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wide sans serif fonts

10 Best Wide Sans Serif Fonts (Expert Picks)

Content using wide sans serif fonts ensures legibility and a modern look.

Unlike the Times New Roman font, it doesn’t have “wings” at the end of each letter.

The wide sans serif fonts will give an updated modern vibe to your content.

Luckily, you can find this font on several websites, free or for sale.

The focus is on paid fonts for this article, with a couple of free ones thrown in.

Two of the go-to sites for fonts are Creative Market and Etsy, where most of the fonts on this list are found.

1. All Modern Hand

wide sans serif fonts

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Kestrel Montes created and designed this font for the Etsy store called InkMeThis.

It’s a great font for various projects such as invitations, marketing, print, or websites.

It’s even great for logos due to its balanced lines and simple font proportions. 

You can purchase this font on Etsy for a mere $12.30.

Thus, this gives you access to a downloadable link.

The download link provides you with:

  • An installable digital font file
  • A web version
  • Regular and italic versions
  • Many multilingual characters

What’s more, the download link doesn’t expire!

You always have access to the font.

The license that comes with this font allows you to use it for any number of personal projects.

Besides, you can use it for commercial products with limitations that are stated in the license. 

The font is a handwritten wide sans serif made to look casual yet professional.

All modern is one of the more popular wide sans serif fonts and has over 5,000 positive reviews on Etsy. 

It even has some fun-looking extra characters that will make your design unique and personalized. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • All Modern is a versatile font that works with different projects, and you can use the extra characters to personalize your design. 
  • It’s not too expensive and provides you with several versions to work with, giving you a wide range of uses. 
  • It has many positive reviews, so you are sure you have a great product to work with. 

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2. Paperly Font

wide sans serif fonts

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Paperly is another beautiful wide sans serif font found on Etsy. 

Rachel Kick from the Etsy store MiniPress made by this wonderful font.

Paperly Font has a simple hand-drawn design, simple but doesn’t mean boring.

In fact, it adds charm to any project, including logos, websites, social media, business cards, and many more!

For the price of $12.30, you will get an instant download for personal and commercial use. 

Paperly is a lighthearted font but gives you a fun yet a professional look.

Furthermore, you can use Paperly in a logo or for website design. 

It looks great combined with a script font and on websites or even on print.

For instance, it’s readable, clear, and boasts only 5-star reviews on the Etsy seller’s site. 

Of course, customers say it’s a “charming font” and that it’s “easy to use.” 

With only positive reviews, it’s no wonder that it made it to the top 10 best wide sans serif fonts. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • This typeface is versatile and can be used online or in print, so you have unlimited projects to choose from. 
  • Get quick and easy access to the downloadable files to start your design right away. 
  • Paperly is available for personal and commercial use, which means you can use it on projects that will be sold or distributed.

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3. Wilk – A Classy Sans Serif Font

wide sans serif fonts

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The next font on the list is a bold one called Wilk. 

Wilk is from the Etsy store KAFontDesigns, where all the designs are by a seller named Kaitlynn. 

It’s described as a classy font that anyone can use for many projects.

In fact, some of the projects it’s suitable for and works well with include:

  • Greeting Cards
  • Branding
  • Invitations
  • Magazines
  • Business Cards and more

The Sans Serif font can be paired with a script font or used on its own.

It’s yet another digital download with instant access and is only $7.17. 

You can use it under a personal license with unlimited projects and/or a commercial license.

Furthermore, the commercial license gives you unlimited sales, and you can use it without giving credit to the designer or store.

However, you can’t sell the font as your own.

It also doesn’t include accent characters in the file.

Despite this, it has over twenty 5-star reviews, all from satisfied customers. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • The font is not only for personal use but for commercial use as well. 
  • The price is slightly less than the previous fonts listed, just in case there is a budget to consider. 
  • Wilk is great for many projects ranging from wedding invitations to business cards, all for a low cost, versatility, and adaptability always enhance a font. 

