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8 Best Workbook Design Template Options

8 Best Workbook Design Template Options

Make learning count create activities using a workbook design template.

Give something eye-catching and impressive to your students, employees or readers.

Check out our top workbook templates

Workbook Design Templates

A lot of passionate writers, crafters, students, and bloggers use creative workbook design templates.

They use them as one of the marketing strategies which also increases the value of their online work.

Nowadays, graphics and visualization have become an essential part of pretty much everything that has an online presence.

Now you not only need to craft your content.

But you also need to have a creative and professional workbook design template.

An excellent workbook design template offers you more than just gushing pages of text.

Moreover, it’s not only where you can manage and sort your content with proper section-wise classification.

A workbook is not like a usual ebook.

This is because it offers a ton of space to users as well, where they can take notes or perform exercises.

Let’s take a look at the best workbook design template options that you should consider for your content.

1. MIO – Canva eBook and Workbook Design Template

workbook design template

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Are you a content creator, blogger, course creator, digital marketer, or anyone who’s putting effort into creating a digital presence?

Then undoubtedly, you’re looking for a workbook.

MIO – Canva eBook and Workbook Design Template is one of the best options for such a purpose.

That’s because it allows you to use this workbook as a lead magnet.

This template includes both worksheets as well as pages for the content.

It makes it a perfect workbook/ebook hybrid template.

This template is fully customizable.

You can also add fonts, images, colors, and content that match the needs of your brand .

For the aesthetics, simply drag and drop Canva editable tools.

You can use MIO – Canva eBook and Workbook Design Template to promote your online work like blogs and e-courses.

Use it as a lead magnet to generate traffic.

Get 32 pages in total with this template at only $40.

This further divides into multiple sections, such as three pages for the introduction chapter, two pages for the gallery, and more.

According to the reviews of clients, the template appearance is sleek and clean.

Thi will work perfectly for your blog.

The developer is always available to answer your queries.

The template looks very decent by its default look.

But if you want to convert the appearance as per your brand’s unique needs, then you can always do it within a matter of a few minutes.

The capabilities and usability of MIO – Canva eBook and Workbook Design Template are numerous.

You can use it to generate a handsome amount of passive income.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Get a free installation offer for seven days after you purchase the template.
  • Very responsive and supportive developer who’s always available to provide guidelines
  • Multiple purpose use and a perfect hybrid template

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2. Canva Workbook Template for Courses

workbook design template

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Searching for a template that’s easy to edit and customize according to your need?

Then a $35 Canva workbook design template for courses is the best option for you.

The rudimentary structure of this workbook is predesigned for you.

Canva Workbook Template offers several options such as:

  • Three cover pages
  • Four checklists
  • Ten courses intro 
  • More than 70 pages included

You can choose desired elements from a vast array of provided options like fonts, colors, charts, to upgrade the content of your e-course.

You get a free video tutorial and comprehensive design guide with this product,.

They will help you to use the free online Canva editable tool yourself.

With that said, you don’t need to hire any designer and wait for someone else’s services.

This will not only keep you from frustration, but it also helps you to save money and time.

This means that you don’t need to create your workbook design template from scratch.

Whenever you want to make changes in your work, you can do it yourself.

Canva Workbook Template empowers:

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Countless content creators

This is because they can organize their content according to their needs by themselves.

The 70+ Pages Canva Workbook Template for courses helps you to apply section-wise classification to your content.

Moreover, it also increases the value of your course.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easily customizable to match your unique requirements
  • Helps you to save money and time
  • Use it for multiple purposes such as seminar workbook, coaching program workbook, webinar workbook etc.

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3. Workbook Toolkit Design Template by Authority

workbook design template

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The Workbook Toolkit Design Template is best for creating workbooks for your brand.

It helps you to upgrade the quality and design of your content in no time.

This workbook offers:

  • Up to ten fully editable files of photoshop
  • A blank page template
  • One content page template
  • One page for multiple form fields
  • More

You can get this excellent workbook for just $35 with a free video tutorial guide.

