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Curious what are the best Midjourney 3D prompts? Midjourney can now design the most perfect 3d design. This tool can help generate 3D models that can be applied to your next project. We searched the 10 best Midjourney 3D prompts, so you do not have to. Midjourney 3D Prompts Robot Eeve Prompt: Portrait of Eevee as a robot, Round, Mecanic, Brown, realistic, 3d, 4k This prompted a mechanic animal-like wooden creature that would make an excellent talking or autonomous robot. Looking classic, it woul

Are you looking for the best Midjourney DnD character prompts? Creating DnD characters can be tricky. Here are the 10 best Midjourney DnD character prompts you can use for easy inspiration. Royal Guard Leonin Prompt: [Leonin, Lionfolk Sentinel] [Portrait] [DND] [realistic, full body, many details, highly detailed, natural light] [Savanna] [by Andreas Rocha] + text, text box The role of a royal guard in a vast desert is appropriate for a humanoid with a lion’s head. Wearing a heavy warrior,

Interested in Midjourney anime prompts to spice up your art? Midjourney is quite good with anime styles. Further below, you can read about the 10 Best Midjourney anime prompts for design inpiration. Ghibli Slavoj Žižek Prompt: slavoj zizek portrait, by Miyazaki, Spirited Away Ghibli, anime style A weary old man who’s confused and angry as if he is betrayed. This is a good character portrait for a supporting character in a sci-fi storyline. Animated Italian Man Prompt: 1943, italy, man in

Have you been searching for Midjourney fashion prompts to level up your designs and save time? Well, you’ve come to the right place! These 10 best Midjourney fashion prompts will help you save time and be more productive. Dark Tarot Parka Prompt: sci-fi parka in the style of dark tarot fashion design concept art This prompted a glow-in-the-dark sci-fi parka. This outfit could be used in a sci-fi movie. Futuristic Hogwarts Fashion Prompt: Harry potter fashion collection, Milan runway show,

Are you looking for the best Midjourney landscape prompts? Here, we present to you the 10 best prompts for landscapes. Scroll down to know more about them. Midjourney Landscape Prompts Ancient China Lake Prompt: A ultra-realistic CG rendering of Ancient China,lake,serene landscape, cherry blossom forest,by Ivan Aivazovsky,in volumetric lighting, very high details,8K HD, unreal engine , octane render,Trending on artstation ar9:16– text A nostalgic and serene landscape. It would inspire the

Are you looking for the best Midjourney prompt examples? This collection contains a list of Midjourney prompts you can take inspiration from. 10 Best Midjourney Architecture Prompts midjourney prompt examples These unique architecture prompts give you a range of different styles to explore in Midjourney. 10 Best Midjourney Logo Prompts These awesome logos prompts are definitely something you can use. 10 Best Midjourney Portrait Prompts This collection of stunning portrait prompts will surely giv

Are you curious about what Midjourney animal prompts look like? This article contains 10 best Midjourney animal prompts.   Running Tiger in Savana Prompt: tiger running in the savana, centered in the frame, highly detailed fur, dust, detailed grass, volumetric lighting, soft colors, ultra realistic, professional photograph, 200mm, f2.8, depth of field, trees in the background This one prompted a striped tiger running at full speed through blades of grass. The King Cobra Prompt: portrait art

This new Midjourney remix mode feature is amazing! Midjourney has announced a new remixing feature. Here’s an example. You can take your initial image and adjust it by changing the prompt. And it will keep the general composition of the image, but fine-tune it with your new words. How to Use Remix Mode in Midjourney So let’s take a look at how this works. You have to type in /settings. and turn on the remixing mode, which is down here on the bottom row at the end. Once that’s t

Midjourney private mode allows you to keep your work private from others. In Midourney you may have noticed that if you come into the community themed, you can see the work of many different artists. And from this, you can also take their prompts to recreate similar words, but perhaps you want to keep your work private. Well, there is a way. Private Visibility Option Inside Midjourney, there is the option to include a subscription for the private visibility option. Now this will cost you an extr

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