Download Now!” ]

4. Little Louie

wide sans serif fonts

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Little Louie is a playful yet legible hand lettering sans serif font. 

It is found on the Etsy store DixieTypeCo.

It’s run by and designed by a seller called Sheridan for only $5.54. 

The seller describes it as a whimsical yet trendy font. 

You can use this wide sans serif for creative and playful projects and designs. 

Not only that, but you can use it for crafts, parties, parties, nursery decor, or even for invitations and fun business cards. 

Of course, those who purchased it describe it as a “perfect font.” 

Furthermore, they say that it is of “great quality,” hence the 5-star reviews.

It is an OpenType font file which means that the software being used must be compatible with OpenType files or fonts. 

Moreover, it includes upper and lowercase glyphs and punctuation with the download.

Indeed, it is handy when some other fonts only come in uppercase glyphs. 

The license for Little Louis is for personal use. 

Nevertheless, it also comes with limited commercial use.

It means if you use it commercially, you can use it up to 500 times.

With this many perks, it’s an excellent option for this list.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • It’s a playful font that you can use in a fun and imaginative way.
  • It has a Limited Standard Commercial License and the personal use license giving you more options for its use. 
  • With so many raving reviews, it’s guaranteed to be a quality font for your design or project.

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5. Carla Sans Elegant Typeface

wide sans serif fonts

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Carla Sans Elegant Typeface is a modern font that you can get on Creative Market. 

It’s sold by a studio called Creative Corner.

The price starts at $29 and goes up from there, depending on the license you want to purchase.

It’s described as a Minimalist font.

Moreover, the creator designed Carla Sans typeface with beautiful ligatures and alternative glyphs. 

Ligatures are custom-connected letters mainly used in a script font.

The ligatures give it a slight script look, making the font versatile for any design or project. 

Thus, Carla Sans looks great in large and small sizes.

This adds to the many ways one can use it.

In particular, some projects to use Carla Sans for are product packaging, branding, magazine headers, and more. 

It includes multilingual support.

Indeed, you can use it for different languages, which are great for many audiences and multiple language speakers.

Carla Sans has many uses and styles, which give it a spot on this list. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • It’s a modern font that will give any project you create an elegant and fancy look.
  • It has a unique design that’s sure to make your brand or logo stand out. 
  • It comes in multiple languages, so you are not limited in its language use.

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6. Larosa Sans

wide sans serif fonts

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This next font is another wide sans serif from Creative Market. 

It’s called Delarosa from the NEWFLIX.Bro studio.

It starts with $29 and goes up based on the license type you want to buy.

Likewise, it’s a modern sans serif font that has different stylistic alternates you can choose from.

It’s an elegant font that looks clean, minimalistic, and comes in all caps. 

Larosa is an excellent choice for logos, packaging, posters, and many other projects. 

Indeed, it’s a fun yet professional font you are free to be creative with. 

It does support multiple languages and has accented characters available for use. 

Certainly, this feature adds to its versatility. 

Larosa is a well-designed font that you can personally or professionally use.

Like its predecessors from this list, Larosa is a lively font sure to fit your needs.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • It’s a versatile font with alternate styles to choose from, so you don’t need to stick with just one font option. 
  • It provides multilingual support for use in multiple languages. 
  • Furthermore, it gives your projects a beautiful and clean look no matter what you are working on.

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7. Chloe – A Classic Typeface

wide sans serif fonts

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Chloe is a classic typeface on Creative Market, which was designed by and sold by Josh O.

The price starts at $17 and goes up from there.

Unsurprisingly, based on the type of license you intend to use or need it.

This font has contrasting lines and curved terminals to give it a slight vintage look. 

In particular, the vintage yet classic feel makes your projects sleek, elegant, and bold.

This is great for anything such as holiday cards, invitations, advertisements, logos, and more. 

Indeed, Chloe is versatile, like many others on this list.

Moreover, it comes in upper and lowercase letters. 