They will help you learn to fully customize the Workbook Toolkit Design Template.

After watching the video tutorial, you can easily personalize this workbook template.

You can now meet the needs of your particular brand within a matter of a few minutes.

Creating an excellent digital presence by showcasing your work can be daunting.

But the Workbook Toolkit’s the real remedy.

It provides the most straightforward “drag and drop” options to enhance readability and value.

There’re multiple photoshop files such as quote page and blank page templates

The templates offer everything you can dream of to grow your business and online presence.

Are you a small business owner, or a content creator?

Then the Workbook Toolkit Design Template is the best way to upgrade and add quality to your work.

You can add colors and fonts that complement the theme of your brand to craft a premium package,.

Still, the default theme looks incredible as it is, as well.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fully customizable in a matter of minutes
  • Complements the theme of your brand and business
  • Builds the online presence of your business faster
  • Adds value and quality for your customers’ satisfaction

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4. Happy Chic Workbook Canva or Adobe Design Template

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If you’re heavily connected to the digital world, then you undoubtedly need passive earning.

You’ve to spend a lot of time to create a workshop or e-course for your business.

There’s no good in putting this amount of effort into your work if you can’t engage your customers or students.

What can help you to get the most out of your work, the information, and the knowledge that you’re sharing ?

Happy Chic Workbook Design Template is the definite answer.

You will be able to customize this template to make it more consistent with your theme.

However, you can also use the Happy Chic template as it’s by just adding content and images.

It offers ten beautiful pages with minimalistic design.

It has pops of subtle bright colors that help you craft countless combinations of the workbook for your online course.

There’re numerous yet easily editable options in the workbook template.

You can create an excellent design to upgrade your e-course or workshop content.

This is perfect solution that enables your customers and students to learn what you teach the best possible way.

It ensures that your subscribers are coming back for more.

You can also use the Happy Chic template to create your own workbooks and e-books.

You can become over the moon to the e-course marketplace.

If you’re someone who’s looking for such a template, then Happy Chic Workbook design template is just a few clicks away.

You can get this fantastic product at only $25.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Use Happy Chic Workbook design template for unlimited times with extended license
  • Endless flexibility with fully editable and customizable options
  • High tendency to engage subscribers consistently

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5. Planner & Workbook Canva Bundle Design Template

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This is one of the most efficient and fantastic workbook design templates!

That’s because it can serve you for multiple purposes.

Have you created the content explaining your ideas and knowledge,?

then use 5 Planner & Workbook to upgrade the value and quality of your content.

Your upgraded content will help you share your ideas and knowledge with customers.

It also helps your business to grow most efficiently.

You get five distinctive planner designs with this superb template.

It offers more than 100 pages and flexibility to edit content options that are built in the Canva tool.

You must consider buying 5 Planner & Workbook Canva Bundles if you’re in search of a :

  • Yoga planner
  • Recipe planner
  • Workout planner
  • Diet planner
  • Monthly planner

Since it offers multiple options, the price of this Workbook Design Template is a bit high.

You can grab your copy at $59 for personal use.

Turn your potential customers into your regular ones with this beautiful and creatively designed workbook.

You you can customize it according to your unique requirements.

5 Planner and Workbook Template allows you to edit and customize the design to perfectly match your brand’s theme and idea.

This template provides a vast array of customizable options, such as character style, fonts, and colors.

All these make this workbook budget-friendly, affordable, and an alternative to a creative designer.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Five in one growth-based planner in a single bundle
  • Free Lead Magnet included in the template
  • Editable colors, images, and fonts

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6. Ladypreneur Workbook Canva or Adobe Design Template

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Workbook template designs are one of the best things in the e-product marketplace.

This is because they give your product a professional and upgraded appearance.

Are you a “ladypreneur,” lady boss, “mompreneur,” or any type of working woman?

You must be looking for a unique and efficient way to deliver a message to your customers.

