITC Century variants are available through the font shops listed above.


While its use in a MAGA logo is still partly unclear.

Montserrat is one of the few freely accessible font types that are worthy of such unique uses.

The different spelling of various letters makes this Google font highly unique.

Even though its recency raises some questions about an old-timer like Trump accepting it.

Montserrat is one of the free Google fonts and is available through Google and

Final Thoughts

The typography in any promotional material is a crucial aspect for success.

Knowing what font is Make America Great again helped designers of several presidents replicate its winning formula.

From Reagan to Trump, it’s not just a coincidence for a slogan to become this successful.

While there are many deterrents in a candidate’s way to the presidency.

It can be said that even the typography associated with the candidate is one of the obstacles.

Attracting and sustaining the attention of people is harder now as compared to the past. 

If one is to succeed in doing this through written communication, one must employ proper typography.

A “correct” font is the key to attract people’s minds.

It is up to you to find out which font it is.

Found the font that could land you the presidency?

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