Aside from its flexibility, it has great multilingual support. 

You can use this font with French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, and others. 

Your project or design will be classic and unique, with Chloe as its font. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • It supports various languages allowing it to be used for multiple audiences. 
  • It’s more affordable than the other Creative Market fonts on this list to save money or fit any budget.
  • It’s a unique font with a classic feel, and your project will stand out.

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8. Clio – Clean Display Sans

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The last Creative Market design we have is a font called Clio.

The Harmonais Visual studio designed and sold this awesome font.

Clio font is a display sans serif font created to give a subtle elegance to anything it’s used for. 

This font works well, particularly with all kinds of lifestyle designs. 

However, it’s just as suited for logos, magazines, and anything professional. 

The price starts at $15 with 6 free logo templates to use or inspire you.

Clio supports all European languages and features standard ligatures. 

As mentioned earlier in this list, standard ligatures are custom-connected letters in a script font.

Because it has ligatures, the font is best opened by or used with any software that’s compatible with OpenType fonts.  

Clio is a simple and clean design that makes any project look professional and eye-catching. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Clio is affordable in price and comes with free logo templates to work with. 
  • It has multilingual support for all the European languages adding to how you can adapt the font. 
  • Its simple design makes it easy to incorporate into your project or any design. 

Download Now!

9. Maghony

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Maghony is a modern sans serif font on a website called  

This font has a luxurious feel and is designed to be an authentic sans font. 

It’s designed and sold by a studio called Sronstudio. 

Maghony is suited for branding, product packaging, stationery, advertisement, and labels. 

However, its use is not limited.

Other uses for this font are for watermarking projects or social media use. 

This simple and elegant design is available for free as a demo version on the Befonts website.  

The license is free to download and only comes for personal use.

However, if you want to use it commercially, it’s possible to pay for the commercial license directly on the designer’s website. 

This font has both uppercase and lowercase letters, which means you can use it in text and are not restricted to headlines or titles. 

Not only that, but it also has multilingual numerals and symbols to use at your disposal. 

Even as a demo version, you have access to several features making the free download worth it.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • It’s free, so you can try it out before purchasing anything, a great option to have. 
  • The free demo download has a personal use license, so you’re still able to use it for personal projects without buying the full version. 
  • It’s a versatile font usable on a vast number of projects, from headlines to stationary. 

Download Now!

10. Montrelo

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Finally, there is Montrelo, which Creatype Studio designs it.

Released in July 2020, this is a new and modern typeface to make your design look and feel trendy.

The font works well in large sizes or small sizes, helping you adapt it to your design. 

You can use it for many things like special events, stationary, product design, labels to logos, and business cards.

Montrelo is available for free from the Befont site, but the version is in demo form like the previous font.

Despite the fact it’s a demo, the license it comes with allows you to use Montrelo for personal use.

Just as before, if you wish to use it commercially or want more features, you must pay for it.

The full version is available to buy directly on the designer’s website, creatypestudio. co.

Of course, the installation of this font is simple. 

Plus, it supports multiple languages ranging from Swedish and Polish to English and Afrikaans, and many more!

If you want a modern yet stylish font that at the same time looks elegant, then Montrelo is the font for you. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • It has multilingual support consisting of widely diverse languages.
  • It’s free for personal use projects and ranks with the paid fonts in versatility and professionalism. 
  • It’s legible and readable in small or large sizes. Hence it’s easy to incorporate with the needs of any project or design. 

Download Now!

Final Thoughts

Having a variety of fonts available to you on the internet makes designing and creating your projects daunting. 

If wide sans serif fonts are the style you’re going for, then there are many paid or even free options listed here for you to choose from. 

The sites where you can begin looking for fonts are Etsy and Creative market.

From there, you will find other sites, including many of the designers’ websites. 

Whatever your personal preference is, variously beautiful, elegant, and modern styles are available to use.

Undoubtedly one or more of the wide sans serif fonts on this list is a good fit for your project!

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