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Learn how to make an AI-generated Eminem rap with these easy-to-use tools AI-Generated Eminem by David Guetta David Guetta recently used AI to generate an Eminem style rap. Pretty impressive but what does it mean for the future of the music industry? David Guetta stated that he believes that the future of music is in AI. “I’m sure the future of music is in AI. For sure there’s no doubt. But as a tool.” He’s getting an optimistic outlook that AI will be used as a too

Learn how to install ControlNet of Stable Diffusion using Google Colabs with this easy-to-follow tutorial. Stable Diffusion’s new extension ControlNet gives you complete control over composition so you can put your characters in exact positions. I’m going to show you how to use this new evolution in Stable Diffusion. How to Install ControlNet 1. Open Google Colab Step one, come to this link and make sure to click on open with Google collaboratory. You can save a copy in your own driv

Netflix created an anime film that uses AI art. Artificial Intelligence, oh how you stir the pot. The Dog and The Boy Netflix Japan has announced that “The Dog and The Boy” have used AI-generated art in their backgrounds. But why did they use AI art? Well, they claimed it was to help the anime industry. They said, “As an experimental effort to help the anime industry which has a labor shortage we used image generation technology for the background images of all three-minute video cuts.

This ChatGPT Plus review covers everything you need to know about this plan. ChatGPT Plus Features The features of ChatGPT Plus are:  Subscribers will receive access to ChatGPT even at peak times. So, they’ll be no longer waiting around because ChatGPT is at full capacity. We can also look forward to faster response times as well as priority access to new features. The pricing of ChatGPT Plus will start at $20 a month. Now, if we compare that price to some of the other popular AI writers,

The Serbian Cyrillic fonts are used to target specific demographics and effects. Every font serves a unique purpose, emanating its own personality and purpose. Depending on the tone and the feel of the project, fonts must be aligned to it. We should select a font that can relay our intentions and mood to the audience.  The correct font resonates with your brand. On the other hand, the wrong font could spell disaster for your brand.  In this article, we will explore 10 Serbian Cyrillic fonts th

Here is our review of Microsoft’s VALLE text-to-voice AI. Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s new algorithm, VALL-E is here. VALL-E can take a three-second recording of someone’s voice and create a realistic synthetic version of that voice. VALL-E’s Synthesize Voice So, here is an example. You input a short clip of audio. And VALL-E can take and synthesize a voice that sounds identical. It’s incredible that it maintains the speaker’s accent. And the

Here is how to create an entire video for Youtube using nothing but AI. Everything from the idea to the script to the video editing and even the voiceover was generated with AI. I’m going to take you through the entire process step by step. Step 1: AI Ideas With ChatGPT The first tool we’re going to use is chatGPT which is an AI chatbot. So come to We’re going to start off by asking for some ideas. Travel vlog, a cooking show, a photography channel, and a

Midjourney Pro Plan is now better than ever! Perks and Privileges Midjourney has announced that the pro tier can now do 12 simultaneous jobs. Previously it was limited to three and that three limits will remain across all other plans. But if you upgrade to the pro account which costs you sixty dollars a month. Then you can get up to 12 concurrent fast jobs which will greatly increase your productivity and efficiency of using Midjourney. Now you think, “Hey this doesn’t mean much to m

If you’re looking to learn how to create AI art, the AI Art Academy is for you. Explore AI Art These courses are designed for creatives looking to explore the new possibilities of AI art. Anyone can create AI art and you don’t need to be a programmer or a fine artist. The only limit is your imagination. I will walk you through everything you need to know about AI art. We’ll start off with the fundamentals and go all the way through to the most advanced features. Learn about Cre

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