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INTRODUCTION Sitting is slowly killing you, while standing boosts productivity, creativity and happiness.Stand up young human and take a look at our offering of the best standing desks.Standing desks are desks designed for standing. Unlike traditional models, a standing desk or table gives your back a rest from the rigours of sitting still on a chair. So whenever you walk into an office and you see someone standing while working on an unusually tall table, do not be alarmed. They do not lack cha

People in every profession can find themselves drained of motivation and needing something to recharge our batteries. Outfitted with thrilling soundtracks, stunning cinematography, and exceptional acting, movies can inspire us like no other art form. Fortunately, thanks to the proliferation of digital media and streaming services, films in every genre are only a click away. And for real-life inspiration, there’s no better genre than the biopic. Based on the true stories of ordinary people who

Are you looking to up your design game?  Level-up your skills fast with this library of design books. We have read and reviewed the latest books on digital design and compiled our favourites for you here. This post covers the 12 best books that are helpful for anyone looking to make a successful career in the graphic designing field.   TOP PICK! Know Your Onions: Graphic Design Crammed with actionable advice, this is a book you can pick up and in five minutes be a better designer with the

Laptop screens do not sit at eye-height. This encourages us to stoop and hunch over our machines and poses a strain on our necks. Having your screen at the right height helps you maintain good posture during long working days and will help you maintain high-levels of productivity. Whatever field you are working in, a laptop has become the necessity in this modern world to be able to remain available 24*7 for professional uses whether it’s a startup or a job, everyone needs it anyhow. Being so

Download here 72 Hand drawn line illustrations A unique collection of hand drawn illustrations – Elegant and minimal single line drawings. For a limited time buy the whole Figara collection and save 60% Includes Male portraits Female portraits Female figures

Ombra: A UI kit with a complete design system. Download here Remix and update to make your own website. Jumpstart your next project, from blogs to brands, influencers to portfolios. Included in the kit Well organised Sketch and Photoshop documents, with symbols, text styles and named layers 14-page designs Detailed documentation Features Natural shadow effects Considered brand colours and typography Responsive grid system 8px baseline grid Easy-to-update All images and fonts are open source Free

<!–[CDATA[ Go west, young entrepreneur. Or north. Or south or east!  Heck, where do you want to work!? The opportunity to work abroad is more prominent than ever.  Whether you’re an independent contractor or freelancer, you can travel the world as a “digital nomad,” earning your living through your virtual office while seeing the world. And while the prospect of working in this fashion may be exciting, it can also be overwhelming when contemplating so many wonderful choices.  S

<!–[CDATA[ Hello, and welcome to this tutorial. We’ll be explaining how to name your board on Pinterest to garner organic traffic. The idea is that you name your board with an exact Pinterest keyword search term that has a high monthly volume of searches and then when people type in that exact search term it will show up in the autocomplete search on Pinterest. So, if you select a really good keyword search term that nobody else has named their boards with, it will automatically b

<!–[CDATA[ It’s a good time to be a graphic designer. As technology continues to grow, so do the options for designing inspired creations. With such a diverse market, you’ll first need to consider what it is you need out of your graphic design tablet. Are you looking for screen size? Do you need the newest and best hardware or are you looking for the best value? Are you just starting out and want something that caters to a beginner’s level? Or could it be you’ve

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