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Procreate noise brushes do help make digital artwork more lifelike. While Procreate offers a vast selection of built-in brushes, artists’ creativity normally require more brush options. Of course, you can always take up a challenge and try making your brush set in the app. But since it’s a lot of work (and you probably don’t have time for that), we suggest buying some of them from our fellow artists. Assuming you’ve probably already mastered the basics of drawing and sket

Let us show you how to make text curve in Procreate to create stylized quotations and letterings! Know how by watching our tutorial now! Hello, my beautiful Procreate friends! In this video, I’m going to explain how to get a curved text like this, so you can create some stunning typographic quotes. Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Curved Text in Procreate Step 1: Go to the Actions Panel and Add Text So, first things first is to create a new layer and come into the actions panel and go to

Learn how to create a handwritten font in Procreate and personalize your projects.  Watch our tutorial now! Transform Your Handwriting Into a Font (a Step-By-Step Guide) Did you know that you can make your own beautiful hand-drawn fonts in Procreate? Here’s one I made earlier. You can even sell these ones online. This is Creative Market and there are some absolutely stunning fonts here. Let’s see this one of my favorites is, sweet apricot. But how do you make your hand-drawn font? I hea

Arriving soon is the new Procreate 3D Paint Feature! Are you excited just like us? Watch our video now! Hello my beautiful Procreate friends and welcome to this video where we will be exploring the most anticipated feature in procreate 5.2 which will be coming out soon and that is nothing other than 3D drawing! We will be able to paint on 3D models! New Procreate 3D Paint Feature Now, here’s a little teaser from procreate to get your taste buds tantalized. Oh my god, this beautiful machine

Knowing how to import footage into Procreate comes in handy in animation work! Watch our video now! Here’s a quick and easy way to import footage into Procreate. A Quick and Easy Tutorial on How to Import Footage in Procreate Step 1: Tap on Photo & Select Video Simply come up here, and tap on a photo. Now, you will be taken to your photo library on your iPad and you can select any video and it will be imported as footage. Step 2: Click on Use Now you see here, it says to choose a video

Check you artwork from different angles by watching our tutorial on How to Flip Canvas in Procreate! View You Artwork from Different Perspectives (A Two-Step Guide) Step 1: Go to Spanner All you have to do is go to the little Spanner. Step 2: Tap on the Canvas Tab And then, make sure you are in the Canvas tab. You can come down to flip Canvas horizontally or vertically. Finally, you can see your artwork reflected and mirrored in different directions so it can be easier for you to access differen

Create your PNGs by using Procreate and export them with a transparent background! Watch our easy-to-follow tutorial now!   Here’s a quick tip on how to make PNGs with clear background in Procreate. Quickly Turn Your Background Transparent in Procreate (A Step-By-Step Guide) 1. Go to Layers Panel All you have to do is come into your layers panel. 2. Turn Off Background Layer And then, go all the way down to the background layer and turn it off. And there we go! When you export this, y

Here are some of the most aesthetic and best-looking Procreate free color palettes for you! Watch our video and download them now! Hello, my beautiful Procreate friends! Here is a little something for you. Free Procreate Color Palettes Just for You I’ve got over 100 free color palettes that you can use in Procreate. So, I’m going to show you some of my favorites that I’ve included. There is a section that has different palettes which resemble different sorts of art movements. So, we

Did you just buy a new brush and don’t know how to install Procreate brushes to your iPad? Watch our step-by-step video for easy installation. Hello my delightful Procreate friends! Here’s a quick tutorial explaining how to download custom brushes and import them to Procreate. Install Your Favorite Brushes on Procreate! (step-By-Step Guide) 1. Download Your Favorite Brushes So, here I am on “Art with Flo”. I’ve selected some of her free brushes and I’ve come to Gumroad to downloa

Here’s how you can delete a layer in Procreate with just a tap. Watch our tutorial now! Here’s the quickest way to delete layers in Procreate. Quickly Delete a Layer in Procreate (+ How to Undo Your Action) Tap on The Layer Panel & Swipe Left on The Layer You Want to Delete All you have to do is tap on the layer panel, in the top right hand corner. Select the layer that you want to delete, and slide it to the left, and you have three options here. Delete is the big red. You just

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