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zulu font

10 Best Zulu Fonts (Expert Picks)

The Zulu font font options in this article are inspired by the most famous tribe in South Africa, the Zulus.

They bring you authentic African flavor right to your doorstep.

If you’re looking to spice up your Instagram and social media posts with a splash of African culture, well look no further.

We have done the search for you and got you 10 of the best Zulu fonts you can find on the web.

These fonts can be used for various concepts for posts.

These posts could be for an African themed restaurant, Safari trips, decorative, or even infomercial posts.

So, let’s get cracking and take a look at the best fonts we found for you.

1. Safari

zulu font

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Kicking off our list is the font “Safari” which, based on its name, speaks for itself but don’t worry we’ll tell you all about it.

The font captures the essence of “Mother Africa” and will immediately link the readers to the African stereotypical sense of the jungle.

The creator of the font – Salt and Pepper Fonts – are deemed to be entrepreneurs in the field of font creation. 

They made sure that the font would come only in one weight and one form to preserve the decorations inscribed within each letter. 

They also focused their decorative prowess in infusing tree leaves and animal silhouettes to give an unprecedented feel of excitement and adventure.

The only thing missing from this font, literally, is to play “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns n’ Roses while typing!

When creating your Instagram posts, this font will be essential to boost your hiking business!

If you own a travel agency or even an events management company that organizes hiking trips in forests and jungles, you cannot miss out on using this font.

You can use it for your advertisement and even use it to create your own brand. 

The font literally speaks for itself, need I say more?

Pros & Benefits:

  • New design by including animal silhouettes
  • Uses Latin letters which makes it readable to all audiences
  • The decorative style of the font alone conveys a strong message regarding the type of business

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2. African Elegance Ethnic Lettering


zulu font

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This font takes the award for most peaceful and elegant font on our list.

Notice how the African art is infused in an organized geometric manner within each letter of the Latin alphabet.

Marvel at the engineering behind  this font.

Check out the equally distributed geometric shapes within each letter.

The creators incorporated these shapes without compromising the legibility of the words.

These excellent features earned this font a spot on our list.

While the readers will still related to Africa, they will still fully commit to the message written as the find serenity in the design.

Th creators certainly outdone themselves in preparing such a simple yet decorative font.

It comes only in all caps to assert elegance of the letters, and supports languages that use Latin transcripts.

For someone looking to target a more sophisticated group of audience and impress them with elegance, I suggest you use this font in your posts.

It can also work well for advertising some fine dining with an African theme.

Pros & Benefits:

  • African elegance
  • Decorative yet readable font
  • Appealing to an upper echelon of customers

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3. African Font

zulu font

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We saved the best for last indeed!

This font is simply what Zulu is all about.

Notice how every letter uses tribal art to express and assert hereditary strength.

Not only the art, the letters also use traditional tribal weapons to express strength such as arrows and spears.

The font defiantly screams “MAMA AFRICA” for every single reader who comes across it.

And if that wasn’t enough, the font comes with 15 African patterns that can be used as decorative sources for your posts.

These patterns are different from the letters as they bring more life to the African nature of the font and makes it more authentic.

Not enough for you? Well, the creators also threw in 3 tribal masks to be used by you!

The masks will surely give that extra zest to the font and will grab the readers’ attention.

I believe this font deserves a standing ovation and a round of applause to its creator Wittman.

His wit certainly gave us a font that cannot be taken for granted.

I feel it’s pretty obvious at this stage how you, as a designer, can utilize this font.

But picture this, first, you are a content creator.

Second, you are designing an African themed blog or Instagram account.

Then you need to attract both African and non-African audience.

This font right here has it all.

It has authenticity, readability, relatability, and easily conveys your message across a wide range of audience.

It is simply a font that cannot be overlooked.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ease of reading
  • Free decorations
  • Offers African authenticity
  • Impactful

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4. Afro Bats

zulu font

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At first glance at this font, you might think “This isn’t useful, I don’t know what it means!” but this is actually the essence of the font.

Inspired by the true mystery and majesty of the Zulu transcripts, this font is designed to create the feeling of an enigma to the readers.

The creator of this font, Mindcandy Studios, has done a tremendous job in fusing the motifs of Zulu with a new design for Latin letters.

Thus, he presented us with this masterpiece.

The font comes only in one weight.

This is to preserve the balanced mix of Zulu and Latin.

It is a well thought approach by the designer to maintain the font as is.

If you’re looking to use this font on a post, it will be best for creating mysterious posts that revolve around African ethnicity.

I can see this font working well for an Instagram account for businesses such as “Escape Room.”

Alternatively, it could be for businesses that need a mystic ambiance to attract people.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Decorative in a unique fashion
  • Captures the African essence
  • Can entice a sense of mystery to the audience 

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5. Afroflare

zulu font

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This font can be labeled as the “comic relief” of the list.

The letters are Latin and readable which allows for almost unlimited usage for it.

The twist comes in the use of letter spacing and curve edges on the letters that instantly connect with the Zulu language.

There are also 3 different styles to this font which allows for more room for creativity and expressing the actual feel of the sentence written.

Each style has its own weight and decorative design which makes for a more useful tool that a post designer can utilize in any way possible.

The creators of the font at Elsner+Flake were very keen on preserving some Zulu motifs.

They did this with the letter curvatures reminiscent of African culture.