Do you you need to reach out to people to spread awareness regarding your mission or vision?

You definitely need a workbook that complements your business.

Ladypreneur Workbook Design Template is your remedy.

This is because it will save you hours of hectic hard work.

Moreover, by increasing your digital presence, it will ensure the loyalty of customers.

The design of Ladypreneur Workbook Design with blush green paired with fresh mint Template is thoroughly feminine,.

By default, it offers you bold statements.

However, if you feel that the business that you own needs a different appeal, then you can always customize this beautiful template very easily.

The package includes a comprehensive set of options such :

  • Cover page
  • Checklist
  • Planner pages
  • Introduction pages
  • PDF instruction guide

If you want to use this template just for personal use, then you can get it right away at $20 for unlimited use.

If you will use it commercially, then you’ll have to buy an extended commercial package.

For the unlimited commercial use license, you can grab it for $140.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Offers .eps format files for Adobe Illustrator Use
  • Comprehensive PDF guide to add the template to your account
  • Layered files with “.idml” and “.indd” format for easily editable text

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7. 6-Step Lead Magnet Workbook Design Template


Download Now!

Lead magnet plays a crucial role in creating better business strategies by adding more and more emails to the email list.

It also brings the audience closer to businesses.

With the help of a beautifully and efficiently designed lead magnet, you can transform traffic into leads,.

You can become a client magnet.

The first magnet tool is used to generate a list of emails of the right customers.

It starts communicating with them by sending information about your business.

Lead Magnet is for you if you’re:

  • Putting effort into converting a potential customer into real customers
  • Looking to create an email list

This template design is irresistible and one of the most efficient lead magnets .

You can get at only $27 right now.

Get this lead magnet, and you’ll get a free guide.

This will help you learn to make 100 percent working lead magnets each time.

This template includes lead magnet headlines “fill in the blanks” as a bonus for the clicks of potential clients.

There’re 20 pages in total of this lead magnet workbook.

It also includes a six steps guide to create an irresistible lead magnet.

After learning to make a lead magnet, you can sell this as a service.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Get an avatar template as a bonus.
  • Get Lead magnet checklist of 11 points
  • Lead magnet headlines fill in the blanks as a bonus

Download Now!” ]

8. Victorian Lettering Workbook Design Template

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Do you like lettering styles or something like calligraphy?

Then, Victorian Lettering Workbook Design Template is for you.

It’s the first of its kind workbook design template.

You can get your copy at only $15 for personal use.

It has more than 30 letter pages, multiple styles, and a comprehensive bonus tutorial project .

Moreover, as well so that you can learn to edit, customize, and create your own styles and designs.

There’re also printable practice sheets in the package.

You can start making your own unique styles and classic letter phrases.

It’s advisable for all the beginner users.

If they want to get used to Victorian Lettering Workbook design templates, then take printouts of the pages to work traditionally.

You can also take screenshots for uploading purposes to create designs entirely differently.

You can directly upload the files available in the package into photoshop as well.

There’s a drawing challenger tutorial included in the package.

This will help you learn how to create a Victorian poster from scratch with your own recipe.

Experience roundabout 35 fretwork styles and framing options to fill the background, which makes your work even more beautiful.

They’re more than ten ways to decorate the outside and the inside of your letters,.

You can also learn how to draw more than 25 capital Victorian letters with five different styles.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Multiple ways to draw and decorate your Victorian letter and styles
  • Generate your own Victorian letters poster from scratch
  • You can choose styles from 30 pages of Victorian letters

Download Now!

Final Thoughts

There’s no need to start designing a workbook template from the start.

Nowadays, you can easily find these instantly downloadable and ready-made amazing works of art.

These workbook design templates allow you to standardize your work.

Furthermore, they also help you enhance your digital presence.

You can win more subscribers, customers, students, etc.

Moreover, you also save time and money.

We hope our list of these best workbook design template options help you with your work and future growth.

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