If you’re looking to have an African themed business such as a restaurant, then this font would be perfect!

Based on the joyful feel of the font, the texts are guaranteed to grab people’s attention.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Very legible
  • Represents the Zulu motifs
  • Easy on the eye, perfect for announcements or conveying a message

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6. Zilap Africa

zulu font

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You can almost touch the culture when you see this font!

When creating this, Zilap EStudio were determined to bring the tribal art and culture to life.

They did so by using the symbols and designs you would find in a typical African tribe.

The font also includes symbols which are actually inspired by the Zulu letters.

They are used as decorative inscriptions with the Latin letters.

Even some letters such as the “I” symbolize the spear which is a signature weapon and part of the culture in Africa.

The font comes in one weight and can support up to 43 languages.

This font will be so beneficial for your Instagram posts if you’re looking to create an ethnic African theme for yourself.

You’ll be able to attract new customers who are attracted to the African culture.

Due to its ease of reading, the font can be used also in an informative yet descriptive manner so give life to posters.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect balance of authentic African culture and Latin letters
  • Easily relatable and readable
  • Can be used for African themed businesses

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7. Zilap Afro

zulu font

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Yet another creation by Zilap Estudio that captures the African essence but this time it has a modern twist to it.

The font marks its distinctiveness by including the African tribal art and transcriptions inside the Latin letters rather than next to it.

The mix of lines used to decorate the letters give a new, more modern style for the font that would make you get up on your feet and start dancing.

The font was basically created to modernize the African culture and make it more appealing for younger generations.

This makes the font very useful to expand your audience to the Gen Z folks and get them intrigued by the African vibes this font emits.

You can find the font only in one weight to not lose sight of the inscriptions on the inside, and it supports 40 languages.

This font will boost your Instagram posts on events such as an African night party.

Zilap Afro lends an authentic modern African vibe to your texts.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Modern feel with African origins
  • Expands the audience to younger generations
  • Readable
  • Gives out party vibes

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8. Moteefe

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In this font, you can also see the tribal transcripts and drawings infused inside letters but there is something significant about this font.

Instead of the markings being inscribed in different colors, the letters are hollowed out to include these symbols and figures.

This symbolizes the power of the Zulu transcripts over the Latin letters.

They assert dominance over the Latin letters.

This is exactly what the font aims to do.

The font signifies power and emits strength when being read.

“Bright Ideas” accomplished their goal when creating this font and fused the two transcripts together with giving more power to Zulu.

Yet, having the main Latin letters in bold helps convey the message needed for the audience with ease and no confusion.

The font comes only in one weight and can support up to 46 languages.

As a business owner looking to connect with your audience on Instagram, this font will be very useful .

This is because its power will assert the point you are trying to make.

Readers will also feel the importance of your message from the boldness and hollowness of the Latin letters.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Asserts power and importance
  • Readable to everyone
  • Highlights the Zulu transcript without sacrificing the importance of the Latin letters

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9. Bete Noir A

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Here’s a brain teaser for you, what do you see once you take a glimpse of this font?

I’m pretty sure you saw it too! The stripes.

Another font that brings the life of the jungle into words.

Notice how the creators of this font carefully incorporated the signature stripes that you can see on zebras, tigers, and other jungle animals in every character.

This gives a feeling of freedom and wilderness just like jingle animals and makes the font more ferocious!

I gotta say, hats off to Nick’s font for creating this masterpiece of a font.

The font also comes in two weights so that you – the designer – can enjoy a variety of tones to use while designing a post.

The font also supports 45 languages so you’re set in multiple dialects!

If you’re looking to design an Instagram post that instantly grabs people’s attention and curiosity to your strong message, you can give this font a go.

All types of audience will surely click with your post and they will most certainly not scroll over!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easily readable
  • Impactful
  • Easily relatable to African origins
  • Can be used for multiple purposes whether its decorative or informative

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10. Tajamuka Script

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This font right here is seriously the most unique one you will find on our list!

It doesn’t follow the norms of transcript, in fact it breaks all the rules!

This is why it’s called “Tajamuka” which was a scream of revolution against oppression in Zimbabwe.

You can notice how every letter is not typed, but rather drawn by muddy hands over a wall canvas in the streets.

In the chaos, the reader can find power and rise against all difficult situations.

That was what Bayhaus, the creator of this font, was going for.

They managed to catch and imbibe the letters with a ‘rebellious’ vibe.

The font comes only in one weight and can support 24 languages.

When using this font for your Instagram posts, you don’t have to worry about conveying the message .

This is because the emotional impact that the font has will certainly do the trick.

You can use it for example when advertising for a civic march or a protest against unfair conditions.

The font will make sure your voice is heard.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Evokes rebel vibes
  • Legible
  • Lights a fire inside the readers and stirs their emotions

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Final Thoughts 

And there you have it folks, the best 10 Zulu fonts out there that you can use to add some ethnic flair and authenticity to your posts.

On a personal level, we found that our last font “African Font” has the best features you can ever wish for in an African theme.

The tribal art, the decorations and the mask are something to marvel at.

Everything about this font is African.

Your audience will surely enjoy the theme that it sets up for them ahead of embarking on a journey to Africa.

A journey done through only with words and letters.

Be sure to give your African themed business the spice it deserves with these fonts.

But above all, make sure you have fun using them.

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